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Cincinnati, OH

#83 Aug 22, 2012
Current Target team member. Been there over three years. I 've seen good managers come and go. There are maybe one or two good executives and Team leads at our store who treat us with some respect but all in Taget treats their team members like crap!!! Why am I still there? Guess I'm glutton for punishment
Former Team member

Scottsdale, AZ

#84 Aug 31, 2012
Amazing how I could be such a great worker and get fired over a misunderstanding.....I was told to enter something in the computer by HR and fired by Corporate because the Team leads have no balls and did not try to defend me. It was a Psycho woman named Alice who called corporate on me....keep wearing your pink pants and singing you wack job!
Unemployment agreed with me too!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#85 Sep 17, 2012
I was an ex-team member of this company proclaiming themselves as 1 of world's most ethical company, This is utter nonsense I would say! My name is Daniel Ismail ex-team member from Malaysia been retrenched due to my openness in voicing my rights for the bad attitude of my manager. Her name is Lina Gunawan from Indonesian office. She confronted me directly for saying true things in a poll where Target claimed as private and confidential matter, but in real truth it was not. My actual comments were delivered to her. She challenged and threatened through what's app messages where I still keeping those messages until today. I tried contacting higher authorities in Philippines, but she too had no guts and was siding this lady. The total overall higher level team in Indonesia is a waste where they only favor anyone saying all the big YES to every stupid commands of them. My final word is sack that lady and investigate Bastanta, Hary, Susan Ngan for their atrocity towards good performing employees.

Jacksonville, FL

#86 Sep 18, 2012
I agree with you. I am a target team member as well. I have been there a little over 6 years... I cant get away..They do schedule you weird hours so you cant have a second job and do bully you around..... My hours have been cut to 14 hours next week. Over the last 5 years i have been evicted from 2 apartments because I cant even keep a roof over my head because our hours change so much. Im really tired of them running you over and expecting the world from you. Before the store opens in the morning they get on the intercom and yell that you need to move faster and to make sure you put on this face for the guest. The huddles are a joke... All they talk about is negative stuff and how they are gonna stick it to you. Then they try to talk about how great the company is doing and how they spent all this money on everything except the people that work for them. And those are the people who make that money for them..... SHAME....
Target employee

United States

#87 Sep 25, 2012
not u wrote:
<quoted text>
I am very curious where you all have worked before, I have only worked in retail and this is the 5th company I have worked for and definately the best by far. I am not saying it is a good place to work but by comparision to other retail companies I know it could be a lot worse.
. I'm not sure what other retailers you have worked for but I have worked for a few myself and target is by far the WORST one! I have never been treated so badly just the most awful place to work they treat their workers worse than animals. Please fellow employees stand up for yourselfs we
Must unionize!

Cicero, IL

#88 Nov 28, 2012
Team-Target wrote:
Come join the forum for Target Team members! Its growing very fast!

What is the age requirement

Plano, TX

#89 Nov 29, 2012
I worked for target for almost team lead was the most lazy women in the all untied state, I was working for deli department and our schedule was one comes at 5 am and the other at6 am and some time you have to work with lazy team lead .I was ok with my some of co workers because they were having same problem ,only the one that kiss ass are ok with her .the kiss as number one: fix house for her by her husband and she was getting more hours and less work ,the other kiss ass was doing every thing she want from her either it is wrong or back up for accusing other employee, so she can be witness . she too get more hours and the other was 73 years old so he was a good worker , but because he is old ,he was afraid off getting fired so what he was doing is give the lazy team led gift and she borrow money from him . me and other girl was doing all clean and work really hard with out giving any think ,or by her lunch .all the job from morning people is not done .she leave it for me because that lazy and the kiss ass were busy talking about how she had sex with her husband .one time she asked me about my husband I told her; I do not talk about these thing; she get mad ;so what you want to talk about; . I said we can talk about how to do our job . and problem continued with her and her kiss asses .(it is long very long story ). I think I have to write a book about the abusing. Any way I get fired by HR because I told my team lad stupide seven times. I thought they are joking because I did not say that. I am sure I didn't say it.

Plano, TX

#90 Nov 29, 2012
I worked for target for almost 4 years and believe me I been throw a lot of pains with my team led either harassment or abusing and laughing about my accent talking behind me and call me crazy all these because I did not want to accept my the she treat me .she was abuser and ,lazy ,big women that she can not fit in deli, because is small space and narrow. the first thing she do is coming late and then after she clock in she talk with her other team led(her best friend) and then she stop at Starbucks inside target while you working so hard some time from 5 am and you wait for her so you can get break but she take break first because she just woke up and she need to have some coffee and break ,it take her about one hour. I need to go to bathroom ,need some rest because she know I finish every thing fast,; by joking; I told her I thing I am the one who has to take break? she said in mad face ;I will let you take break later; and then she works like have hour and then she take lunch for two hours ,after that she work and talk and let you do every thing and talk and leave the rest of work for the next victim to do her jobs. we were five employees .number 1: is lazy and kiss ass and spy for her and tell what we said her unfairness. 2: is lazy, talk about how she had sex with her husband ,invite her to party and her husband fix her house less price .3: is old guy about 75 years old and she abuse him either work harder or some time he borrow money from him so he was doing every thing because he is old and afraid she may fire him . these three were taking all the hours and leave work for me and other poor is long story and remember I worked for years there so imagine how much story I have . I thing I may wright book about it. any way I get fired ,do you know what is the reason? it is allegations said that I get mad so fast and I complain too much about her, plus I told her friend (another team led) stupid seven times. but I did not say it .I told her ok ;bring witness; she said ;I do not need one. First I laughed ,I thought she is joking any why target is for unfair people only .if you are honest and kind and respectful then believe it is not your place .
thank you

Plano, TX

#91 Nov 29, 2012
attention target employees victims .

I have excellent idea. if any of are extremely smart and help us to publish book include all the story about target and the way thy threated they their employees and wait for peoples opinions or take it to court and let the judge decided who is right and who is wrong.

the title will be ( slaves in target stores)

thank you
target 1875 employee

Philadelphia, PA

#93 Apr 4, 2015
Penny wrote:
I'm looking for Fred Thompson, does he still work for Target?
You mean aka daryl thorton?
store 1875 employee

Baltimore, MD

#94 Aug 4, 2015
Hope he was fired. He conducted himself along the store in a very unprofessional manner. He worked at store 1875. He violated my legal civil personal and labor rights. He is among those who owe me 50 million in damages. I hope he drop dead that no good team lead in a worthless black listed bad management of a store.
Penny wrote:
I'm looking for Fred Thompson, does he still work for Target?
store 1875 employee

Baltimore, MD

#95 Aug 4, 2015
target 1875 employee wrote:
<quoted text>
You mean aka daryl thorton?
Yes aka D. Thorton

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