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Schenectady, NY

#23 Mar 17, 2010
I've avoided this site due to an ability to put my foot in my mouth. I've heard comments from others that come here on a regular basis.
I work hard in my store. A short week is 60 hours. I have a good rapport with my Pharmacy staff. I enjoy my crew, they do their best. I know of managers that run the full spectrum, from the guy who can't get out of the office, to the guy who all but refuses to go in there. At different days, I resemble each of these. Seems like the more I try to plan, the more I'm told to change my plans. I recycle paper and still go through an incredible amount. The funny thing is: I'm told I shouldn't have any papers laying out in the office. The desk should always be clean. So where do I put the daily encyclopedia I am to print, diseminate, and recap???
"More from the Core" is great PR but the reality is that in the stores we are to push and "hold accountable" people for their performance. We give more and more to do and wonder why people aren't going fast enough. The answer is: If you don't like it you can work elsewhere. Don't make mistakes. Don't go home till exhausted. And if can't get 10 hours of work done in an 8 hour shift (you want a break too?) we will find some one who can. Fear of losing my job always makes me wake right up in the morning and rush right off to work [that's sarcasm].
Is anyone listening??? Trying to force 10lbs of stuff in a 5lbs bag isn't working. Then reprimanding the bag is even worse. This is on both sides of the Pharmacy counter. You took the payroll saying the workload would be balanced. The workload got bigger. Where is Dynamic workload balancing for the front of the store.
Harry Chapin's 'Cats in the Cradle', I hear it in the stores a lot. Does anyone get stabbed in the heart when they hear it? It is the story of my life at Walgreens.

Austin, TX

#24 Mar 17, 2010
I feel that what is really hurting everyone is the fact that Wag has sooo much money...Billions!! and we read how much they are spending in this era of hard times! Wall Street Journal states that Wag is very liquid. So why are the wigs making all of their devoted and proud emp. feeling so unimportant?!#1 shame on you Wag...If they continue with this they will start hiring people that do not give a flying F___! then where will they be.....We are peeved because we care...until we don't.

United States

#25 Mar 18, 2010
sooner or later walmart gets it all....
Ky Tornado

Shepherdsville, KY

#26 Apr 15, 2010
Reading some of these comments makes me just shake my head..

Welcome to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, because alot of what your going through is what Wal-Mart is also.

This is what we all get when we have a bunch of collage degreed idiots sitting in an office in suits and ties that have NEVER worked on the floor of any store.

Paycuts, Hour Cuts, positions eliminated, consolidated, time limits on associates/employees to get the work done, with less help and more responsibility.

The ONLY difference is the size of the stores..

Glen Arm, MD

#27 Apr 16, 2010
Walgreens = Walmart
Similar product selection, same level of service, same business model. Why expect any different.

Salt Lake City, UT

#28 Apr 20, 2010
Wow. Thank God I'm not alone! Muddaddy has it right. A daily fear of losing our jobs because we are constantly threatened with losing it if we don't make the impossible happen daily. To those of my brethren that came to the company from Eckerds like I did, do you see the writing on the wall? For those of you that didn't, here's a synopsis of Eckerds final days before being absorbed by two different companies: they jacked with the overtime of managers, partnered with JC Penny then dropped out(ala the DHL fiasco) then cut an assistant and gave keys to the senior beauty advisor. Beginning to sound a little familiar?
The question is where will it stop? Or will it stop? This is a company that has lost touch with its employees and follows the old familiar cover-all of "sales cure all ills" the sad end result there is that you have abuseive, clueless DM's that are given a free pass to abuse their staff however they want to because their district is turning in profits and hence they are untouchable. I have worked with WAG for 10 yrs now on both sides of the rockies and sadly it is the same no matter where you go. So here I sit waiting for my district to split or hoping for CVS to come to town so that I can get away from the mental instability of my DM and the politics that go with it. But a question to all of you out there: am I alone in this? Do any of you have DM's that tell you to do the impossible and when you ask them how they say "I don't know how you're gonna do it, just get it done!" or they give you bi-polar direction? let me know, cuz I thought I was the only one, but then again my district is afraid of saying anything openly because of my DM's "blue shirts" crew who won't hesitate to turn you in to the DM for speaking your mind.

Salt Lake City, UT

#29 Apr 20, 2010
Also, am I missing something or does Walgreens have the labor board in their pocket too?
If we as managers ask an associate to "work off the clock" that is to perform work while they are not being compensated for it, how is it that DM's can require us to work in excess of the hours we get paid for? Fear of losing one's job keeps us doing it without raising a flag for now but should they be allowed to do this?

Lewisville, TX

#30 Apr 20, 2010
When Wasson finally stabbed Jeff Rein in the back hard enough and long enough to force his (Rein's) resignation, he was primed to slither into Rein's seat before it was even cool or the tears had dried.

Probably one of the fastest "searches" for a CEO of a Fortune 50 company in Wall Street history.

I remember the e-mail personally from Greg Wasson stating that "Stores would NOT be affected by Rewiring For Growth" and that "employees' wages and positions WOULD NOT CHANGE."

Two weeks later, they laying sonofabitch had StoreOps send the now infamous "Saturday Night Special" e-mail that announced all 16,000 MGTs company wide would have their pay reduced between 17% and 22%, depending on how long they'd been sentenced to Walgreens--via having their promised, guaranteed overtime vanish.

A longtime assistant manager in the DFW market wrote a blistering, white-hot letter to Wasson, several of the BoD members and a number of Wall Street analysts. He also sent it by way of e-mail and cc'd around 50 random stores around the country.

In the letter/e-mail, he asked Wasson if he would finally just scrap the Walgreens Creed along with the Four Way Test since Wasson had just shit upon them both, causing irreparable damage.

Apparently his e-mail to Wasson went viral. I still have a copy of it somewhere. It's like four pages long and the assistant did not pull one single punch and gave some pretty damning evidence.

I'll put it like this: It was effective enough to force Wasson's lapdog, Mark Wagner, to do a special edition "On The Mark" addressing the Creed and Four Way Test almost immediately thereafter.

I'm one of the original SMs in the DFW market, having transferred down when we started opening stores here in 1998. I've seen a lot of changes. Our MVP was the original DM who opened this market and used to be a really sharp DM and good guy. Now that he is an MVP, he's just another kiss-ass who's turned this entire market into a sweat-shop.

I retire in less than twenty months. I'm counting the days at this point.

Oh, and a special message for Deerfield flunkies who scour the internet all day and everyday (their job) for anything and everything negative said or written about The Kingdom (so they can plant stories and releases to push google searches back further), go find a real job in public relations where you don't have to lie with such impunity.

Fiscal 2009, Walgreens boasted of a record $60.7 BILLION in sales. My store was up almost 18%, but my SS hours got cut by over 15%. I don't even want to discuss how bad my bonus got schucked, thanks in large part to the RR coupons and endless Deerfield give-away coupons we're forced to deal with.

Twenty months. Just hanging in there.

Since: Aug 07

Location hidden

#31 May 18, 2010
Anyone know how to read the blog from your home PC? Some posters on the blog brag about the ability to read and post from his home PC. IP spoofing?
Ex EXA from Austin Tx

Round Rock, TX

#32 May 27, 2010
I was a EXA in Austin Tx. I was one of those manager that really loved his job and would do what ever it took to get the job done. But on april 3rd. 2010 I stopped a shoplifter just 3ft.out side of the front doors and had him arrested. I loss my job because he was a minor and DM and LP was afraid of a lawsuit from the parents of the kid. He was a big kid and he didn't look like he was a minor.So after 2 weeks my SM says I will problably get fired for this. No write up's or warning than on 4 17 2010 the commuity leader and my so called sm telling me that they had to fire me cause I went off premisses to stop a shoplifter. I told them I was on the sidewalk and they said if it is out of the doors it is off premisses. I informed them that no one has ever told me that before and now all of the sudden it.The law states that the shoplifter has to be pass the dooors /POS before you can even stop them. I guess it not about protecting your employees any more it about protecting the theifs. And now Walgreens is not wanting me to collect unemployment and they are fighting me on this now. They are just not happy untill they buried you.And my so called sm who has no BALLS hires all these girls on (nothing wrong with that) but he hires them on only because they are cute and nice butts. He had me interveiw these 2 girls he says just go through the process but I want you to hire them on just because they are cute. I was 1 of 3 guys in a store and there must of been 15 girls/ladies. My SM would not have you back if your ass was on fire but when 1 of the girls had a problem he was all over that. For those stores in the Austin TX market that reads this you know who I am
Ex EXA from Austin Tx

Round Rock, TX

#33 May 27, 2010
I failed to tell you that the only reason I am posting on this blog is because I can't get anyone from deerfield to call me back.I fill that I am not worth their time anymore

Houston, TX

#34 May 27, 2010
I learned from day 1 about going after any shoplifter when they exited out the doors. In fact, in my interview, it was the only question my DM asked me --- "what would you do if you saw a shoplifter exit out of the store"? It was the only question because the DM decided to hire me based on my resume alone. I simply needed to show up for the interview. It was really a bizarre interview. Anyway, from that time on, I never went after a shoplifter. I don't see it as "it's not worth my life". I've always seen it as "it's not worth losing my job over". If they don't give a crap then I don't give a crap.

Evanston, IL

#35 May 27, 2010
When I was hired, I didn't even meet the District Manager--One of the Emerging Leaders interviewed me, this was in July of 2007. She made the decision.

Glen Arm, MD

#36 May 28, 2010
Ex EXA from Austin Tx wrote:
I failed to tell you that the only reason I am posting on this blog is because I can't get anyone from deerfield to call me back.I fill that I am not worth their time anymore
At least you did not get cut as part of the initial exa culm during the reorganizational terminations of the end of 2008
The main thing

Spring Branch, TX

#37 May 29, 2010
Looks like the guys at the type think you run a pharmacy like you run a gas station. Anyone who has been a rph for more than 10 yrs knows that the bottom line is customer service- being their friend is what keeps them coming back. Multiple stress factors being introduced- e.g cutting back on tech help,erosion of employee benefits- it all adds up and the result is compromised pt care, more stars reports and bad employee morale. Think not? Then you must believe the world is flat.
cos girl

Waterloo, IL

#38 May 29, 2010
Ex EXA from Austin Tx wrote:
I failed to tell you that the only reason I am posting on this blog is because I can't get anyone from deerfield to call me back.I fill that I am not worth their time anymore
i can't believe that happened to you. i'm sorry. what is wrong with the people who are in charge at walgreens on the upper levels??

United States

#39 May 30, 2010
Btw, Mark Wagner's yearly compensation stands at...are you ready? 630,000 DOLLARS A YEAR! And what does he do? Beside author a blog?

United States

#40 May 30, 2010
Talk about bonuses. The teensy meager EXA bonus was only for 10 months this year. Nice way to save a buck. Four way test? Riiiiiight.
Also there was a news story today about walmart BRINGING BACK 300 items from the items they cut trying to declutter stores.(familiar?) because they are trying to win back all the customers they LOST as a result.

Since: Aug 07

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#41 Jun 1, 2010
Sorry about your termination. Let this be a lesson for other exa/mgts out there that it's not worth your job to go after shoplifters. The law and company policy is on the shoplifters side as twisted as that sounds.

I once got a shoplifter arrested after she came behind the counter. I got bit trying to stop her. Made police report and went to court too. All the LPS did was chuckled and said "you got bit for an mp3 player?" I never got a thank you or good job from any of my superiors.

See that type of appreciation makes me think "whatever" and "if they don't care, I don't care" when I see shoplifters. Most I'll do now is ask them to leave and refuse service.

Since: Aug 07

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#42 Jun 1, 2010
Ex EXA from Austin Tx wrote:
buried you.And my so called sm who has no BALLS hires all these girls on (nothing wrong with that) but he hires them on only because they are cute and nice butts. He had me interveiw these 2 girls he says just go through the process but I want you to hire them on just because they are cute. I was 1 of 3 guys in a store and there must of been 15 girls/ladies.
Man at least you have GIRLS there to look at. I have a bunch of old ladies. The youngest one is 18 but she weighs 250lbs. The 30 year old has a mustache. The rest are 40s something hags. Even the dudes at my store are so whipped by their wives, they won't even talk about guys stuff.

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