walgreens ripping people off

Greenbush, MN

#23 Dec 16, 2006
Keith wrote:
<quoted text>
Poor people get their money from the government on a benifits card for food. They have no car and no means to travel anywhere else to do there shopping, so actully these are the best locations!
Walgreens puts stores in all areas of population. Many stores have a customer base with average incomes over $150,000 a year.
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#24 Dec 18, 2006
Leroy Jacobs wrote:
Does anyone know of any lawsuits against Walgreens?
Contact me at: [email protected]
Thanks for the tip!!
Looking for a little ride the coattail on the lawsuit brother?
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#25 Dec 18, 2006
jess wrote:
Walgreens is ripping people off with their Pharmacy Benefits program...they underpay their competitors (below acquisition) then overcharge the governement & seniors and keep the profits for doing absolutely nothing!
I wonder if they pay themselves more for prescriptions filled at their own stores
Americans need to get involved since this practice is shaping this country and healthcare- if suing helps then by all means sue before the only pharmacy left here is walgreens!
Define Pharmacy benefits program.......do u even know what u r talking about? Dum Dum Dum DUMB
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#26 Dec 18, 2006
jess wrote:
There are so many reasons the governement SHOULD sue Walgreens!
Wasnt your birthcontrol covered......awww....sounds like sour grapes.....and oh yeah dummy.......its ur insurance companies fault not walgreens.
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#27 Dec 18, 2006
<quoted text>
They underpay their competitors? HUH? Are you that stupid. Do you know anything about business at all, or are you just taking a break from ur playstation game?
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#28 Dec 18, 2006
mr scott wrote:
<quoted text>they do overcharge walgreens puts stores in poor areas and then uses the government to promoted their agenga and that is get rich
Yeah well, at least walgreens goes in to poor and blighted areas......most businesses stay away from those areas for fear of theft and low profits.....You are a bleeding heart....move in to say the west side of chicago, make a diff. in your neiborhood....yeah right. You are down with it as long as you dont have to look at it right?
Dick Bininya

Arlington Heights, IL

#29 Dec 18, 2006
Light Touch wrote:
<quoted text> Leroy, please go to www.walgreensclassaction.com , and also contct the law office of Mr. Kent Spriggs in Tallahassee, Florida. I also typed in discrimination law suits and walgreens, and a 'ton' of information came up. I wish you success, and may God Bless you with perseverance.
God bless you Leroy for being a uneducated, unskilled, unhirable misfit.......Walgreens will hire ANYONE. You are a turd looking for a reward.......Gee everyone, lets go lawsuit hunting on the net...its so much fun...all my brothers do....all you have to do is play the race card...yipee....

Sparks, NV

#30 Jan 10, 2007
walgreens have ripp me off for years thats why i switch my medication to cvs pharmacy . How you like that.

United States

#31 Jan 16, 2007
Justin wrote:
Don't you think Walgreen's would put stores in high traffic areas instead of targeting poor people. What's the opportunity cost of targeting someone with no money vs someone with money? MONEY!!! dumb ass....

walgreens is like a liquor store in the getto right on every corner ripping of the poor communities

Middletown, RI

#32 Jan 17, 2007
95% of walgreens customers have insurance

Tyler, TX

#33 Feb 7, 2007
walgreens stinks!!!

Tyler, TX

#34 Feb 7, 2007
Just Playing!!!!

Tyler, TX

#35 Feb 7, 2007
I love walgreens its a good pharmacy store WALGREENS ROCKS
Owns some WAG

Waukegan, IL

#36 Mar 9, 2007
Markbri995 wrote:
<quoted text>
Wake up-The United States is sue happy and CVS has(had) suits against it also.
What are the case numbers?
My 2 cents

Cleveland, OH

#37 Mar 10, 2007
Is it me or are the people here bashing others just for thinking out loud?
True business is business but how a business is run CAN be questionable.
Walgreens may suck up all the prime locations but just like Rally's only in low income locations. Rally's tries to have competitvie prices and so does Walgreens but you don't see the low income money grabbing stores in upscale neighbor hoods that in itself would make me wonder why?
If low income can bring in money doesn't mid to high level income locations bring in tjus as good a dollar? Or maybe they are NOT good enough to be in "those" places, so inorder for the middle and upper class to save a buck they have to slum to do it.
I have medical care/insurance but the issue here I believe is not who has coverage but are they being over charged in someway for it. As "business minded" people we all know if theft is high so is the stores prices so if insurance over charges then so does the pharmacy/store. For every action there is equal....... you know the rest don't you?

Tucson, AZ

#38 Mar 11, 2007
Try this one Jolie wrote:
have you any idea what it is like to reach Walgreens. I am so really disquisted right now and you have no idea that the address www. walgreens.com leads you to no where. It will not work. i cannot even reply to thier mail to me, and I am a really good customer.eg bonus book,rebates; and trying to get hold of them about the length of time they take and not honoring my sales slip. thak God the FTC is now on there case

United States

#39 Mar 23, 2007
I stopped getting prescriptions at Walgreens a couople of years ago. I had been getting a cheap prescription for about $2 (with ins) for a couple of years. When I took the prescription to Walgreens they wanted $24. If I hadn't known it was an inexpensive medication they would have ripped me off. When confronted, they said woops, it's $2. That wasn't an isolated event either.
The store is on my way home from the doctor's office and I had given them my prescription before I realized I was boycotting them. They asked if I still had the same insurance and I said yes. When I ght this tiny bottle of cough syrup, had to be 4oz or less, they charged my credit card $49.99. I said whoa, that can't be right. Ended up paying $7. My insurance pays 75% so they would pay about $21. So even if they might have forgotten to charge my insurance, the amount was way off. I will never go back and I encourage everyone that goes there to have some backbone and question all their prices.
And to Mrs. Walgreens, damn woman, I think you are probably married to a rip-off artist.

United States

#40 Mar 24, 2007
While working as a manager at walgreens i intercepted an email from one manager to another calling black people geese and not to feed the geese hanging around the corporate office because they will bite the hand that feeds them.I turned this over to the Spriggs lawfirm when I heard of their suit. Anyone who supports walgreens knowing this is supporting their actions which makes them just as racist.
haywood jablomi

Elgin, IL

#41 Mar 26, 2007
Leroy Jacobs wrote:
CVS will be the number one drugstore over
Walgreens because Walgreens have lawsuits
pending on Racial Discrimination.
Case: 05-CV-440-GPM
Hey Leroy..........how many CVS's do you have in your neiborhood? Oh yeah...NONE. Walgreens is one of the few retailers that actually moves into a blighted area and gives local people a nice place to shop, AND give local people jobs. Its funny but no one in the press is publishing the fact that 4 out of 8 of the top walgreens positions are held by black americans. Why don't you actually do some reading and research before you buy the hype.
haywood jablomi

Elgin, IL

#42 Mar 26, 2007
david wrote:
<quoted text>
walgreens is like a liquor store in the getto right on every corner ripping of the poor communities
Yeah David, and I bet you shop at walmart....the caring company.

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