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Louisville, KY

#41 Mar 21, 2009
In Texas wrote:
My wife (Assistant Manager) will receive her yearly bonus on March 20th. She just found out today that although the total amount is $2600, she is only receiving $330 on her paycheck! My question is how in the world could 85% be deducted from the bonus amount? Please help....
because your wife is an Assistant Manager, I am unsure as to why her bonus was cut that drastically.
I am not familiar with how the Managers Bonuses are figured out.

I wish I could have helped answer your question, but all I Can advise is for her to ask her Store Manager or Personal to explain it to her.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

#42 Mar 21, 2009
Hefrey wrote:
Do any Wal-Mart employees know when we get our yearly bonuses? I thought it was supposed to be march but now I heard it got pushed back to May.
What bonus????? I am in NJ
carol Indpls IN


#43 Mar 22, 2009
Ive worked for wal-mart 15 years . Whats this about bonus on news said all hourly wal-mart associates would be receiving bonus because wal-mart has been doing so good. Said it would be around one thousand per associate. Was this false is wal-mart lying to everyone. The public needs to be let known this was false that all hourly wal-mart associates are not receiving this so called bonus!

Louisville, KY

#44 Mar 24, 2009
carol Indpls IN wrote:
Ive worked for wal-mart 15 years . Whats this about bonus on news said all hourly wal-mart associates would be receiving bonus because wal-mart has been doing so good. Said it would be around one thousand per associate. Was this false is wal-mart lying to everyone. The public needs to be let known this was false that all hourly wal-mart associates are not receiving this so called bonus!
The bonuses is set up in two ways...the Myshare and the store Bonus, which is yearly. It is based upon your stores profits, inventory, shrink...etc....
Because it is based upon Store to Store, it is hard to say what your bonus will be, if any at all.
We made a small myshare for the quarterly, which was paid out in last for the yearly, I think that is in April's Check.
Last year ours was so small, no one mentioned it to us, and we got a whole whopping $20.00 on our check extra.
Ask your Store Manager for details, for the bonus is based upon YOUR stores earnings.

Greensboro, NC

#45 Mar 25, 2009
i also am interested in the bonus that we are to be getting. none of our managers know anything about the bonus. however our local new channel reported that wal-mart employee were to get a 900.00 bonus. im in the winston-salem,nc store.

Louisville, KY

#46 Mar 25, 2009
teresa wrote:
i also am interested in the bonus that we are to be getting. none of our managers know anything about the bonus. however our local new channel reported that wal-mart employee were to get a 900.00 bonus. im in the winston-salem,nc store.
They know, but are not saying. What they may NOT know though is how much if it is the store Bonus. I believe that is still being figured by Home Office.
Walmart in PA

United States

#47 Mar 28, 2009
Yeah many many people have been talkin about the same thing...a lot of us think that the management team are gonna eat up that bonus or give excuses as to why we're not gettin at all..something about it must be accurate cause right away they're saying ,"um we don't anything about that...that's false..." funny
Bill Thompson

Rochester, MI

#48 Mar 28, 2009
I am a customer of the Walmart in Fort Gratiot Michigan and after reading the artical that was in the Times and also on the news that the lower employees are being awarded Bonus is not true statement.

As I hear and see it the only Individuals that are getting Bonus were Management.

Why doesn't Management see and understand to keep good people working and to be happy they need to award them first and consider themselfs second.

That is how to be a good Manager and think of yourself first.

It is hard times for everyone now days and alot of the people working are trying to make ends meet.

"Concerned Customer"


United States

#50 Mar 28, 2009 they are union and they can help u they work with walmart employee's to tell them their rights. very helpful to me..
Mitschu wrote:
James in Tampa, you work right aways from me, I'm a Valrico store worker.
Yeah, just about everything comes out of the bonus check. Accidents, low sales, those cute "cook outs" they have when they announce low bonuses, store use items, losses, thefts (even though they're insured), etc. I know for a fact that the last yearly bonus we got, the store manager got $1600 because he told us in the meeting when we got our ($400) bonus check. This year, they decided to do quarterly bonuses, and two of them we didn't get (even though our sales were "top in the district"), the other two were $36 and (coming soon)$60. Yay for quarterly bonuses?
This is only my second year at Wal-Mart, but AFAIK the managers are pretty corrupt when it comes to associate benefits. The new store policies put unreasonable demands on workers (like, if you are sick for two days, you only get paid for one, despite having "full" sick pay.). But what can a person do, other than quit?
Okay, enough rambling from this disillusioned worker.

New York, NY

#51 Mar 28, 2009
Do people who work in the distribution centers get the bonuses as well?
Pissed off Associate

Wichita, KS

#52 Apr 4, 2009
OK, well I'll go ahead and say what I know about the bonuses Wal Mart hands out. Seems like some people think it's for everyone and as some have said it's not. If your store sucks then ya won't see an extra dime.

Stores have goals to reach each month and each quarter and for the year. Bonuses are handed out if you reach or go above that said goal each month and ultimately for the quarter.

Bonuses will be put on a certain check it seems usually about 3-5 weeks after the quarter has ended. Remember of course that you have to work for Wal Mart for X amount of months before the quarter starts and of course work the entire quarter or you get nothing. It took me a year of Wal Mart before getting my first full bonus on my check.

Now the yearly bonus is figured oddly enough that I as just an associate don't know all the details. It USE to be that if a store say missed some goals for a quarter but made up for it on the overall year that Wal Mart would award the employees the bonus they missed for the quarter they didn't make the goals on and a yearly bonus for doing so well overall.

I say USE to because our store and many others are getting screwed by Wal Mart. Surprise I know...Wal Mart cares SO much about employees and puts money below them right? Good laugh at least but on to the issue. After was all said and done Wal Mart recently changed how they figure LAST years numbers and how they award LAST years bonuses. The store I work for was suppose to receive both the yearly and a bit extra because we missed some on the 4th quarter I believe it was. BUT Wal Mart made it even harder to achieve the yearly bonus to a point where it is just ridiculous and more or less pointless. I wonder just how many hundreds of thousands Wal Mart saved by doing this BS. Each of the employees where I worked, full time of course only, were to receive $500 or so. Assuming we're sitting at maybe 50 full time out of about 100, which probably is low. That's $25,000 just at our store. And we're a VERY small store in a small town. One of few non super center stores left locally. Can't imagine the numbers for others. Maybe hundreds of thousands is a bit low. How bout millions of dollars that Wal Mart is saving by screwing over the people who actually do the work for them.

Pissed off Associate

Wichita, KS

#53 Apr 4, 2009

And sure $500 seems nice and it is. But for the most part a bonus like that is about equal to a dollar more an hour. So just think if Wal Mart actually paid like any other store making even 1/2 of what they do then we wouldn't need bonuses. When it takes someone 10 years to make $12/hr that's just straight up BS for a company that made billions more than projected in a year where basically every single other company lost billions or went bankrupt. Sure you can make your way up the ladder and do better but most don't. Most stay as the hard worker making money for the bigger dogs. Shit even managers get bonuses of 50-80 THOUSAND when the people who do the work that they tell them to do get about 500 or less. Sometimes none. Because yes, managers did receive the bonuses at my store. Yet we're stuck with 0.

I'm sorry if you like Wal Mart as a company and frankly if ya do then you are blind. Sure they do some good locally with a few donations and such but that is all up to the managers and nothing to do with Wal Mart. Wal Mart as a company only cares about the almighty dollar and zero about its workers. Pro associate? No, they are anti-union and we all know it. Under a union shit like this would never happen. Some of you probably don't even know that they can promise you a bonus and then pull it out from under you at the last second. You may think it's yours if ya meet these goals but its all in the small writing. They can take it away from you for no reason what so ever.

I could rant all day about this shitty store and yes I understand for those who like working for Wal Mart that it's my choice to work here and if I don't like it I should leave. Don't worry I don't plan to stick around. I'm only 22, college education, and no plan to deal with a shitty company like this. For those of you who turn your shoulder or close your eyes on the lil stuff from a company like this just know it'll get worse.

Unless you're a big dog then Wal Mart would rather kick your butt out the door if they thought they could get someone to do the same quality for work for 50cents less an hour. Just look around, Wal Mart pays the lowest of about any store out there. Go find a Lowes or something and start at $10/hr. That would take ya about 4 years of raises if ya start out at 8/hr and Wal Mart. And that's high so just assume 5-6 years.

Wal Mart has power far beyond what we know. When a company has the power to tell a studio or game company what is allowed on their cover art then they have TOO much power. And yes this does happen just search around. There is my rant for the month. Enjoy.

Yours Truly,
Pissed off Wal Mart Associate

P.S. Feel free to spread the word on this BS. The more that know the truth the better.
bee raddle snake

San Marcos, CA

#54 Apr 9, 2009
i work hard, fast, and i finished all my work on time.I also help other associate do their job. Yet there some people that just atay frozed and talk all day. like if they get paid for talking. It seems like they don't get paid or they just don't like working.
How can i get more money on my evalution? who should i contact?
Bill Thompson

Rochester, MI

#55 Apr 10, 2009
They ought close walmart and let k-marts take over.

Point Comfort, TX

#56 Apr 13, 2009
I work in a Katy, Tx. Walmart Our manager says he knows of NO $900. dolllar bonus. What kind of bogus reports is Walmart putting out now??Our customers told many employees thats great...Walmart's treating you all so well!!!
They certainly make enough. Someone needs to get their story straight!!!!!Shame on Walmart for Lying to their employees and the public!!!!

Point Comfort, TX

#57 Apr 13, 2009
I agree ..bring back K-Mart. Better merchandise.
Better company. Better management!!!
Can I live too_NY

Hilton, NY

#58 Apr 27, 2009
I have been working for wally world for two years and only received two bonuses which were okay. But I watched our local news station about the bonus package, mentioned to upper management and they were clueless about the whole thing.
The store manager says that its hearsay but "I don't think so buddy if its been on the news and the web." He used our March bonus which was supposed to be $500 for new carts and he stated in a meeting that anyone who didn't like it could leave. But yet he still received his part of the bonus. My question is can he do this to us AGAIN and when do we get our bonus? And let me add our store exceeded our sales goal in our district!!!!

United States

#59 May 1, 2009
has anyone heard the news that all walmart associates were to et an extra bonus May 14 2009?

Allen, TX

#60 May 11, 2009
^------No I did not hear about that. I did just log into my walmartbenefits account and found a shocking, jaw dropping,$180 bonus. should i buy a yaht? I really want a hayabusa though!
asst mgr diff retail stor

Estes Park, CO

#61 Oct 17, 2009
In Lake worth area walmarts does anyone approximately what the assistant managers bonus is for the year. Or what the average salary is. Say for a 5 year employee? Thanks. Job hunting.

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