The "Co-Manager" Position and EXA/MGT...

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#2093 Feb 27, 2013
what made this thread die??? asm position happens april 1. does anyone know the scoop???

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#2094 Feb 28, 2013
I heard math tests will start within a week or 2, then interviews. I am still waiting to see how much we're going to make. I know I shouldn't be surprised that they aren't telling us.

Phoenix, AZ

#2095 Feb 28, 2013
Get rid of the dms. Thin out the herd. Cls are willing to do their job for them at 1/3 the pay. Make SMS and coma gets pay based even more on sales targets. Drop rxs and make community pharmacy managers, pharm-d's are easier to find now so u don't need a recruiter.
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#2096 Mar 1, 2013
Last i heard, ASMs will be around 40,000

Haslet, TX

#2097 Mar 1, 2013
It's all still rumored but they are probably going to be tiered.
Enlightened One

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#2098 Mar 10, 2013
The whole purpose of the changeover to Shift lead is to get rid of any AM who is making more than the new position's pay. That is why the store managers were told to make sure they graded anyone they wanted to railroad out of their management job with less than 3.0 on the evaluations. That mandates they use the PIP to be the delivery device to write them up the three times needed to terminate. The end game is lower overhead on the store level , keep pay increases coming for those who are at Deerfield. Some good people, hard working long serving employees will be treated unfairly and be terminated for poor performance, when the true reason they are being let go is people at the top are grasping for any cost saving idea no matter how bad the end result will be for the company and many soon to be ex-walgreens management employees.

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#2099 Mar 11, 2013
ASM starting salary for NEWLY-PROMOTED ASMs is tiered. Lowest is 35k-45k, highest is, if I remember correctly, 47k-57k. Had the talk with my SM already. If you're an EXA getting transitioned into the spot, you keep your present salary. If you're over the top limit, like I am, you're capped, but if your next review is exceeds expectations, you'll get a one-time lump sum payout, no info on how much. Base bonus is pitiful, $2500, can build on this be reaching or exceeding certain goals.

New Haven, IN

#2100 Mar 11, 2013
Four years ago I was hired as an MGT. Every week we had 4 hours OT,
Then they decided we no longer needed any of this to do our jobs.
This was my tuition payment.
Now with all the ASM selection process we are being screwed again.
I agree with you Walgreens does not care about their employee's.
sad day

Tulsa, OK

#2101 Mar 24, 2013
Don't relocate!! If you relocate now you won't be able to apply for adsmt. Even if you are a EXA. You will be placed as a SFL. The deadline has already been passed. So stay where you are at unless you really have to relocate without choice.

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#2102 Mar 24, 2013
sad day wrote:
Don't relocate!! If you relocate now you won't be able to apply for adsmt. Even if you are a EXA. You will be placed as a SFL. The deadline has already been passed. So stay where you are at unless you really have to relocate without choice.
That's not true. We have has people relocate and they stayed exa.

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#2103 Apr 30, 2013
ex-exa wrote:
<quoted text> The best option is to just don't say anything... Trust me i went through it, if you do speak up you will become a target. The open door policy is a joke and always has been. Its a job and its money, just show up and do your work and look for another job. I was told that they can work you up to 55 hours a week and not have to compensate but over 55 hours they do have to pay overtime. I am a full time college student and i called HR about the excessive hours and my DM responded with "are you saying you can't handle the job, and do you want a job"? well then.... That's when i stepped down on my own.
Well, well, well, lol... it looks like someone finally found out the truth about the exa overtime pay or should i say the lack of it... wags is currently being sued for violating the federal overtime pay for salaried employees and i am involved... I guess i can say i told you so wags... I got the papers from the lawyer last week and yes I AM OPTING IN!!!

Cottage Grove, WI

#2104 Apr 30, 2013
How are they locating all the EXA's? I'm sure some are no longer employed by wags, some may have died and some found better jobs.
Wags won't give out names I'm sure.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#2105 May 7, 2013
I know exactly what they are doing to the MGT's,@1st they took there OT away which reduced the income of over 15000 family then they decide to get rid of the position just like that, putting those same family's throught a new challenge wile they still traying to adjust from the 1st pay cut.I was on one of the conferess calls talking about this issue and the way they were talking about the MGT' s is like they were the enemy although we all knew that the position is the back bone to the stores and a can say to the company also they are the ones that took care of business wile store mangers mostly set in there offices , they are the ones who did every thing that employees refuse to do(even cleaning bathrooms...)and now this people are being punched out of there jobs just so Corperet people make more $$ from what ever they Hong to save on pay roll by replacing the position with the new " non management " position they say at a very much lower rate...I wonder after this massacre what position is going to be next....I am thinking Store managers maby, after all any body can set in office like the majority of them does

Saint Petersburg, FL

#2106 May 7, 2013
Walgreens with this new logo and I quote " corner of happy and healthy" is forcing the employees to move to a different corner l call it "corner of miserable & feeling crappy " by forcing them to harass every customer about balance reward, Psc, rx transfer , and the suggestive sell scam by asking people to buy and donate the suggestive sell product to the troops, this boxes are filled but not picked up because the program was canceled or doesn't exist and I have e-mails to prove it....any way this employees are being watched and documented(growth sessions etc)so if they want to get rid of somebody it want be to hard...

Saint Petersburg, FL

#2107 May 7, 2013
15 years of over night MGT, and now u come and tell me its a SFL job ????and I get forced to step down and take over $5/h of a pay cut ,when I was still working on adjusting from the previous pay cut (OT),I was hired for the over night position and I kept my part of the deal , worked hard ,did every thing I was asked for...but Walgreens did not keep his part I was promest the over night sins my life style and my family needs only allow me to work night (carrying for a sick family member)and now look at me again strangling to readjust, and I don't think I can do it this time... I can't find another job, i am close to 50 years old, I spent the best years of my life working for Walgreens and now that I am getting older they make me go through all this, this is not fare and I am sick of it...and I am not scared to talk any more the hole world should know that this company that I work for how is traying to show people that wolf greens cares about them does t care about its own....Walgreen s is sending a wrong and fake messages to its customers and as a family member I am not every proud of it

Nebo, NC

#2108 May 7, 2013
That is how the company is they dnt care if we eat all wk. They want u there slaving for them for nothing. I never seen a company like this before. Never get treated right.

Shelby, NC

#2109 May 7, 2013
I bet I wouldn't do mgt stuff then mike. Show them they cut ur pay and position so only do sfl stuff. I wouldn't go out my way for them they dnt you. Ya the company will see all the cuts getting them no where before long cvs will out do walgreens. Who will be to blame all the cuts they making....

Keller, TX

#2110 May 7, 2013
mmhae wrote:
How are they locating all the EXA's? I'm sure some are no longer employed by wags, some may have died and some found better jobs.
Wags won't give out names I'm sure.
. Walgreens had to provide all exas info to the kaw firm

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#2112 May 11, 2013
The horrible thing, the whole "IRR" BS. A CL interviews a SM about a exa or mgt as the first part of the BS? My manager told me the first question was "should this person be promoted?" Which he answered yes, and I still got looked over. My DM admits that i should have moved on to ASM but instead of doing something, he tells me, "Wait until the upcoming application for ASM-T that were are going to do very soon." I had four store managers requesting me for their stores and yet, one CL, who doesn't know I exist blows me over, and that's end of story.

Eff you Walgreens. I have one foot out of the door and currently halfway through a background check to a higher paying job with the city I live in. Not the city I am forced to commute to, because I'm a good soldier who does what his DM asks of him.

Stockton, CA

#2114 Jun 2, 2013
I was turned down for aSM-TGot an email to take my math test, but wast allowed to take one thanks to a CL from about three communities over that didn't like my store manager's IRR. Yet, I am now transferred to a 24 hr CL store, as his main assistant, per his request and the DM's approval, yet I still have to await the chance for ASM-T when my SM wanted me in his store to replace a EXA? Tell me how that's right? MGT, looked over for ASMT, playing the role of ASM/EXA for a 24 hour store.

ShiftyLeader2013 wrote:
So you got turned down for ASMT?
Or you were an EXA turned down for ASM? I thought it was automatic.
<quoted text>

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