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Wag a mgt

Palm Coast, FL

#22 Feb 10, 2009
wagger wrote:
Well, you can cut the MGT pay down just a tad. Emails came out today saying no more overtime for MGTs. I don't know if this is just our district or nationwide, but regardless, it's almost a $5,000 pay cut per year. Smart move on there part, but very not cool.
They better watch themselves too. That puts MGTs in our district around $33,000 per year, I know assistant managers at other big box retail stores make $36,000+. I know Walgreens is hourly which is a nice perk, and the job market isn't in the best shape so most will just live with it for now, but I could see a couple leaving if Wal-mart/CVS/Target/etc. is looking for assistants in their area.
That being said, I enjoy working at Walgreens and am fine with working a few less hours
At first i was upset when i read that email. 5k is a nice sized pay cut out of my pocket. I knew it was coming just by watching all the other ways the company has been cutting back to save money so it only made sense. Although i would rather have the 5k back in my pocket i will enjoy those few extra hours i will gain each week and possibly even get to spend some of that money i've been saving finally. I dont agree with there methods, but with the way the job market is right now they can get away with this without having a mass exodus losing mgts. When the job market opens up down the road i could see many mgts looking else where as well though.

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#23 Feb 23, 2009
Does anyone know what the starting salary is for a store manager in N.C. or the southern region?

Janesville, WI

#24 Feb 23, 2009
unccgrad03 wrote:
Does anyone know what the starting salary is for a store manager in N.C. or the southern region?
I'd assume somewhere from $55-65k a year, plus your yearly bonus which widely ranges in money depending on your self-service sales(I know one manager in my district got a $22k bonus last year). Granted, there's alot of talk about the bonus program changing, so I don't know if those kind of bonsues will be around much longer.

Richmond, KY

#25 Mar 18, 2009
I was interviewed to go to Alaska to open stores as an EXA. I was told the pay scale was based on Seattle, Washington. Any one know what an EXA makes there?

Sylacauga, AL

#26 Mar 19, 2009
its actually but you cannot access your schedule at home. it only allows a few things.

East Wenatchee, WA

#27 Apr 8, 2009
Wagman... the pay is 45K-50K


#28 May 13, 2009
Does anyone know what a Liqour Store manager makes per hour and what do they top out at?


#29 May 13, 2009
Does anyone know what a Liquor Store Manager makes and what do they top out at?

College Park, MD

#30 Jul 23, 2009
Do you get quarterly profit sharing checks or bonus checks?

United States

#31 Aug 1, 2009
Is their a limit on how much money an assistant can make?

United States

#32 Aug 1, 2009
Is their a limit on how much money an assistant can make? Basically can a assistant be maxed out and not get a raise?

United States

#33 Aug 1, 2009
can a assistant manager be maxed out of his raises?

United States

#34 Aug 1, 2009
can a assistant managers salary be maxed out?
new asst manager

Palm Desert, CA

#35 Aug 22, 2009
What is the hourly pay for a new assitant manager, i have just been promoted and no one has told me about the pay
please help
new asst manager

Palm Desert, CA

#36 Aug 22, 2009
I am in california, if that makes a difference........ Thank you

Rosemead, CA

#37 Aug 23, 2009
why don't you ask your mgr?

Charlotte, NC

#38 Oct 21, 2009
Walgreens Assistant wrote:
Pay rate is usually given by the region in the country. Assistants in my region (Northeast) make about $40k, Executive Managers make a minimum of $55k, and Store managers make about $60k PLUS a minimum bonus of $10k. The bonus is given based on the stores total profit minus expenses.
Wow, spoken by a true MGT. Get your facts straight before posting.

Minocqua, WI

#39 Nov 14, 2009
dim wrote:
can a assistant manager be maxed out of his raises?
yes most deisticts have now introduced a CAP on asst mgrs. in milwaukee it's 17.15
The Whole Story

Jacksonville, FL

#40 Nov 14, 2009
Exa abuse wrote:
Most Walgreen managers expect their EXA's to work at least 50+ per week. Many that I have worked for cock an attitude if you only work 44 hours. Walgreens is a great company but the powers that be at the store level, make there own rules. Sure Exa's receive a bonus but a bonus should not come with strings attached. I refer to this "bonus" check as an overtime check. Everytime that I work over 44 hours I'm losing money. Thus far I have lost thousands over the years. I figure two more years and I'm out.
I don't know your whole story,but I'm an Assistant with an EXA that complains the same way you do. Her problem is 45min-1hr long lunch breaks, she always leaves early, and has a smoke break every hour. You better work 50 hours if you're doing that crap. After all, I don't get paid on my lunch breaks....

Mattoon, IL

#41 Nov 14, 2009
When I was an EXA I worked for many different managers. Some would schedule 6 full days, some a straight assistant schedule, some 5 and a half days, some 5 and a half on weeks they didn't work 5 and half. I would more less put into it what I thought it was worth. If people I knew were refusing to work the long hours and getting promoted, I wasn't going to either. At the same time, if I had a manager who really cared about their store and worked longer and harder than me and/or repected me, I was much more likely to work harder and put in more hours without complaint. The times when I was really pissed was when I had the managers that scheduled me 6 full days while they worked 8-5 every day and their every other weekend. That was bullshit scheduling there. In short, I didn't mind the expectation from a manager to work long hours as long as they were there beside me putting in the same amount of work. I had one who tried to schedule me for all 7 days of the schedule because he was on vacation in the middle of summer. That shit didn't fly. He tried to play the promotion card with me. Unfortunately for him I was already #2 or 3 on "the list" and told him I wasn't working 7 days. I let him know that my promotion needed to be based on the quality of my work not the quantity. Needless to say I was promoted to store manager. Then I realized store managers do work too many hours. You think 8-5 every other weekend must be nice. That's incorrect. Considering that not many work 8-5. More like 7-5 or earlier or later every day. That's 50 hours right there, not including the half day on the weekends you have to work. The months with 5 weekends were killer when you have to work 3 Saturdays. This makes you feel like you didn't have a day off all month long. Then the holidays hit where working Saturdays becomes manadatory for a month and a half. Nice perk with the 3 day weekend they give you in January or February. By that time you are so burnt out you need a hell of alot more than 3 days. To summarize, it's retail and the hours suck. I have since moved on and realized I put way too much time in at work doing stupid shit that was pointless because I felt an obligation to work way too many hours. I will never go back into retail again. I don't make as much money now, but I have realized what I have missed by working too much. I am much much happier making less money now that I know I am not missing out on anything by making more.

"The Whole Story" if your stories are true about your EXA, I am sure she is on the district shitlist for EXA's. Every district has EXA's that will never get promoted and that's what she sounds like. They should get a better plan on getting these people out of the EXA position rather than cutting hours of hard working assistants. They could save a good chunk of change right there.

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