gee don't tell Gil H the guy from the west side of da city that picks up broken TV sets and repairs them, he is convinced that Chicago doesn't have a violence problem.
he had a nervous breakdown when I pointed out the violence in da city.

bet he has been listening to that moron black pretend TV reporter S Jackson she doesn't think Chicago has a violence problem.

so for clarification how many Chicagoans ( what's the magic number?) have to be shot/ killed or wounded IN THE CITY in one yea before Chicago can officially declare it a serious violence problems caused by them out of control gay negro drug dealers still living with momma cause they is way too stupid to survive without adult or parental supervision.

as for what the city law enforcement officials is actually going to do about the problem. They may have to go to Miami at tax payers expense have a week long meeting on the beach with pretty blonds in really skimpy swim suits bringing them drinks with little umbrellas in them so they work up a plan to develop a long term plan which they can then stick in a drawer and do nd othing like they have for the 40 years.

International brotherhood of amalgamated drug dealers, curriers, sellers and storm door repair men union local 16664726C will threaten to strike if any action is taken against it's membership.

please keep our storm doors and storm door return spring safe take no action against this union.