I advise everyone to think twice about shopping Toys r us.com due to their horrible and unjustified way of doing business... Around black Friday I had tried to order my kid some things that added up to $145.15 but after I went through the process with debit card info, it then told me the system was down and couldn't process. No big deal right? So I thought! A few weeks later I discovered they took the money out of my debit account and never shipped or confirmed any products. I have been calling since then and it has been 2 months with the run around. A few weeks ago the lady took all my bank info and told me it would show back up in my account but never happened. Today I called and talked to a supervisor whom had no sympathy for me at all and told me I had to get it taken care of through my bank because I didn't order anything. It took me 2 months of going over my cell minutes and getting pushed around to get told it is not their problem! HORRIBLE WAY TO TAKE CARE OF AN ISSUE LIKE THIS!! I know as a consumer and a parent that I will not be shopping online at a place that steals your money right out of your account and then tells you to take care of it on your own.. Do you think if I owed them even a $1 that they would be harassing the crap out of me for it??$145 is a lot in my family and I will not let them just have it!!! Please beware of this shady operation that used to be a friendly place to get your kids toys!!!