Beware of marriage to a foreigner

Beware of marriage to a foreigner

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G Bontrager

Hutchinson, KS

#1 Jan 25, 2008
Published 1/16/08

Beware predator

Citizens of the United States beware. At this moment you are being stalked by a cunning, sophisticated predator. Thousands of American men and woman have fallen victim to this ruthless hunter. The tool this predator uses is a smile, and the warm embrace of a lover.

This predator has one goal, to gain entry into the United States by marrying an American citizen. Once this objective is accomplished, you have served your purpose. You will be discarded like a rag.

Be assured this predator is not alone. He or She will have access to attorneys who specialize in distorting the intent of our legal system.

No matter how unethical, they will get the job done. The predator; through legal maneuvering is now transformed into a ‘victim’.

Greg Bontrager, Hutchinson KS


Wrong to print letter

Which genius down at The Hutchinson News decided to print Gregory Bontrager's rant in the Western Front? Shouldn't it have been routed to the Annie's Mailbox column? I take exception to being called a predator and cannot believe that The News is aiding him in this manner. Many U.S. citizens have met, married and have wonderful lives with foreign-born spouses, and I cannot understand why you are encouraging him to spew this hate. I think apologies are in order. SYLVIA CALL

G. Bontrager
Beware of marriage to a foreigner

In response to Ms Call’s letter published on January 25, the point of my letter about marriages to foreign spouses is not to suggest all such marriages are wrong or end in tragedy. I am sure many people have had a good experience, however many American citizens have not.

According to the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, 30 percent of all marriage-based immigration was fraudulent.

To state a fact is not to rant, especially if you believe you are one of the 30 percent! Telling the truth does not encourage hate! It shines light on a problem that desperately needs to be addressed.

Many American citizens are and have been taken advantage of by highly sophisticated predatory foreign nationals. Our national, state and local governments are failing in there duty to protect United State citizens from this threat. This, under our constitution is there first consideration.

While France, England and Canada are addressing this widespread problem, in typical fashion this country passed laws to protect its citizens from marriage fraud, and then created loop holes in the law big enough to drive a bus through.

An entire legal industry has developed specifically to guide foreigners through this loop hole, very often defying the well meaning intent of the law.

I wish the best for Ms Call. However my letter of January 16th remains valid;

Beware of marriage to a foreigner; you are placing yourself in a high risk category.

Greg Bontrager Hutchinson KS

Santa Rosa, CA

#2 May 10, 2008
I don't agree. I believe the most people want to be upfront about their intentions - however - I do agree that they know what they are doing and won't stop at anything to gain entry to the U.S using their charm, their stories and whatever else they can come up with.

I keep wanting to divorce my husband and I don't want him deported. I just don't believe that we enough in common with each other to a hold a marriage to it's vows of until death do us part.

I would rather cut the ties now rather than spending a few more years miserable trying to make it work. I worked too long in my life to be taken
advantage of like this and what kills me is the ego my husband has - like it's sense of entitlement that I owe him to stay. You can't force someone to stay in a relationship that's lost it's luster regardless of the INS and Immigration implications. It's just not worth it to me anymore.
Mary Lou


#3 Aug 27, 2008
I agree to be very careful when you want to marry a foreigner. My son married a girl from Brazil and after 2 small children, she left him and the kids and is living with another man she met in a bar. He took care of all her immigration papers and bam, she's gone. I recently found out she has 2 daughters livng back in Brazil but cannot find out how to get any information on that. I have now a very different impression of foreign women. It makes me sick and now he is stuck. I know this doesn't happen to everyone, but just be very, very careful for the real motive. Thank you for letting me express my opinion.
Marina- Spain

Cehegín, Spain

#4 Oct 30, 2008
I am a Spaniard dating an American citizen. I met him here in Spain (I still live here, but planning to go to the States) because we were both working in the same company. He has spent more than a year now in another country but our relationship is stronger now than it was when we started dating. We intend to get married when we can fix some problems we have that have nothing to do with our relationship.
I have morally supported him when he was having a very hard time and he has done the same for me, and the fact is that we are completely in love with each other and we mean our relationship to be a life-long one.
I do not think that all the situations are the same and in any case the circumstances other marriages took place should be said. Maybe it is a mith or it is not exactly true, but Americans in general have a reputation for marrying very quickly and divorcing even faster... Perhaps I should not believe all the things that happen in the movies, but that is a product you export very well and the statistics prove it anyway.
I live in Europe (some Americans think that Spain is in Mexico) and my country has also huge problems with illegal immigration and that kind of marriages, but usually those problems derive from the propaganda each country speads around the world. Americans sell the American dream, the land of opportunities, the place where everything can become true and poor people from other countries want that opportunity. Our president (Zapatero), the dumbest man in the world (far ahead from Bush, believe me),gave papers to a million of illegal immigrants in order to gain votes and now we have an avalanche of them, not counting the poor people that die in the Ocean trying to make it to the Spanish coast.
With this I want to say that, around the world you can find all kind of people, some bad and a lot of them good, and it is not good to make a statement like that so general and unfair. Grown-up people should behave like that everywhere, thinking twice and using the brain we have over the shoulders. I really appreciate the hard times my partner and I are going through, because it makes us love each other more and be sure that, no matter what, we will be able to hold a good relationship till the end of our lives.
I guess that in the end, everything ends up in common sense, which often is the less common of the senses, and doing things properly. I think that three years together and lots of overcome difficulties in our relationship will be a good guarantee for people like Mary Lou, and she will not despise me for being a foreign woman dating an American guy.
Analyze a bit how your son did things, and don't think so bad about foreign women, as many of us have a degree in college and strong moral and christian principles that have nothing to do with the hypocrisy and scrupulousness of some people, American or foreigners.
Kind Regards,

Virginia Beach, VA

#5 Jan 15, 2009
You said it, Marina! You are so right. It is so frustrating for people to make comments about foreigners marrying americans. Who ARE YOU OR WHO is the government to act as God to strip away our own rights, to live where we chose to live, to make OUR OWN decisions, mistakes or NO MISTAKES!!! If we make our own beds, then we should be the one's to deal with it!!! I am sick and tired of this communistic attitude of treating people like ROBOTS, AUTOMATOM'S!!! STOP TELLING US WHAT TO DO. STOP DETERMINING THAT YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP THAN WE DO. WHO ARE YOU??? 30%, OMG, what is that?? Why don't you stick your noses into people business who are already living here and determine how many of THEM are involved in sham marriages??? REGARDLEES OF 'WHO' WE ARE OR WHERE WE ARE FROM!!! We have the right to make our own decisions, marry whomever we chose, SHAM OR NO SHAM!!!! GET THAT YOU HYPOCRITiCAL GOD PLAYING DUMB DUMBS!!! PREJUDICED IGNORANT 2-FACED FOOLS!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#6 Jan 15, 2009
YOU sre the REAL PREDATORS!! Mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!! Stop making our lives HELL!!
Fred Smilek

Boynton Beach, FL

#8 Mar 3, 2009
In this world you will meet all different kinds of people some are cunning and some a truethful. When it comes to marriage it's up to the individual to know the other person before committing. Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. It was founded two years ago by Fred Smilek along with his two best friends Charles and Jonathan.
Micheal Harris


#9 Mar 10, 2009
I am an American I also intented on married a Mexican citizen. We are marrying because we have very much in common and I love her very much. I know she is not marring me for money, but she is marrying me for me. I can tell by the way she is when shes with me and the way she looks at me.
king third

Mérida, Spain

#10 Aug 7, 2009
freedom freedom freedom,who gave who the right to decide other peoples lifes when they cant handle their own lifes,we have so many frustrated loosers that all they think is making peoples lifes miserable and terrible,take care care of your shit first dont put your nose where its not suppose to be

United States

#11 Aug 9, 2009
It is hurtfull to be put in a category of a predator.I am foreign and my fiancé and I plan to get married soon because we are very much in love.I think that most people are upfront when they are marrying for papers but there are cases when someone is deceived which is a terrible thing.but then again some couples might have simply fallen put of love just like in American marriages and isn't the rate for those more than 30%.thanks
Other stup ppl

United States

#12 Aug 9, 2009
Mind it own business get a life
Ms Jones

Taylor, MI

#13 Feb 28, 2010
It is critical for a person to do their own personal investigation of another when considering marriage. I unfortunately married foreigner who is a lying,manipulative,controlling ,mean individual. It did not help that I knew absolutely nothing about immigration or the process. In addition, I met this particular individual at one of the most vunerable times of my life. It was very very very painful. However I gained a higher level of self esteem and found strenth that i didn't know I had. I would like to tell all people around the world be extremely careful to who you say yes to forever to.

Frederick, MD

#14 Jul 10, 2010
I will say this regarding marriages to foreigners. My Ex just recently did this after I broke it off with him. He went on the internet and met a girl from Tirana, Albania in NOvember and she came over shortly after talking to him and stayed at his house for 2 months. His story was that she was friends with the neighbors and was coming for a visit but they had no room for her so they asked if she could stay with him. Now come on, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! Anyway, I had asked my Ex in January if he loved her and he chuckled and said "It's a mutual thing". Wasn't sure what that meant at the time. This girl went back home at the end of January, I guess to close up her life in Albania and came back in March. Now I spoke to my Ex in Feb. and asked again, do you love her and he said in a very agitated voice as if it didn't matter, "I don't know". He also said he didn't know if she was coming back but then stated shortly after, "I might just make the biggest mistake of my life and marry her in a month". Well, he did just that, married her 1 month to the day after she came back. As he told me, you wouldn't give me what I want which was to live with him and marry him and I guess she would. I then understood what he meant by "it's a Mutual thing". I guess they met for the very reason of him having someone so he didn't have to be alone and she would be able to get her green card. At least that what it seems to me. I for one do not understand how people can be so desperate to do something like this. His own mother said she thought he was marrying this girl because he was afraid of being alone and she's willing to go along with it. I'm sure she has her reasons for being here! How often does something like this happen? I still to this day cannot believe that the person I was with for 4 years did something like this. I always knew he was very needy but I had no idea that it went this deep. How do you move past something like this should it not work? How to you possibly explain something like this to a potential new partner?
Also, I found this person on a "Facebook" type page with pictures of her and some guy from 2007. Now why would you keep this page up if you are now married to someone in the USA?? Boggles my mind!!

Cheyenne, WY

#15 Aug 19, 2010
I sorry to say i am one of the ones that got taken to the cleaners. After four year of trying to get her and her 3 kids to usa and over 200,000.00 dollars later, i kept them while trying to get all the papers taken care of and i was told they need so much money -- so i sent it-- i was being robed-- when they got here the first thing she did was look for touble in all my paper, closet, comp trying to find something to accuse me of, they made up some false story and took off to there sisters in a different state, but found they could not get there freedom because i held the visa rights -- we got married in the states but had not yet got all the permenate papers done yet so they still needed me. next plan was to search out rich doctors to take her side, so once again false accusations were made to get simpathy so they would side in with her and take her in, but in the end they did not want to let go of there money, so the next plan was to say i abused her so she went to a womens shelter where they gave her free food, clothes, money, laywers to gain here papers,, but this was to soon, so she came back home and then call the police the next month and went to the shelter again, more freebes -- so she came back and they waited a month and then made another excuse and went back again, and now they gave her free house, food, cash, clothes, school and she now can get her papers with out me and she has left me now that she does not need me any more. =====- be careful they are real preditors dont be fooled, she said she was very religious and went to chuch , but she lied, decieve, knew how to swear well, and dress to kill when the need was there.-- stay away from the phil.

Pittsburgh, PA

#16 Oct 7, 2010
Who do I report my foreigner boyfriend too who has ripped me off of my money and fled away from the united states with no way for me to contact him.

He was supposed to get a job here in the u. s. but he lied and I have helped him finacially.

How do I report him to immigration. I have pictures of him.

Have been taken to the cleaners.

Felton, DE

#17 Feb 28, 2011
I was also scammed by a Philippino when I was in the Navy. The sex was great but not worth all the money and time that I wasted:(.

United States

#18 May 24, 2011
My brother desparately met and was lured to the filipines & married a woman barely 18 if she was that age. he was old enough to be her grandfather. She weighed less than 100lbs and he is a hefty balding man.She stayed with him until she got her green card and cheated on him and got him to send tons of money to the filipines for various scams. Then ripped him off royally of his retirement profit sharing & savings and furniture. But he didnt learn and he found another flip that he met online and went and got her over here and married her here. she is half his age or younger, barely 100lbs and is waiting on her green card. This is a profession for them. These American men are usually isolated, socially backward, very desparate naiive men. This should be stopped. It destroys families.
Said-Western Sahara


#19 Sep 28, 2011
I am shocked by the powerful words used in the first article.I even thought for az moment that there is an invasion from March on USA!.I am Algerian citizen but I have no problem in traveling,I went to USA, Spain and I 'm planing UK next summer.I need no dirty way to enter theese countries.If I got married with a woman who I may meet somewhere, after months of knowing each othor, will you still believe I do it just for a simple puropse like entering the country?, why can 'nt I enter like a tourist like I, always do? giving the fact that the current laws oblige me not to devorce her if i want to remain in that country what useful to me wil be that?.Do not forget , please, that laws regulating multi national marriage were issued because some citizens of western countries made money of that and took it as a job, a phenomena that spreaded in all those countries.Why do'nt you mention the suffer that knew thosands of desprate imigrants who paid enormous money to garantee their stay , stay to work and push the economy, stay in peace and own his food.
Beside, why do you think American or western woman has no heart?,did you ever try to lie on your girl?, ok, then try she will descover it immidiatlly .You know why?, because woman have that sensation, they aree sensitive and can tell when the man tells the truth and he is not, a woman's heart is her guide and tha is very known.Do you think american or western woman has no mind?, she meets a man from the very fare behind sea and married him without asking herself millions opf questions?.I thinks your articl is an under estimation to all USA womans. Now for men, I may agree with you, possible an American man be a victim under the beauty of a woman he may meet,but still he is not stupid.Please remenber again :American and Western are the most educated and intellegent people on eath now!!!.
Yes, there are some cases, I agree with you but are theses cases that much??, I do not think so. Please stop publishing any thing ,if you have some thing against immigration be honest and find some thing real and serious, not this.
Finally, please do remenber Hearts and feelings are human, no one can break the othors heart and sleep in peace.

Xian, China

#20 Jan 7, 2012
I'm dating a Chinese girl, and I'm living in China, very communistic morals, The Chinese men do not like it one bit and believe it is a disgrace for her family to marry outside her race but they now support our love., We are both educated with Bachelors or more, I'm an English teacher and she works for an English training school, Shes not marrying me for a green card, money, or a better life in America, She would prefer to stay in china with her family and job. She always tells me "i will follow you where ever you go". I love her dearly. She is the best woman I've met. There are a lot of foreigners who have Chinese girlfriends in China because they are very traditional women. WE share our differences and constantly learn from each other everyday. In the end it is the same love that I have with my family. We are not married yet but maybe we will. Your comments have been educational and inspiring. Hope mine does as well.

South Africa

#21 Apr 2, 2012
Foreigner most of them dnt love any1 bt themselcs nd after citizenship they walk away jst like dat.SA is whr most ASians do things .Beware Beware Beware!!!I'm victim

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