City readies for lights out -- Public...

City readies for lights out -- Public Officials, Navy Pier, Ill...

There are 125 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 29, 2008, titled City readies for lights out -- Public Officials, Navy Pier, Ill.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Many of Chicago's landmark buildings, including the Sears Tower , Water Tower and the John Hancock Building , plan to go dark at 8 p.m. tonight in support of "Earth Hour." The Merchandise Mart , the largest ...

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Schiller Park, IL

#1 Mar 29, 2008
I heard about this earlier in the week, so I left all the floor lights of my factory ON this weekend.


This movement is ridiculous. Electricity is NOT a depletable resource.

It can be created cheaply, and is renewable.

If you feel the need to do something to make yourself feel good, go get a reflective vest, a pole, and start picking up all that trash you throw out of your cars when you drive down the expressway!

Schiller Park, IL

#2 Mar 29, 2008

Warsaw, IN

#3 Mar 29, 2008
Way to go, genius. Hope the factory gets a nice fat electricity bill for that little show of brilliance.
Chicago Yuck

Chicago, IL

#5 Mar 29, 2008
Chicago is not a "green" city in any manner. You need a bottle return law to deal with your abundant broken glass on the streets problem to even get in line with Detroit.

Forget the smoking ban. Clean up your streets and do something with all of your people ON the streets claiming to be "homeless". Eradicate the urine smell, which is abundant EVERYWHERE throughout this city, and then talk about saving on electricity.

The fat cops want SUV's and you're talking about turning out lights at the same time. Get real.

Schaumburg, IL

#7 Mar 29, 2008
I agree with Dan.
No such thing as Global Warming.

When they say the temperature is rising they do not say how or where they are taking the temperature.

Are they taking in the upper most atmosphere, at ground level or at the bottom of the ocean?

Where is their data that also includes a rebuttal?
Whoops they can not produce it.

Downers Grove, IL

#8 Mar 29, 2008
If you still aren't sure what the Global Warming debate is all about, there is an EXCELLENT website called which will fill you in on what the experts on BOTH sides of the issues have to say. My lights will be ON!

Chicago, IL

#9 Mar 29, 2008
Could someone explain to me on why we have to do this because Earth Hour is just that , a useless exercise for the benefit of sanctimonious arrogant elitist fools and their political allies .
from me

United States

#10 Mar 29, 2008

Urbana, IL

#11 Mar 29, 2008
Global warming is basically globally accepted as actually happening nowadays.

Now whether it is caused by us, or whether it is a bad thing or not is still up for debate.

Urbana, IL

#12 Mar 29, 2008
Oh and even if you don't believe global warming is a bad thing, what's wrong with saving a little energy and money? Some of you just defy basic logic.

Downers Grove, IL

#13 Mar 29, 2008
How appropriate to use the mythical cow story when discussing the myth of Global Warming. According to Wikipedia, "The traditional account of the origin of the fire is that it was started by a cow kicking over a lantern in the barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O'Leary. Michael Ahern, the Chicago Republican reporter who created the cow story, admitted in 1893 that he had made it up because he thought it would make colorful copy."
The cow story is more fun to believe, of course, and all of the people who have not done their homework about Global Warming will have a good time tonight promoting that other story... the one about how humans are solely responsible for Global Warming. Well, as they say, ignorance is bliss!

Chicago, IL

#15 Mar 29, 2008
We are going to turn ON every thing electrical in and outside of our house. Wasn't it just 32 years ago we were all going to freeze? Most people in this world are sheep, follow the stupid leaders off the cliff......

United States

#16 Mar 29, 2008
Is there a more ignorant group of people than Liberals?! What a joke!"Honey,turn all of the lights on"!

Decatur, IL

#17 Mar 29, 2008
For all of you nay-sayers about global warming, why do the energy companies believe in it? Why are they trying to invest in greener technologies? Why does NASA and USGS also believe in global warming?

This country makes up 5% of the world and uses up 25% of its resources. This misguided view of entitled limitless freedom has led this country into a belligerent case over-indulgence!

Decatur, IL

#18 Mar 29, 2008
The following is from NASA's website:

Causes of global warming
Climatologists (scientists who study climate) have analyzed the global warming that has occurred since the late 1800's. A majority of climatologists have concluded that human activities are responsible for most of the warming. Human activities contribute to global warming by enhancing Earth's natural greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect warms Earth's surface through a complex process involving sunlight, gases, and particles in the atmosphere. Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are known as greenhouse gases.
The main human activities that contribute to global warming are the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and the clearing of land. Most of the burning occurs in automobiles, in factories, and in electric power plants that provide energy for houses and office buildings. The burning of fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide, whose chemical formula is CO2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that slows the escape of heat into space. Trees and other plants remove CO2 from the air during photosynthesis, the process they use to produce food. The clearing of land contributes to the buildup of CO2 by reducing the rate at which the gas is removed from the atmosphere or by the decomposition of dead vegetation.
A small number of scientists argue that the increase in greenhouse gases has not made a measurable difference in the temperature. They say that natural processes could have caused global warming. Those processes include increases in the energy emitted (given off) by the sun. But the vast majority of climatologists believe that increases in the sun's energy have contributed only slightly to recent warming.

Elgin, IL

#19 Mar 29, 2008
Hank wrote:
The earth has gone through over 600 major temperature shifts in the last million years, and that's a known fact. Watch for a spike in crime tonight. Just more Al "I invented the internet" Gore BS.
Which one of those temperature shifts involved man and his practices?

Elkhart, IN

#20 Mar 29, 2008
Bill wrote:
For all of you nay-sayers about global warming, why do the energy companies believe in it? Why are they trying to invest in greener technologies? Why does NASA and USGS also believe in global warming?
Because it could make them more money.
Shouldn't it be, "Global warming trends" though.

Decatur, IL

#21 Mar 29, 2008
Would you please pick up a professional journal instead of an entertainment magazine? An Antarctic ice shelf, which was 7x the size of Manhattan, fell into the ocean recently. The earth is not cooling itself, which it has been able to do when it gets overheated the last thousands of years. Heating and cooling is a natural cycle. Go to and see what scientists have to say. The National Science Foundation scientists are worried. NASA is worried. What FOX News isn't worried, so neither should you be? Way to do your own research and find the facts on your own. Better yet, go back to school and take a science class. Seems some of you forgot what it means to be educated.

Decatur, IL

#22 Mar 29, 2008
Bandwagon wrote:
<quoted text>
Because it could make them more money.
Shouldn't it be, "Global warming trends" though.
They are still making a killing using older technologies. Trends is implied, as the debate certainly implies there is a trend.

Decatur, IL

#23 Mar 29, 2008
Gentlemen, light some candles tonight and be with your lady for the hour. You won’t even notice the difference.

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