Small Fashion loving network

Hi guys,
I see a lot of networks and have applied for a few but never really got onto it. I want to start a small network of blogs mainly based around fashion.
it doesn't matter what kind of fashion, high end designer to street style, etc. I do not have thousands of followers but You will be put on my blogs to follow page and promoted reliquary.
So what do I want from someone In this network?
• Fashion blog (can blog about other things too)
• Be a friendly person who will be willing to communicate and promote other people in the network.
• Be a regular Tumblr user.(doesn't have to be everyday)
If you are interested please follow me then send me a message with:
• Your name and age.
• Your URL and Title Name.
• What you label your blog as.
• Why are you interested in joining the network (no need for a essay)
I’ll check out every blog and message people back,