i hate wells fargo

Cascade, ID

#82 Aug 16, 2010
William, get a life

Lincoln, NE

#83 Aug 19, 2010
wld wrote:
<quoted text>
Get a life
Real eloquent... Listen my wife works for WF in the Trust division.
She sees how absolutely messed up and GREEDY they are on a daily basis. The corporate communication is horrendous...CONSTANT screw ups on accounts.. they really do NOT want to deal with small accounts.. so that's why all the various fees..charges..for any and all transactions a acct holder might need to do. They literally nickel and dime Millions of acct holders to make $$. We wanted to refinance our home loan with these bozos and they asked for OUR TAX RETURNS.. as one of the stipulations.. I don't EVER remember being asked that before. Wells F can go to hell for all I care..
US Citizen jus sangine

Nürnberg, Germany

#84 Sep 1, 2010
Wells Fargo are a bunch of Nazis! I tried to cash a check written on their own damned bank by a state college today, and they wanted TWO forms of ID PLUS my thumb print. I offered my drivers licence and Military ID. They refused the Military ID and demanded my credit card. I needed the cash so I complied but smeared my thumb print. I expect WF cops to come to my door to force me to redo the print (at gun point?).
If I had the time, I would have gone to my credit union. They would have cashed the check with no hassels. I will NEVER go in to Wells Fargo again! I'm half surprised they didn't want to do a strip search on me and conduct a background investigation before they cashed their own damned check.

Taylorsville, NC

#85 Sep 2, 2010
Actually this is common practice among ALL banks nowadays. Not just Wells Fargo. You take a check to Bank of America and you are not a customer you can expect the same thing. I can tell you that Wells Fargo commonly accepts Military ID as a second form of ID unless it's expired. We have no use for your credit card.
You see, membership at a bank affords certain benefits. If you are not a member then don't expect preferential treatment. The thumbprint is simply for fraud purposes and has nothing to do with you personally. So get over it. The thumbprint thing came around because other people were committing fraud using checks drawn on the bank at which they were presented. So blame THEM. Not the bank.
And if you have a credit union who will happily cash your "not on them" checks then why not go there. Oh, let me guess. Your credit union is just so danged inconvenient to get to cause there's only one branch! Either that or you have $1.48 in your account and you're trying to cash a $700 check which is probably most likely the case.

Boise, ID

#86 Sep 5, 2010
WILLIAM wrote:
Wells Fargo has shitty customer service, they are incompetent, ignorant and are obviously trained that way because their supervisors are the same way. Their security is unbelievable ridiculous and overwhelmingly difficult to identify yourself even if you are the true primary account holder.
I used to work at the Phone Bank and out of 100 calls/day (500/week, 2000/month) could not ID an average of 2 people a day. If you have your checking account number you will be ID'd. And 8 out of 10 times, if they're being an ass to you about ID, it's because you're being an ass to them.
US Citizen jus sangine

Nürnberg, Germany

#88 Sep 10, 2010
WBNA wrote: I can tell you that Wells Fargo commonly accepts Military ID as a second form of ID unless it's expired. We have no use for your credit card.

They (Wells Fargo) would NOT accept my military ID! And, they DEMANDED my credit card. Since the check was writen on their own damned bank, one must assume they have poor security if they require so much backup checking. BTW, they didn't actually get my thumb print as I smeared it good and proper. I've done enough finger printing with the US Census to know the print was useless to those Nazis.

My creid union is convenient. I just didn't want their routing number to show up on the check. All BANKS are crap but Wells Fargo takes it to new highs. I quit using banks 20 years ago and have never missed the pain. Savings, checking, loans, credit cards, you name it, CUs beat banks hands down.

Anderson, SC

#89 Sep 14, 2010
"You didn't want their routing number to show up on the check."? I don't even know what the hell that means. Explain that.

And who cares if you smudged the thumbprint Inspector Gadget? The only reason banks use that is for a fraud deterrent. You are so worried about your precious thumbprint that you forgot about about the DNA you so readily mashed all over the check. THAT may be used against fraudsters in the future. And what about the security cameras that are all over banks? And your driver's license number? Got you there too. Get real. A thumbprint is NOTHING against what any bank captures on you during a normal interaction.

And since you have not used banks in 20 years, yet have a credit union account somewhere I'm guessing my "trying to cash a $700 check against an account with $1.48 in it" hit closer to the mark when it comes to why you were at Wells Fargo to begin with and not at your precious credit union.

If you don't like banks good luck with trying to turn that worthless piece of paper (a check) into cold hard cash. You might want to try a magic wand next time.

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#90 Sep 15, 2010
Today I looked at my statement and I was charged $9.95 for Bill Pay. First of all, I'm a PMA customer and it's supposed to be free, and second of all, when I researched bill pay fees, if you don't meet the qualifications for free, it's $6.95 -- not $9.95. I tried to call customer service and hung up after being on hold for 17 minutes.

Then there was earlier this summer when my "personal banker" told me all her customers wiring money to foreign accounts did it in the receiving country's currency. Trusting my personal banker and not having any experience in wiring money overseas, I said okay. What she failed to mention was that the receiving bank has to except Euros. So that deal cost me $273 extra, because the Euros we sent were transferred back to US dollars. Oh, and as I was leaving her office she handed me a business card for "international banking" with WF, since we were relocating overseas. I called the number, the customer service guy laughed at me and said we stopped that program about a year okay. How's that for training. And the list goes on...
Stand Up

Lake Oswego, OR

#91 Sep 15, 2010
Stand up together - picket Wells Fargo, post banners, signs, billboards
Do something more than just writing on the internet about this.
US Citizen jus sangine

Nürnberg, Germany

#92 Sep 16, 2010
WBNA, You sound like and "Agent for the Bank" trolling here in an attempt to mitigate the effects of people complaining about the crappy service WF banking has perpetrated on us. I don't know how much money that state school has in their account, but I'd bet it's a damned site more than you make (unless you're a WF exec, milking the accounts of honest people duped in by your thieving bank. Anyway, the WF branch was at a store I was shopping at and my CU was 2 miles away; do wish I'd gone the 2 miles to my CU, but who would have thought this Nazi bank would go overboard on a check written by a state school on their own damned bank?!

BTW, they (Nazi Bank Wells Fargo) DID cash that "worthless piece of paper" written on their thieving bank. I goat my cash from them, owed to me by the school (who were at least honest enough to refund me).

No magic necessary. I'll stay well clear off Nazi Bank (aka Wells Fargo). So long, Troll.

I see lots of other people are not too happy with Nazi Bank. I've never been over charged or miss charged at my CU, and I get full service, including my CC through my CU. Banks are crap.
US Citizen jus sangine

Nürnberg, Germany

#93 Sep 16, 2010
Stand Up, I have a better idea. Just close your accounts with that crappy bank.

Anderson, SC

#94 Sep 17, 2010
US Citizen,

I am not a troll. I work for Wachovia, which was acquired by Wells Fargo. I'm not trying to mitigate anything. What I am trying to say is much of what Stand Up is saying. If you want to make a statement to a bank then smearing a thumbprint is not the way. That means absolutely nothing. Frankly, we want you on your way ASAP because you are a non customer cluttering up our line of real customers who get serviced shopped.

If you don't like a certain bank or it's policies then don't frequent it at all. If you are unhappy with your bank then remove all your assets and find a new one. If enough people do that then you will send a message louder than the ones you are posting here. Complaining about something is not the same as action.

As a bank employee I wish MORE customers would stand up to the banks. Not to the tellers mind you. They are just working class folk earning a paycheck. Taking your ire out on them is not going to do a thing. But sending a message by NOT banking there sends a clearer message.

My point in all this posting is quit complaining out WHY it is the way it is and move on. Choose your bank carefully and don't be afraid to leave one if it's not meeting your needs or expectations.

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#95 Sep 17, 2010
WBNA -- it's called venting, it makes us feel better. And btw -- it's not so easy to switch banks. I can't just go in and take my money and leave. There are auto deposits to redirect, auto withdraws to change, mortgages, etc. If it was easy as closing my account, believe me I would have done it a long time ago. And I didn't take my anger out on my wonderful "personal banker" -- I went to the branch manager who was even dumber than her, and ended up with his manager, who later told us she used our international money wiring issue as a tool in a training meeting.

Asheville, NC

#96 Sep 20, 2010
Audrey, I'm all about venting! After all I DO work for a bank :) I have stories from the other side of the teller counter that would curl your hair.

Changing banks is not as hard as you might think. See, in the banking world direct deposit, auto debits, online banking and the like are called "glue" products. If a customer has one or more of these things they are "stuck" to a bank even if they offer the worst service and products imaginable. The customer thinks it's too hard to leave and they allow themselves to be continually unsatisfied and the banks know this.

Easiest way is this : You open a checking account at a new bank and you change your direct deposit to the new bank first off. It will take two or three pay cycles for the new bank to get the money. Change all your auto debits to the new bank. When needed write a check from the old bank and deposit it at the new bank. This serves two purposes. One, it covers the debits coming in and two it removes your money from the old bank. If you are worried about deposit holds at the new bank just withdraw cash from the old and deposit at the new. The whole process will take about one month's worth of monitoring and planning.

It's not that hard really. But people like yourself stay with a crappy bank because you are "stuck" :) Which is right where the banks want you.

Las Vegas, NV

#97 Sep 27, 2010
I was reviewing my statement online and discovered Wells Fargo has debited my account. This was done without notice. I checked back and found that we were being charged $15.00 p/mo. for a service charge. The reason given was that the bank came with a new plan to encourage savings and if you have agreed to transfer $75.00 p/mo from checking to savings there will be no service charge. I have $131.00 p/mo. direct deposited into savings, but, for some obscure reason that does not count. Therefor there will be no credit for the "thievery".
Additionally, we had a wire transfer from a mortgage co. to our account and were charged $10.00 for that huge effort on their part. Had we chosen to receive a check and took it in for deposit there would have been no charge. The transaction is exactly the same process, but my representative said "That is just the way it is."
This is my fault for not staying on top of this reputable bank's business.
Adios to Wells Fargo, as of the first of October they lose our business and three other accounts. Customer since 2003.

Bay City, TX

#98 Sep 30, 2010
I work for wells fargo, and I wont bank with them. As a teller, I am at the forefront of customer service in my branch, and i can tell you that were not focused on customer service. were focused on a sale. and its not because we as tellers are hungry for money. its because we want to keep our jobs. we have to sell 70 products to customers a quarter to keep our job. i hate it because i think i should be focused on making the customer's experience easier and more pleasant, but i have to figure out what useless product to sell you so i can pay my rent!

Asheville, NC

#99 Oct 2, 2010
70 a quarter? Really. I work in the Eastern Region which has not been converted from Wachovia to Wells yet and our tellers have to have 2+ a DAY or we get performance coaching. The DM is all over the SVMs to get every single teller to 2.0 solutions a day. That equates to 132 average a quarter. I am really not sure how they can write people up over that since the level 1 incentive payout starts at 72 a quarter. That means if you don't hit gold payout you get written up.

How is it you only have to have 70 a quarter??

Bay City, TX

#100 Oct 2, 2010
I honestly dont know. Different markets have different rules. Were supposed to be averaging 3 solutions a day, but to keep our jobs, its 70/quarter. I'll be at my year next tuesday and i can tell you quite honestly that i'm looking for a new job.

Hawthorne, CA

#101 Oct 3, 2010
Donna Rodgers wrote:
I have been a customer with Wells Fargo for 10 years and they have always been gracious, helpful and polite. They have given me credits for bounced checks which were as much my fault as someone elses. If it was their fault, they cleared it up immediately. My son worked for Wells Fargo and really appreciated the people there. He made friends with everyone. I'm sorry that you all have had a bad experience, but we have not. My husband's company (a small business) has been doing business with them for ten years too. All of us--the five long term employees and the company are happy with their service.
Just thought readers might want to know.
PS. We make 50,000.00 per year and have our 120,000.00 house loan with them. No problems at all.
<quoted text>
PFFFT! I think Donna works for Wells Fargo...did your piece of shit supervisor put you up to this...? SHAME, SHAME!
BTW: CHASE KICKS WF'S ASS ANY DAY! Best bank I've ever opened an account with!=)))

El Paso, TX

#103 Oct 4, 2010
Wells fargo not too big to fall! ROME FELL and wells fargo is no rome.

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