How can they call themselves this and then unveil the new benefits for 2012/2013?

Most places I've worked have either had a co-pay system or a co-insurance system. This will be both. It is actually WORSE than the WorldColor plan, and that is saying something. At least with WorldColor we had the HRA to get us through most of the year (if not suffering from any major illness).

The fee to use the emergency room is exorbitant - and I'm NOT one of those people who are there with a sniffle. I know better. The last time I went to the emergency room was with a spouse with chest pains. The previous time, I was so sick I almost died. I know it's to discourage people who use the emergency room for every little thing, but it would make me think twice about going for anything - I just don't have that kind of money to throw around.

And the 2013 Working Spouse Surcharge?! They'll charge us for the spouse's insurance plus and extra fee? My husband's company offers lousy insurance, I'll have to really crunch the numbers to see which route is better to take. One of the reasons we were so glad I got this job is so that we could get off of his insurance and it still took a good year to pay off our existing medical debt (incurred while under his plan).

Oddly enough, the people I feel really bad for are the people who were with Quad to begin with. My understanding is that they had a really excellent benefits plan to begin with, now they'll be paying out the a$$ with the rest of us.

I am glad that I have a job and I'll have to suck it up, but at least Quebecor/WorldColor never pretended that they cared about us or had any morals or wanted anything other than profit. It makes me sick. Quad says that they are the company with a soul and are all about doing the right thing, but I just don't see it.