New Toys R Us Return Policy

Thousand Oaks, CA

#21 Dec 29, 2006
I cannot believe that Toys r us is allowed to have a policy like their new return policy. It doesn't sound legal. I tried to return some toys that my children got for Christmas and was told I couldn't without a receipt. I wasn't the person who purchased the toys. I didn't agree to their policy. I refuse to shop there anymore! I'm boycotting tru and I'm going to urge my family and friends to do the same. Email everyone you know-no more Toys R Us!
doubtful register

United States

#22 Dec 30, 2006
I unfortunately live in a town with very few registry options, and I am shocked by the ridged return policy. I'm sorry but if I am sending people to a particular store to spend thousands of dollars at that retailer, I don't expect to be told "tough" if I get two identical items and the purchasers neglect to give me a gift receipt (or have to do something tacky like ask for gift receipts from gift givers). If they were TRULY worried about their customer service and also not being ripped off they could EASILY switch to a policy like Dillards where every item when purchased has a "pop" label (like a bar code) stuck to it that identifies when it was purchased and for how much. This would enable the gift recipient to easily return the item for the actual amount paid. I personally hate Walmart, and we are going there tomorrow to see what baby items they have in stock and inquire about registering, because I don't think I can feel good about throwing so much business to Toys-R-Us. And quite frankly, I know that there are plenty of dishonest people, but when you start treating EVERYONE like they are dishonest well, you are going to quickly lose both desirable and undesirable customers, especially in the case of a customer with a baby registry, as if my goal is to rip Toys-R-Us off as I waddle through their aisles registering for baby items. I am about to have a baby and will throughout my life time be spending a LOT of money on toys and such, you would think they would want to make me a loyal customer impressed with their treatment of me, rather than making me search for alternate places to shop for the items I need/want. They should take a page out of Bed Bath and Beyond's book who I only wish had baby registry items and I tell every new bride-to-be that they MUST register there.

Zion, IL

#23 Jan 1, 2007
I doubt it but does anyone know if Babies R Us will accept a return without a receipt if it was purchased from Toys R Us?

Northampton, PA

#24 Jan 1, 2007
Don't bother with the gift registry. Their system stinks and no one can decipher the registry to choose the items. Way too much wasted time and energy trying to find registry items. The TRU assoc. cant even figure out the items on it and they use their computer system too! I'll stick to Walmart and bag TRU completely!

Sugar Land, TX

#25 Jan 2, 2007
Toys R Us is a great store. Most people are complaining for NO good reason. First of all, EVERY customer is given two reciepts upon checking out. (the original reciept and a gift reciept (which can be seperated by item if requested)) It is the responsibility of the giver to give the reciept(s) to the recipient. (this ensures easy return and price paid for item). If the gift reciept is not given, don't be ashamed or embarassed to ask for it. I would much rather have someone ask for the reciept for a gift I'd given than them be dissatisfied with the gift (also it is a gift so be happy with what you got, lots of children do not recieve many gifts, think about those less fortunate). MANY retailers have stricter return policies than in the past and it will not surprise me to see ALL retailers have a no reciept, no return policy in place (including walmart). Most electronic stores have a no reciept no return policy in place.

San Diego, CA

#26 Jan 3, 2007
I purchased about 15 items from Toys R Us over the holidays and when I asked the cashier for gift receipts she said that she could only print out one. Whether she was clueless or did not want to do it, she could not get me other gift receipts. I think Toys R Us are the scammers now.

I went to Barnes and Noble, purchased 6 items and they printed 6 different receipts without even asking... Now for all the people on this site that work for Toys R Us, what you think you will save from fraud you will lose in business from people that are upset with your policy... I will never shop in Toys R Us again...
Disturbed Mom

Woodstock, VA

#27 Jan 3, 2007
I had the same experience last night at our TRU. I had a duplicate gift that I am not going to ask for a gift receipt for from the giver. I was told the exact same line about no receipt no return with a cold stare. I bought a car seat using a gift card, but did not buy gifts for three upcoming showers or diapers that I needed. I will gladly drive to Wal Mart and return the gift and buy my other gifts. I have now told every mother I know about the policy. I registered at BRU for my son and had a horrible time with the gifts not being marked as "purchased" and an even worse time exchanging the duplicates. Several people said that gave up looking at the list because it was so hard to find the items. I wouldn't be as mad if I would have had a better experience with the car seat purchase. I had to wait up front for 15 minutes for them to bring me a car seat that we had just looked at with a salesperson and told them we wanted. They said I couldn't take it up front that they would have to bring it up. I am sure I will cool off, but I will NEVER shop at TRU or BRU again, and like someone said that is a lot of future Christmas' and birthdays. Oh, and as of last month our Target (and maybe Wal Mart) had the policy that you can't have more than two returns without a receipt per year.
John Portand Or

Washington, DC

#28 Jan 3, 2007
Toys R us sucks. I will never shop at that shit store again. I cannot wait until the day that this store is forced our of business due to their shady business practices and the hiring of illegals.

Landisburg, PA

#29 Jan 5, 2007
I am red hot mad. I spend 50.00 for a toy at toyrus and the reciept which I put away is no where to found in my house. I can't even exchange the Christmas toy. They have computers they can keep track of this stuff. I will never buy anything from them again. I peice of paper is hard to keep. There's got to be another way.
Toys R Us Sucks

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#30 Jan 6, 2007
This year I did all my shopping for toys on . I found many great deals many at half the price of TRU, Target or even Wal-Mart. Plus; I got free shipping on almost all of it. With that said, I ended up spending a great deal for my kids. All of it was great and delivered.
Unfortunately, my parents, who live in another state, drove down with a bunch of toys for my kids (They spoil them rotten, I'm their only son). They are not into the internet. So they bought all their toys at Toys R Us.
Come Christmas time, the kids opened their toys. And we had are fair share of duplicate toys. I asked my parents how much they paid for them. And the prices where nearly double of what I paid. I then told my mother that I could take the toys she brought at TRU and get a refund. She told me she didn't have a receipt with her, nor did she think that she kept it.
Not knowing, the new BS Toys R Us policy, I took all those toys there to get a refund, credit or what ever. They flat out told me that they couldn't. My mother who was with me, got upset because she paid good money and told the lady that she lived in another state. And that she drove down with all these toys that she purchased at their store where she lived.
The lady didn't budge and said no. There was nothing that they could do for us because of no receipt. I had to drag all those toys back to my car and go back home.
My mother, who is a very gentle person, lost it. She was so angry. I never in my life see her like this. She felt insulted as if the lady was calling her a liar in that she didn't buy the toys from Toys R Us (because the lady made a comment on "how do we know that you bought it from us").
She nor I will ever go to Toys R Us. Geoffrey the Giraffe could kiss my a$$ good bye.
And for what, I got my toys at half price on Amazon. Shopping at Toys R us surely isn't on price. And now, we know it surely isn't on customer service. Never again.

Dallas, TX

#31 Jan 6, 2007
I have spent nearly a grand at Toys R Us since my baby was born two years ago. For Christmas, he received two identical titles for his Little Leap. We simply wanted to exchange one unopened title for an identically priced alternate title. But... without a receipt. The answer: no. And not even a nice "no" either. Rude. They have lost a customer for life. I will not go back. Ever. And we will all pay better attention to gift receipts... but Toys R Us had the option to be flexible in their first year... and didn't. They may save millions, so my money is a drop in the bucket... but what will happen will people stop going in huge numbers?


#32 Jan 8, 2007
i dont care who you are...there is going to be a time where you misplace or loose a receipt...and if it is from toysrus you are me it is just a matter or principal that if you can tell it is from your store they should give you your money back or credit!

Lakeland, FL

#33 Jan 9, 2007
I think the return policy is fair in order to maintain lower prices. If you brought it there then prove that you did, it is that simple. Policies are change because of people doing fraudulent returns. If you misplaced your receipt, they can search it with your credit card number or telephone number. If you take something to repair and you don't have a receipt when picking it up, you can not get it. It is simple, save your receipts or pay with credit card, so they can search it for you if you misplace it.

Auburndale, FL

#34 Jan 10, 2007
I work at Toys R Us in Florida and I think its totally on you if you dont save your reciepts or think to give one. There are many valid reasons we have this policy in effect and heaven forbid we make you prove that you bought it at our store. Is it really too much to ask?

London, UK

#35 Jan 11, 2007
I work at toys-r-us on the returns desk in a TRU in England, and for those with duplicate gifts I see why you are annoyed but may I suggest in future that you and your family/friends who are buying gifts for your children communicate to make sure there are no duplicate gifts? Also if its your fault and you've just lost your reciept well tough, its not that hard to hold on to.

Buffalo, TX

#36 Jan 12, 2007
For all you TRU employees responding here, do you really think your company wants you out here debating with customers like this? For a company begging for Market Share, to deny obviously legit, resalable merchandise...yes, it is too much to ask for receipts, esp if the items were gifts! I have never had a problem with Target, WalMart. To me, this just sounds like desparate attempt for cost savings from a struggling organization. It will save $35 million? Sounds like you're letting Accoutants run your Marketing Dept. Reducing these costs won't keep your prices down...WalMart is keeping your prices down!

My story is the same as everyone's....duplicate gifts totaling $100. No gift receipts available...won't let me trade for other pieces of the same line. Never again, TRU. Tell everyone you know!!
Customer Services

London, UK

#37 Jan 13, 2007
I don't understand why its so difficult to explain to someone why you need their receipt to go exchange a gift, if you explain its because its a duplicate item they are hardly going to break down in tears thinking you dont love them. It cant be a question of knowing how much they spent on the item as being able to exchange it for an item of the same price would do the same thing, and if they lost the receipt then its back to square one. but the first thing you should do is just ask them for the reciept, whats more important trading 100 worth of items or not wanting to (Risk) upsetting your friends?

Auburndale, FL

#38 Jan 18, 2007
I mean honestly, is it really too much to ask you to PROVE that you bought it there? Jeesh you all act like its a pain in the ass to hold onto a single piece of paper. Don't get mad at Toys R Us just because you cant hold onto a reciept or ask for a gift reciept.
Customers Arent Right

Lakeland, FL

#39 Jan 18, 2007
Ok people, lets excercise a little bit of common sense and personal responsibility. It is your own fault if you can't hang on to a receipt to make a return. Honestly, do you blame the bank if you aren't able to balance your checkbook? There is nothing ludicris or absurd about a return policy that simply asks that you hang on to the one piece of proof that you paid for a specific item at that store. If you hadn't noticed, most other retailers have the same type of policy's or even some that are even stricter. At least TRU doesnt charge a re-stocking fee. How self rightous are you that you think that because you purchased a $50 toy, you have free reign to be complete asses (yes, most people who come into TRU without a receipt act this way) to the poor person who has to stand there and explain to you a policy that they have no control over. Shame on all of you.

Lakeland, FL

#40 Jan 21, 2007
"For all you TRU employees responding here, do you really think your company wants you out here debating with customers like this?"

Well Kristen, most of you arent customers anymore now are you?

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