Random Drug Tests

Portland, OR

#1 Nov 10, 2010
I have worked for the company for 3 1/2 years now, and my store has not been randomly tested for over 2 years. I don't have anything to worry about, because I do not do drugs, but I am just wondering what the policy is on this, if there is one at all.. I understand it is "random" but isn't 2 years a long time?

Eugene, OR

#2 Nov 10, 2010
As far as how long a store goes between drug tests, I am not sure if that is up to the District level or a separate corporate entity...do you want to get tested?
just help

Dover, DE

#3 Nov 10, 2010
I think it is up to a separate company...I was told that each district or market has a company that does these and the stores are drawn like a lottery, nobody not even the DM knows they are coming...I tend to disagree becasue in one year I was in three different stores and they all got hit and each store had a suspect. I think if someone calls and reports a potential issue then the store gets tested..they have to test everyone there to keep it confidential and fair across the board. I dont mind either, im clean and keeping it that way, lol...

United States

#4 Nov 10, 2010
I've been with the company for 14 years and have only had one drug test in a store I was in. The company that does the drug testing is actually the one that decides what stores will be done. This is to insure that the testing is truely random. If someone calls to report an issue that store DOES NOT get selected for testing.

Gonzales, LA

#5 Nov 10, 2010
Mine was tested about a year ago and the day it happened there were only a handful of us there, all folks who had been there since the store opened 2 1/2 years ago. Plus our Manager who had only been there 6 months or so at the time and he's as straight as an arrow. So if it's suspect motivated i can't imagine who it could have been. We all passed so it's a moot point i guess.

Houston, TX

#6 Nov 11, 2010
My Store was drug tested a couple months ago, from what I understand DM;s will know what stores will be tested and they could pass this information to their store managers. They will always test managers and people in pharmacy, sometimes they will test s/s employee's.(most often they will test s/s employee.) But they will never come on the weekend's. They will test a store almost every year. The way I look at the whole random drug test, it ok to do the harder drugs, because it stays in your system about 3-4 days, but not smoke pot because it could stay in your system for about a month. And all the employee's that got fired from the random drug test smoked pot.

Since: Jun 10

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#7 Nov 13, 2010
The stores selected by the testing company and no one knows about the testing schedule. Our DM and LP both have been caught in a store when a drug test came in.

Now, LP can request a store to get tested.

When I was tested 7 years ago, I almost lost my sample because when I went to flush the toilet, I put the cup on top of the tank which was curved. It started to slide but I caught it, well most of it.
James Brown

Houston, TX

#8 Nov 13, 2010
Nowadays if you flush the toilet you're disqualified. They put some coloring in the water to make sure you didn't flush. The rep takes your sample then flushes the toilet for you.

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Jan 17, 2013
i just got tested today and they did not put color in the water. this is the 2nd test since august!! a little much dont u think?

Since: Jan 12

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#10 Jan 17, 2013
yomama wrote:
i just got tested today and they did not put color in the water. this is the 2nd test since august!! a little much dont u think?
Random drug tests are just that, random.

Been with Walgreens for 5+ years and never tested. Another company I worked with, I was tested twice within a three month span. Just depends if it's your lucky day. Stay clean and you have nothing to worry about.

United States

#11 Jan 18, 2013
Do they test for only street drugs or are they looking for pill abuse as well? Is this just an expensive way to weed out employees that test dirty? No pun intended.!!!

Since: Jun 12

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#12 Jan 18, 2013
I've been with the company ......let's just say long enough, and only been tested ONCE and it was this past year..........and the whole store thought the SM called to arrange it..........

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#13 Jan 18, 2013
I have never been tested other than pre employment. I know they did do a random one about a couple years ago on a day I was off but they are few and far between.

Chicago, IL

#14 Jan 18, 2013
Last time it happened, it was when there were less staff on duty than at other times of day. Not sure what they want to see if they selected a time where they would not get a good cross section. Perhaps they narrowed it down to suspicious employees. Really does not matter to me. The only time it would matter is if they do it right after a wedding, funeral, or other such event where I WILL be having a coctail or four. Hey, I am Irish. Kiss me!
Larry Sellars

United States

#15 Jan 21, 2013
12 years and never been tested. It seems like they come to our stores about once every two years. I think companies have to do this for insurance purposes. I can't see Walgreens wanting to pay for this or having to pay B-rate to cover those who get canned

Englishtown, NJ

#16 Jan 26, 2013
i have been with company for a little over 2 years now,and have never heard of any store in our district being tested. We even had customers complaining about seeing a MGT and Photo tech drink on the job repeatedly. Store Mgr used to just laugh it off. when said MGT used to go on break she would say" i bet ... is running over to the bar", and when he got back he used to STINK like booze and never a word said. Store MGR even sent home another person one time because they couldn't function at work because of a drug problem that everyone knew about.

This was in a store that had no cameras in rx , crazy losses there, but they seemed to let it all slide since was highest $ store in the district and one of the highest $ rx in northeast.

Englishtown, NJ

#17 Jan 26, 2013
is the store you are talking about near where you are located? if so i think i know which one. Heard stories about one south or your area.

Englishtown, NJ

#18 Jan 26, 2013
no, actually has the wrong town listed under my name. Maybe because on a friends computer? Store is located in North NJ and routinely did over 1100 scripts a day. Probably about 2 hours from where you are located. Not gonna give name. Figured they might not test stores that are crazy busy due to the disruption of work? Epsecially when you have lines 20 deep in rx and 10 deep in front end with 3 registers going at all times not including photo and cos.

Scottdale, PA

#20 Oct 18, 2013
hellomynameis wrote:
Can you please tell me the process of how you go about doing the random drug test if your at work. I know the process of doing the pre-employment drug test but when your at work do you get to drive to the site or is do they do it at your store? Thanks any info would be appreciated.
The come to the store unannounced and call one person at a time to the breakroom to get a cup and then go pee. They went into the bathroom with us while we peed the last time. I guess so you cant use someone rlses urine, etc. If you fail you get a call from a doctor asking if you have a prescription for what you failed for. Walgreens does not honor medical marijuana or marijuana in colorado or washington that legalized it.

Phoenix, AZ

#21 Oct 18, 2013
I wonder if Wade is tested regularly for alcohol abuse? Or at they waiting for yet a third DUI?

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