Failing to obey an order governing protests on the sidewalk
By Dwight Baker
August 24, 2011

In Maverick County Texas we have a surface coalmine that produces coal that does not pass the tests to be used in America. It burns to dirty, so to get around that the mine is building a railroad around our city to carry the coal near an electrical coal fired generator plant in Mexico. On a slight elevation high east of our city one can see the black smoke that bellows from that generator plant. It is so dirty that the USA Big Bend National park 300 miles west from here has severe damage being done by that plant to its flora and fauna including wild life. But how about us? We live just a scant 30 miles from that plant. The county just west of us has the worst polluted air in the USA. So what am I saying?

We must never neglect to raise our voices of dissent. We must write and speak out against those the put profit before people.

The only path for us to take as has been throughout human history is to do all we can with what we have with where we are each day. Speak out use your voice to deter those beast that put profit before people in all ways.