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D Monk

Chester, UK

#82 May 31, 2012
Hefrey wrote:
Do any Wal-Mart employees know when we get our yearly bonuses? I thought it was supposed to be march but now I heard it got pushed back to May.
June 7, 2012
D Monk

Chester, UK

#83 May 31, 2012
June 7, 2012

Dallas, TX

#84 Aug 24, 2012
I find all of you whining about how your store is the top store in your area yet you only get $20 bonuses. Maybe thats because your entire area is of poor quality. Bonuses are based on sales PROFIT, accidents, your customer satisfaction rating and more. Judging from some of your attitudes I can see why your sites are doing so poorly. And to add to that, my stores last 2 bonus checks were $460 & $430. They do exist and are given out. We even got a cookout from out store. Maybe you all should do less whining and crying and do more producing
walmart associate

United States

#85 Aug 28, 2012
paradisewaters wrote:
Yea i was told that the full time assoc would get the full amount n the part timers would get half. well i have been here 8 mths n my share was 23.34 that wasnt even 1/4 of the bonus. then there r other part time assoc that received over 100.00 how do they justify that.
That's because they prorate your bonus after the sixth month mark. Everyone in my store got 250 dollar bonus and I only got 27 dollars and it was because I had only worked 2 weeks past my sixth month mark during the bonus period.

Randolph, NJ

#86 Aug 28, 2012
Intrigued wrote:
<quoted text>
because your wife is an Assistant Manager, I am unsure as to why her bonus was cut that drastically.
I am not familiar with how the Managers Bonuses are figured out.
I wish I could have helped answer your question, but all I Can advise is for her to ask her Store Manager or Personal to explain it to her.
bc she can get up to that amount if the store was perfect no problems no complaints no accidents yada yada yada

United States

#87 Aug 30, 2012
Why is everyonesy share so low? My last one was 598 someone got 28 that sounds like they are getting robbed

United States

#88 Aug 30, 2012
That would probably be because the associates ARE getting robbed. I see people going back and forth about their bonus amounts and even Andre above lecturing about work ethics and culture while he brags about his $450 bonus. I wonder how he would look at his $450 bonus if he was aware what his store manager he wants to carry around on his shoulders for running such a tight ship. Most of the store managers get a base salary of $85,000 a year - their bonus is based for the most part on sales and profit. The bonus is determined by how close you come to the budget as a percent - they get a separate bonus for sales and profit. They MUST make at least 95% of their profit budget or they are not elegible for the sales OR profit bonus. Once they get past that 95% it is based on how much above the budget they make. If the store manager makes their sales and profit budget they can get up to 105% of their salary as a bonus. So their base salary is $85,000 that they are guaranteed whether they make the sale and profit budget or not. If the make sales and profit above budget they can get up to 105% of their salary as a bonus - that would be $89,250. You take their bases salary and bonus together and your wonderful store manager is taking home just a smidge under $175,000 a year. You look at that over the year that would be your efficient wonderful store manager having to squeak by making a little more than $14,000 a month. This would be what the guy bragging about his $450 bonus and telling people to "try to be productive instead of whining" probably makes in a year. Could you make it on $14,000 A MONTH? Probably so - now you understand why managers cut their peoples' hours - they are "working the 95" - protecting that 95% of profit requirement they MUST have before they get to cash in every year.

Beloit, WI

#89 Aug 30, 2012
ive worked for walmart for 13 years. ive been on medical leave since may. fractured hip surgery then my heart went wacko. at this point im off until 10/1. my store is getting a bonus on the.check the first week of sept. i dont think ill be included. does anyone know the answer.

Beloit, WI

#90 Aug 30, 2012
D Monk wrote:
<quoted text>
June 7, 2012
my store has neen on the quarterly bonus plan for at least four years.

United States

#91 Aug 30, 2012
will we get a bonus for September! 2012

Shasta Lake, CA

#92 Sep 1, 2012
You've been completely brainwashed. haha Wal-Mart treats it's associates like trash and the "management" constantly lies. It doesn't surprise me that you're one of them.
Disappointed Assistant wrote:
You guys should all be ashamed of yourselves...bad mouthing a company you work for when it's putting roofs over your heads, food on ur tables and clothes on ur back. I been with walmart for almost 15 years, in which the first 13 years I never received a bonus. Sure, I'm an asst mgr an bonus more than an hourly but the fact of the matter is, the associates u work with get very excited about the extra $10-400 they get on their checks. For all of you complaining, what are you doing to ensure your stores are bonusing? Nothing, cuz ur too busy complaining. There is job security in walmart as long as you show up and do what ur supposed to do. Maybe you should go work for bank of America if it's a set schedule you want, but anywhere u go, YOU HAVE TO EARN YOUR PAY! Grow up's 2011. Go ahead an work for or shop Kmart, low quality disposable merchandise, but what is Kmart doing, nuthin! They aren't growing, expanding or passing out $400 quarterly bonuses...with ur mentalities, u don't deserve to work for a billion $$$ company. Get over it already and move on or move out!
eff wal mart

United States

#93 Sep 3, 2012
Today i found out my bonus for my next check got cut from $370 to $120 because our sales were low in july. How are sales down in july when we had back to school and the fourth of july is a big holiday. They posted on our board august the twentieth it would be 370 and now its sept. The third and now its cut. My check comes next week. The quarter ended in july. Their excuse was well it just now got finalized. I think wal mart is a terrible place and if it wasnt literally the only store in my town i would quit .
eff wal mart

United States

#94 Sep 3, 2012
Also my store managers christmas check was freakin $40,000 dollars. Yes you are reading that right. I didnt get a christmas bonus at all. this store can eat my butthole until i poo in their mouths.

United States

#95 Sep 5, 2012
My last day with walmart was Aug 26,will i get i my share bonus?I worked there for 14 months.

Lemoore, CA

#96 Sep 6, 2012
how long do you have to work at walmart to get your bonus

Lima, OH

#97 Sep 12, 2012
I got fired from Walmart in august would I still get the bonus tommorow.
justanotherassoc iate

Goliad, TX

#98 Sep 13, 2012
You'll sound like a bunch of whiney babies!!!!!

Midland, MI

#99 Sep 25, 2012
Every single bonus this year was over 400.00 for me. Cant wait till my christmas bonus comes, all 4 bonus should total over 1,700. Wich isnt jack compared to my managers 110% of what he makes a year bonus. ps its over 115,000 bonus...kinda pisses you off concidering hes on vacation half the year.
Ex dept mgr D

Fort Myers, FL

#100 Oct 18, 2012
Walmart is a joke I was fired for no reason. I called hr got y job back cause all the salary mgrs didn't like me I got fired. I am well till tomorrow and I quit. Was the department manager of lawn and garden I made 10.35$ an hour. Been with Walmart 3 years. Was told when I recieved a promotion transfer. That I would get 2 weeks training at another store. 3 months later after giving me postion they sent me for 3 days. And I learned very little. Walmart profits so much money one store in a day 30% mark up on everything. Thankfully I have been working part time at ups for 4 almost 5 years and have the chance to go full time. So tomorrow I will tell Walmart they can take there 10.35$ an hour and 10% discount and shove it.

Thanks ill kindly tell them to fuck off :)

West Monroe, LA

#101 Oct 26, 2012
I am an assistant manager. Yes, everyone gets a bonus... you just have to meet the requirements. Hourlys get a bonus every quarter, therefore you must be there a full quarter to receive a full bonus. The bonuses are based on store meeting their goals....sales, expenses, customer/associate accidents all play a part. There is no way a store/assistant mgr will receive a yearly bonus if the associates never qualified fot their quarterly bonuses seeing as its based on the same figures. Associates are told what they could qualify FOR THE YEAR...this being said that figure is given out Quarterly so must be devided by four. All my associates(that had worked long enough to qualify) received almost 300 this last quarter. Assistants bonus at 10% of salary based on the same standards and up tp 15% if the store exceeds goals. There is no home office minipulation, lying, or managers only getting bonuses. Lol

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