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Newark, DE

#517 Nov 29, 2013
Been trying to find this song I've been hearing for months. It's a male singer and its a mellow song, yet kind of upbeat. Pretty sure its a love song and the only instrument is a guitar. Its either a steel guitar or an acoustic. Been trying for months with no luck.

Not sure. I wrote down some lyrics but they're iffy at best.

Oh can't you see.
That it's meant to be.
Heaven set you here to me.
Just when I had given up, there you were someone to love."

"Ohhh someone to love"

"I'd lost all hope of faith.
My life one big mistake.
Just when I had enough, you appeared someone to love."

"You reached me with just one touch. Give my heart to some to love."

"Got each other that's enough.
We both have someone to love.
This how it's supposed to be.
Even when the roads tough, we'll still have someone to love"

League City, TX

#518 Nov 30, 2013
mittleschmerz wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok i heard a song with slow down, slow down in it shazamed it and it said A.J Steel Slow Down see if that's it.
Yup, that's it! Thanks!

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#519 Nov 30, 2013
See there's teamwork in the workplace:)

Rock Island, IL

#520 Dec 1, 2013
Still can't find that Lisa Mowry - Replaced song :(

"Tonight, you're taking her pictures off the wall, you're giving your ex girlfriend a call. "

"Tonight, the last thing on my mind is your stupid face, consider yourself replaced.

we're sure this is her right?

Columbus, OH

#521 Dec 2, 2013
So I just heard a song yesterday that I can't seem to find... I know the very end of the song went like this:

"I was by your side. You were by my side."

It was a slower indie/folk song and sung by a male. Don't know much else though...

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Canton, OH

#522 Dec 3, 2013
The song i am having trouble finding is, the lyrics are as follows:
And i she says hay ay ay whatcha gonna say
Well it doesnt matter whatcha do
I only wanna be with you...
Thats all i know if any. One can help i would greatly appriciate it

Dixon Springs, TN

#523 Dec 3, 2013
Scooph wrote:
<quoted text>
I work at a Kroger in Georgia and I'm also searching for this one.
I have been searching for months... Walgreens in tn

Gonzales, LA

#524 Dec 4, 2013
Ok i have a song i've been trying to identify for about 2 months that plays at the Walgreens where i work! I've tried all the usual methodsto identify, lyric (the ones i can decipher) searches online, Shazaam and Soundhound ! I've had no luck and then i remembered that this thread was helpful in identifying the Song "Collide" by The Incurables. I was hoping someone could help me again? Here goes! It's a woman vocalist kind of fast tempo with a gong type of drum and a trumpet i think! It's very hard to understand what she's saying. But some of the lyrics i've gotten are. " I wanted you to want me too""Rushing fast away you leave your plans, It's Rediculous" then the chorous goes something like. "I want to see you"" I'm walking by you" "I want to talk to you". That's really all i have if someone can help me identify this one i'd really appreciate it.

Cape Coral, FL

#525 Dec 6, 2013
Ali wrote:
So, I've been looking for this song, I've only heard it a few times, the intro is just a chord melody, and the only lyrics I can remember are "these are stranger times, these are stranger times". I heard "fading, decaying" in there too. The guy's voice reminds me of Tool or 10 Years. Does anyone know what song I'm talking about?
Yeah, I know the song. I could've sworn it was Switchfoot, but I guess not. Not sure who it is.

Arlington, VA

#526 Dec 8, 2013
This forum is great....I am looking for a song too. I work in Massachusetts and my old store used to play this song that started out with piano sung by a youngish female newer song lyrics something like

Or "All I wanted was you to see" I'm not sure

at times it is almost Accapella, she has a very sweet voice.

Then I transferred stores in July and worked ! 3rd shift for a few months and they played a remix/clubby version of the same song! Same girl singing......I am so stumped with no luck. Has been driving me nuts for over 6 months!!!!

Tampa, FL

#527 Dec 10, 2013
Ashley S

Muncie, IN

#528 Dec 10, 2013
I have also been looking for this song! It is impossible to find, Shazzam doesn't recognize it, and I've tried several websites with no luck. Somebody somewhere has to know what this song is! It gets stuck in my head for days and drives me crazy.
Ashlee wrote:
This song has been mentioned on here a few times but still no one has found it. I've been searching everywhere. These are all lyrics from the song, not necessarily in this order.
"I don't want you to leave, you are all that I need."
"So come on in, here's my heart just take it,I know you could do great things if I just let you."
"I hope you know I will not be perfect, and I hope you know that this will not be easy."
It's an acoustic song with a guy and girl singing, sounds kinda country to me in some parts.

Shreveport, LA

#529 Dec 13, 2013
Okay this has been driving me nuts as well and have went through all the prior posts here and checked various songs listed to see if any of them were the two songs I'm looking for. Both are by female singers and both are kind of pop songs I would guess.

First one the lyrics I've picked up are "Here's too goodbye" and "start over again to the beginning of time"

The second song's lyrics I noted were"I don't wanna/want to be a stereotype" and "not your picture perfect cookie cutter girl"

Shazam and Soundhound both have failed as well as numerous online lyric sites.
Marcus stl

Brockton, MA

#530 Dec 15, 2013
Someone kill me please..... I'm amazed how many different versions of "it's cold outside" the store can play in an hour..... STOP IT! Your driving employees nuts!

Gonzales, LA

#531 Dec 15, 2013
Myself and another employee timed it today at one point it was playing at an interval of between every 10 to 7 minutes! I literally turned down the volume on as many speakers as I could reach!(in Photo and the breakroom)

Fontana, CA

#532 Dec 17, 2013
Looking for a song that contains the lyrics
"i've been down, down, down for way too long"
sung by a woman...perhaps country....but really sultry

Rockford, IL

#533 Dec 17, 2013
tyra wrote:
Guys that stupid halo song does not exist :( I even went so far as so climb on a chair and put my phone next to the speaker to Id the song...you know on my break and stuff ><
Jeff Brinkman Band - Halo

Rockford, IL

#534 Dec 17, 2013
OK i am looking for a song that, at least at my store, plays during the day shift, 8-4, and its a catchy song you could dance to and its a guy singing and the words are "She call me baby, she calllllll me baby." I tried Shazam but it wouldnt find it and i can faintly remember other lyrics so i will have to try and do a voice record on it next time i work that shift but if anyone knows it PLEASE tell me!!!

Union, KY

#535 Dec 18, 2013
my store pretty much just plays 5 different versions of "baby it's cold outside". Just kill me.

“The Papers said I was Truant”

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#536 Dec 18, 2013
cora wrote:
my store pretty much just plays 5 different versions of "baby it's cold outside". Just kill me.
I don't hate the whistle version...

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