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Bellwood, IL

#1 Jan 2, 2013
The customer was loyal to us for over 25 years. Baked cookies for us all every single flippin holiday including Hallmark ones. She never complained about our store. Never. Even called the 1-800 number to give us high ratings overall. Sent a long heartfelt letter to corporate about how grateful she was to have staff that knew her by name and took care of her very well every shopping visit. I only knew her for less than a handful of years, but each time she came in I felt so happy to see her. She ALWAYS said thank you to everyone in the store for just doing their jobs. She was very active in the community and a volunteer for just about every charity you can list in the area. She was a retired school teacher and would amuse the sick children waiting with their parents for their medications in pharmacy. Had crayons and coloring books for them and would read them books. She wanted to donate a book rack of childrens books for the store but did not get approval for it from upper management. Our store manager would have let her do it. She was so sad when she was told she could not do that for the kids.
She passed peacefully alone on New Years Day. The local paper has an article a half page long about her achievements in the area. Most customers in our store either knew her personally or knew her from being in the store.
When I found out she died, I told management.
The very same day, one of our STL's was rejoicing openly in front of customers about her passing.
"Thank God she is gone now, finally I can get rid of that box of crap she gives us all at Christmas"

That box of "crap" were pictures she took of all the employees she liked over the many years that she put into a album each year to give to the store. That and hand knit scarfs for every employee. Blue with a red W on them. Our manager never told us about that box of "crap". The STL said they were "tacky".

Another customer heard the STL make this comment. She was floored.

I was floored.

The customer complained to the SM. I don't know what will happen to her now, she is new at the position. I just feel so sad that she died.

Anyone else loose a really great customer who cared about the people who helped them?

Ann Arbor, MI

#2 Jan 2, 2013
Sorry for the loss of what sounds to be an amazing person.I would have adored someone giving me a hand made scarf with a W on it.That STL sure sounds like a cut rate loser.This incident spanks of something just like a few of The well heeled ,so called professionals I once worked with would do in front of guests.Your S.M. can't do very much about lack of manners or I.Q..

United States

#3 Jan 2, 2013
OMG I'd be devastated. Reading this almost brought tears. What an amazing woman. I would have loved a scarf. So sad. My condolences.
idoallthephotost uff

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Jan 2, 2013
Very sad to hear, I know I have several regulars like that, it's very personal when you get to know someone over a few years.. and then they just stop showing up.

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#5 Jan 2, 2013
What's amazing is why this is even on here.
Texas Outlaw

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#6 Jan 3, 2013
joeybutterfucco wrote:
What's amazing is why this is even on here.
Because a really nice employee,wanted a good customer remembered.Stick it up yyour nose,if u dislike....we liked it!

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#7 Jan 3, 2013
It's essentially irrelevant. #1- She's dead and doesn't know the STLs thoughts or comments. #2- If she is in some sort of afterlife and IS aware of the thoughts or comments, she is probably so super-enlightened that she doesn't give a flying f**k.
sad to hear

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#8 Jan 3, 2013
yes it is sad to hear of this customer's passing.

thank you for sharing it.

the problem with posting stuff on this blog is that certain indiviudals always have to add some comment which has no relevance.

Bellwood, IL

#9 Jan 3, 2013
disgovernment wrote:
It's essentially irrelevant.#1- She's dead and doesn't know the STLs thoughts or comments.#2- If she is in some sort of afterlife and IS aware of the thoughts or comments, she is probably so super-enlightened that she doesn't give a flying f**k.
I beg to differ with you. It is not in any way irrelevant to the customer who overheard this. The customer who had to witness how unprofessional one of our staff with a leadership role was acting. That customer then complained to our SM who had to hear about how he has a staff member on his team that has given her a horrible experience in our store as a result. She asked him for the name of his boss and told him she would be calling him about this. Then she told him not to worry about it, she would just call the 1-800 number and report her experience. Just what we need now!

So while you may be looking at this as a irrelevant thing, it is not irrelevant to our SM now thanks to her lack of professionalism. He really doesn't need this kind of attention from corporate.

Don't you claim to be a SM? Maybe I am mistaken?
Would you like this to be happening on your watch?

The customer who overheard this remark told our SM this in closing:

If she feels that way about Mrs.X, I have to wonder what she says about me and what she says about other customers who shop here.

A valid concern.

Why you boiled this down to afterlife/no afterlife is something you may want to discuss with a therapist.

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#10 Jan 4, 2013
I was evaluating it from the perspective of yourself and your feelings, not from a perspective of giving a sh*t about the STL or his/her stupidity at the workplace. Yes, it was obviously a stupid move on your STL's part.

I promise to discuss the afterlife with my therapist if you promise to learn the difference between "loose" and "lose." Deal?

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#11 Jan 4, 2013
A couple thoughts on the orginal post:

1) It must have been a very special experience to have a customer who thought so highly of the store and made it her mission to make everyone feel as happy as she felt. While I have had my share of overly nice and thoughtful customers, I have not (in 15 years of retail) had someone constantly as sweet and generous as you describe. It's definately a memory to cherish in your retail career.

2) I do hope the coworker gets repremanded in some way. While most of us bad mouth customers in some way, it's something that should only be done off the sales floor and away from customers. When you start doing that on the sales floor within earshot of shoppers, you risk losing the professional appearance you are required to have.

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#12 Jan 8, 2013
disgovernment wrote:
It's essentially irrelevant.#1- She's dead and doesn't know the STLs thoughts or comments.#2- If she is in some sort of afterlife and IS aware of the thoughts or comments, she is probably so super-enlightened that she doesn't give a flying f**k.
You're an ass. So glad you're not my SM.

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