Beware if this happens to you on ebay, you will be SCREWED.

The carrier did not scan or something, though a buyer of mine received it so I'm good. He was being HONEST with me.

Though I have heard of people saying the buyer never received it and most of the times its about 30% true. The reason is, if it says "Delivery Status Not Updated" that is a INSTANT win for the scammer if he decides to open a claim...

Fix your shit USPS. Know your employees, make sure they scan the shit or fire their fucking asses. We trust them to deliver our shit, we PAY so much money to use your crappy overpriced boxes when we can use our own (That STILL SHIP IN THE SAME DAY but COST LESS, and there is tracking!)

but I continue to use USPS packages just to insure quality... but then again, I think to myself, the employees probably won't be lazy when they scan USPS packages, but I guarantee if I use my own packaging, they will be careless.

I honestly suggest making sure your employees KNOW and UNDERSTAND the packages they have. Make the CARRIERS assume ALL responsibility for the packages. I mean, you CAN track them after all right?

MARK the packages TO THE CARRIER, so if one item from them says "Delivery Status Not Updated" give them warnings, or fire them, because losing a case when it's not your fault is utter bull shit.