Getting a Job at UPS

Getting a Job at UPS

There are 539 comments on the Associated Content story from Oct 13, 2006, titled Getting a Job at UPS. In it, Associated Content reports that:

The United Parcel Service, or UPS, is a great place to work. It could be tough to get a job at UPS, though, but once you're in, you've got it made until you retire, with a great health plan, stock purchasing ...

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United States

#538 Feb 11, 2012
cdla driver wrote:
Swift Transportation Inc. owns the following;
1. 60% of Werner Trucking (thats why you see them pulling trailers owned by Swift and another company they bought that was based in Memphis Tn.
Also Jerry Moyes put that 60% of Werner Trucking in his wifes name.
2. 100% of Laidlaw
3. 100% of Greyhound (and its new parent corperation that is now based in Great Brittian)
4. 100% of the largest trucking company in Mexico
They tought us this in class at the Swift Driving Academy in Millington and as that I am suing them I have gone to great lengths to verify this.
Notice to Swift Transportation Inc.
220 S 75th Ave.
Pheonix, Az. 85043
Driver Facts / Driver Services Inc.
5761 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807
If any of you care about keeping what you have then you had better correct the LIES that you and Swift are telling about me on your site or I will without care take everything you have from you all. I am the person who turned in Swift to the USDOT and FMCSA in part for giving CDL's to people who did not deserve one according to Federal and State Law. One of the guys that I personally witnessed getting a CDL was an ex Marine thrown out of the Marines for being a fruit loop who was at the time on Anti- Psychotic Drugs at the Swift school in Millington TN. Another guy was from some African Country (not a US Citizen) and he could not hardly speak or read any English at all and he caused an accident by running another driver off the road on the on ramp to the highway on his practice run for his driving test putting that drivers rig in ditch and shoulder of the ramp. This according to TN. State Law is supposed to be an automatic one-year suspension of his CDL Permit to learn how to drive. Swift driving school employees made sure he passed and got his CDL because he paid CASH for his school and did not get a student loan. Also according to Federal and State Law all holders of a CDL must be able to speak and read English fluently. Both these to guys were assigned to my motel room and assigned to my four-man student-driving group. I wrote a complaint to the company (Swift) about this while I was in my third week of school (class 574 June of 2007) and that is when Swift and its employees chose to deliberately assign me to a truck after I graduated that they new was infested with Wood Ticks without telling me that said truck was infested. This truck and driver that I was assigned to drive with were told about to us all in class one day and come to think about it after I filed said complaint. But they did not say in class that day who the driver was or what the truck number was. The Swift Schools in Millington Tn. and Memphis TN. along with Swifts Terminal and East Coast headquarter Offices in Memphis were RAIDED by Homeland Security, Secret Service, FBI and other various State of TN. Law Enforcement agencies because of information I turned over to them about Swift Transportation Inc. and their ILLEGAL practices and operations. Correct the LIES told by Swift Transportation Inc. on your site immediately or suffer the consequences.

United States

#540 Feb 19, 2012
Cherish the Love wrote:
Girl scouts sell cookies and earn merit badges...Every hard working woman and man deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. As an hourly employee you will not get that at ups..If you drive a truck, u won't even get a lunch. Ups management abuses all of it's workers in more ways than any other company in the United States...Dont take my word for it, just go ask a driver or loader how they are treated at work!
I agree with you. The girl scouts have their standards of dignity and respect, not to be found at UPS. That was my point, at UPS you can make good money, but it is a tough job physically AND mentally!
Telly knight

United States

#541 Mar 29, 2012
I work there now & I love it... Yea its tough work but we also have some if the best benefits n the world... Not to mention ima a shareholder... I love BROWN...

Spokane, WA

#542 May 24, 2012
Do u have to have a good credit with no fines to drive.. Cuz my bf has tickets that he has to pay off or it gose on his credit.. And it was draper ding tickets so can someone tell me plz???

Spokane, WA

#543 May 24, 2012
HannA wrote:
Do u have to have a good credit with no fines to drive.. Cuz my bf has tickets that he has to pay off or it gose on his credit.. And it was speeding tickets so can someone tell me plz???
. I had to fix speeding ticket so plz let me know thank you!!

Minneapolis, MN

#544 Jun 1, 2012
How long are most new hires on The extra board or adhawk status at ups

Philadelphia, PA

#545 Jun 20, 2012
Seth G wrote:
During the next 5 days, UPS will supposedly deliver 240 packages per second world wide, I feel fortunate to be a part of something that has such a impact on the world. Am I brainwashed, not at all. I still see the crazy politics in UPS, just like they are in any other company. What I respect is a blue collar job where someone can come in, with out a big time last name, with out a $80,000. education, simply through hard work, they can make something of themselves. I think there needs to be more companies out there like UPS.
I respect your views on hard work and that's true there is ppl at UPS that make great money but not those package handlers they get paid scraps for those slave like duties they have to preform for about 8.50 per hr just to try and make it past that year to get the benefits fuck that I'm all for hard work and I busted my ass at every manual labor job I ever had but UPS was to far not gonna bash the job some ppl can do it but I just feel some of the work procedures seem a bit ridiculous.
Adam Lexington

Lahaina, HI

#546 Jun 23, 2012
This is advice from UPSers who go to panel cause of violatons. Written by BMWMC

I always try the truth first. Fact that they couldn't cut a deal at his center and is about to enter the place were all contract and legal rights go to dies I just figured he'd need to throw some on the wall and hope enough sticks to mitigate the judgement. Considering the lying two face back stabbing bastards UPS management are I wouldn't leave anything off the table. Dishonesty is a gross misconduct charge that disqualifies you for COBRA, unemployment benefits, and you don't want to put that on an application for a job. When they accuse you of that its full scale war and no prisoners.

Paducah, KY

#548 Aug 30, 2012
After being unemployed for almost a year I got hired by UPS a week ago as a package handling slave (load). Been in classroom training for a week and as the real day of being thrown into a feeder approaches, Im gettin sick to my stomach. I see the employees who work here and they all either look like their dead from exhaustion or ready to kill you, or both.

Some of them look at you and silenting seem to be saying 'Welcome to hell. You're gonna be very sorry ass*ole.' I see young strong men devastated by the heat and exhaustion, slumped over in their feeders at break time. Too tired to even move out to eat.

Im gonna give it my best but I sense doom is looming. Damn I started out so hopeful and positive but reality is beginning to soil my enthusiasm.

What did I do to deserve this God? Oh thats right--you will sweat by your brow promise.

United States

#549 Oct 17, 2012
UPS is a very tough place to work! If it was easy they would call the girl scouts! You should have been working out for a few weeks if you were not in shape, didn't anyone tell you that? It takes about 6 weeks to get used to the physical workout. Did you stay or did you already quit?

Trenton, MI

#550 Nov 5, 2012
ups is not a tough place to is a company that has produced a EXTREMELY ABUSIVE work place which they have managed to protect from public scrutiny. ups will brainwash you into believing you will not make it without their help financially and then they will abuse you till you either knell to their demands or break and get fired...Their is nothing good about ups, at all....It's like having china employee u.s.citizens in our own backyards..Trust me, I had my years and experience with this company. They are no good for our people and this great country!

United States

#552 Jan 14, 2013
Does anyone have any experience in working for a supply chain solutions warehouse & know how it differs from the other facilities. Thanks
Gary Rullo Sr

Dover, DE

#553 Mar 19, 2013
Hey guys...UPS is NOT a bad company to work for. They do run a tight ship but they also have a union to keep things fair for ALL.
To see the REAL TRUTH about competitor Fedex ...Look at YOUTUBE Videos > "FRED SMITH'S FEDEX PLANTATION" & FRED SMITH'S FEDEX PLANTATION RACISM 2013". I was NOT FIRED and NOT Run Out. I resigned after working undercover with Federal Agents against Fred Smith CEO of FEDEX.
Angry Black Man

Melrose Park, IL

#554 Nov 2, 2013
@Gary STFU !!!
Angry Black Man

Melrose Park, IL

#555 Nov 2, 2013
Monday will be my 3rd day on the job but ask me if going to show up ? HELL NAW ! That package handler preloader is BS . My second day there and they expect me to be able to load 1 regular size truck and the industrial size(garage door) truck. The fuck! Who the fuck they think I am the black clerk kent??! I don't mind lift boxes i can that ish all day . It's the amount/time they wanted it to be done 4hrs(impossible). Then my supe tells me and i quote " imma be real with you in about 2 weeks you're going to have load 3 trucks " now in my head im like mmm....yeah you and everyone in this b#tch can suck the D . I started to pick up a 65lb box and hit him in the head with it. I honestly see why there's a high turn over rate ! Smh .
Mr - White

Orlando, FL

#556 Jan 19, 2014
UPS is a great paying job. However, there is no quality of life in your life because of the long hours invested daily. Cover drivers are not promise 8 hours daily. Management doesn't communicate to the employees, they have attitudes and you are not treated with respect. Some of them had a slave mentality and the bottom line are numbers and not the employees.

Fort Worth, TX

#557 Mar 15, 2014
Fu c. K UPS I hit licks take phones and watches and get myself paid and come to work every other week if I feel like it

Philadelphia, PA

#564 Sep 8, 2014
John wrote:
I work in Philadelphia, P.A. at The U.P.S. Air Hub and I'll tell you like this.The people that say U.P.S. sucks are the package handlers who get paid little to no money to bust their butt everyday slaving for pennies.Jobs like sorters/belt walkers,loaders,un loaders are some of the worst jobs ever.The only people who aren't complaining either work at a desk,are truck drivers,the people who make sure the labels are facing up,lazy irregular(over 70lbs) package cart drivers,or they're apart of the safety committee and maybe some lazy part time supervisors.U.P.S. is only good in the long run,if you want to go to school or if you need health benefits.
Do you know the hr number? I got hired there but waiting on the status of my background check?

Wickliffe, OH

#565 Jun 29, 2015
colt wrote:
If you want to jump start a "career" with ups. Then you need to sign up as a driver helper or "christmas" help. This will get your foot through the door. DO NOT talk about union related stuff while your a driver helper because your not protected under the union contract.
Now here comes the warnings of working for ups.....I started out as a driver helper then gotg lucky to get rehired as a local sorter. Our responsibilities were to scan/load outbound packages in the trailer so it could be sent out to another hub. After the sort is done we wash/park cars. UPS is really anal about the paint jobs on the package cars, but our cars are old and have 700,000 miles on them.
We have to park them so close together that they are asking for scratches. If you make any scratches on a package car your DQ'ed from being a driver for six months. You'll have to hear the same stuff from your supervisors everyday that you show up for work (8 keys to lifting and lowering, 5 keys for slips and falls). The union is suppose to provide a no "brown nosier" work environment, but some people actually get favored by the supervisors.
Example; A female driver scratched her package car, drove one in a river (yes a river), blew out a transmission, wrecked into a parked car, but somehow was able to keep her job and she drives more than anyone else. It just so happens she is good looking and she flirts with the full time supervisors. A male driver backed into a mail box and got fired for a month until the union sided with him on the accident.
Women don't have to work as hard as the men. If your a guy be prepared to have your body worn down quick. I have at least three female workers who don't lift any packages or help with the sort because "they don't want to". If you point it out to the supervisors they will just punish you and let the female workers off early.
Part timers make no money at all but are looked down upon by the drivers. They will call you little bitches or nobodies, but will ask you to strike for better pay FOR THEM. The union focuses more attention on the drivers then any worker, which explains why part timers only make 100 bucks a week. The insurance company that handles the part timers is a joke (Aetna). While the drivers have blue cross and blue shield....
While your poor and can't afford any food or gas the drivers/union reps will just tell you to put your time in. After three years of your life is gone. You might be able to become a coverage driver (not full time). Then when you get to drive the dispatcher will throw 250 stops on you and expect you to finish before 10:30 pm.
UPS, teamster, and even the workers are a disgrace and my word of advice is to stay in school and get a degree in something so you don't ever have to work for ups. Oh by the way it takes a year just to earn a option day and the supervisors will not let you take your vacation or let you have one day off. I think ups's goal for its workers is to drive then mentally insane...
UPS has great benefits for the pre loaders. Don't know what you're talking about. I have better benefits than anyone I know! As for pre load, I have been doing it for years and it IS physically demanding and very fast paced. It can take a toll on your body. By the way, I am a female over 50. I do not get special treatment and I am better then 90 % of the men workers. If you don't like the job, quit!

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