Symantec Visa Rebate card

Minneapolis, MN

#145 Feb 3, 2011
I received my rebates in the form of two Visa debit cards at $30 each. Had no problem using the cards at retail outlets.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#146 Feb 16, 2011
This stupid rebate card is a real hoax. I used the card with a $20 rebate once for about $12. When checking my balance recently, I was told that my balance was $0. Thanx for the mighty ripoff. No more of my Business.
Rod Smith

United States

#147 Mar 21, 2011
Last year I didn't get the 50 dollar rebate but I
got it this year. Used the card at Frys to buy
something else. It worked. Oh well will try again
in 2012, I like Norton products but they do screw
people sometimes.
Cathy_in_la_puen te

Westminster, CA

#148 Mar 24, 2011
I just got my card too.. it says $50.00 on the card front, I called and confirmed that the value of the card is $50.00 Yet when I just tried to use it to pay for dinner at Frisco's it was declined.. all three times she ran it, it said declined, even when I said run it for $50 in total.
What a total joke. I guess I really did pay the full price for that norton virus protection.. What a scam.
Ya know if they sent a check then it would have to be good. this way they can make you think your getting money, when you arn't really getting anything but hassel, the clerk looking at you as if your a bum and saying it declined, do you have another card that will work!!!
Perhaps Metabank, forgot to actually put the amount on the card. HOW AWEFUL THAT AS HARD AS TIMES ARE, THEY WOULD PULL THIS CRAP!!
What resolution is available to get the rebate we were promised when I filled out all the forms, made sure I had the correct attachments.
Shame on Symantic, Shame on them for misrepresenting themselves.
Cathy_in_la_puen te

Westminster, CA

#150 Mar 24, 2011
Jerry L-Arlington Texas wrote:
Has anyone considered Class Action regarding these cards--Ended up with four of the rebate cards--gave them to my wife; sent went to the nail saloon and attempted to use a $20.00 card for a $20.00 charge--card declined because the salon has the ability to ask for a tip--was told by the card center my wife whould have told them to charge $16.00 and then have placed a $4.00 tip for a total of $20.00. My wife was totally humiliated when the card was declined in a public place and view; currently considering options. sincerely believe the intent of using the cards is to make it so difficult that yo will not use the card and if used never use full amoount both essentially leave money and reduce cost for Symantec. Obviously like everyone else no more Symantec products, but putting them in court on this could be fun and reslove the issue of principle that glares out here.
I totally agree... I felt the same way tonight after dinner when the card was declined 3 times... she comes over.. do you have another card that will process... I did, Let me know if you persue a suit. They should be held responsible for their fraudulant issue of a card that has fee's so you do not get the full value of your rebate.
jim concord nc

Concord, NC

#151 Mar 25, 2011
got my fourty dollar rebate visa card used it with no problems. it not nortons falt that the cards are having problems, they have a banking facility that handles this.there systems suck.i know i work for a bank that has simalar problems, but they could have better customer service .

United States

#152 Apr 24, 2011
I just tried to use mine and it says card declined. Checked the and it says 50 dollars. But it will not scan and cannot be used. 3 diff cashiers. F.U. symantec

Houston, TX

#153 May 6, 2011
==I got the card as a rebate in Dec and didn't use it.$3 charge every quarter until I noticed and then I only had $11.00 left. No sense saving rebates for a rainy day
Wheelice Wilson

United States

#154 Jun 30, 2011
I join with the majority. This card is a fraud. I didn't realize my rebate would be a debit card. I've gone online several times to find instructions about using it, and I haven't found answers yet. I know good and well the company is knowing that I'll never use the card or will never use it for its total value. If this card idea were on the level, why is it so hard to get through to the company? Businesses like Norton, take notice! More and more of us will not take advantage of your offers, and I will be suspicious of any company that chooses to associate itself with a Visa debit card.
William Gutierrez

Los Fresnos, TX

#155 Aug 20, 2011
I will never purchase a NORTON symantec product in the future and my advice to any person considering the purchase of a NORTON product with a rebate is do-not make this purchase because the rebate "VISA" DEBIT CARD is only accepted at OFFICE DEPOT.
Jack T

Salem, OR

#156 Aug 25, 2011
I got a $50 Symantec rebate card from my purchase at Fry's. I used it to by gas for my truck. They can't process the card as Debit and ran it as a Credit card. How's that work when they clearly say, "this is not a credit card." Anyway, I call the number on the back of the card and go through the merry-go-round (opt#1, opt #4) and get to the 'cancel card' option. I doesn't work! They said, "this is not a credit card and does not need to be cancelled." Ummm... they why do you have an option #4 for that purpose? I went to the web site listed in the paperwork to do this online... guess what? It's down for maintenance... nice! This is B.S. I'll be lucky if I'm not charged extra for using my rebate.
Jill O

Melville, NY

#157 Oct 1, 2011
It seems that some people had the wrong tracking number on their Visa Debit Card, so when you get the card in the mail, check the ORIGINAL paper that says the tracking number and match it to the on on the back left hand side of the card, if they're different, keep your ORIGINAL paper with the tracking number to know the balance.
I had a problem where the card was REJECTED and REJECTED and REJECTED, it wasn't just one place, first the pizza place, I felt like a schmuck, then at best buy, then again online with my amazon order, I finally kept calling the # on the back of the card, got NO ONE! However, happy ending to this story, ended up pressing the option for "Lost or Stolen" when you call the number, and you WILL speak to a real person, they are mailing me a check for the full value that was left on my card.

Rochester, MN

#158 Oct 28, 2011
John Doe wrote:
Just recieved my rebate from Symantec in the mail - a stupid VISA debit card.
These guys should be hung!! Now instead of depositing a rebate check in the bank, I have to figure out how to spend exactly $42 somewhere.
Bunch of nitwits. Did they fire all the smart Veritas people and just hire more dumb idiots?
The Chuxter

Washington, DC

#159 Dec 4, 2011
You can check your Symantec VISA Card balance. Go here:
You will see a BIG picture of the Card. Literally **click** on the card picture.
On the screen that opens, enter the Tracking Number (currently 9 digits) and your ZIP code.
On the screen that opens, you'll see your balance and other info about the transaction(s).
Good Luck...!

San Jose, CA

#160 Jan 1, 2012
The card sucks big time... Is totally rip off... just tried to use it recently and found out that there's a MAINTENCE FEE? What the hack? The expiration date is TOTALLY misleading. they started to charge the $3/month fee after 6 months issuing.

Please everyone... spread the words

San Diego, CA

#161 Jan 2, 2012
Purchased Norton anti virus with a promised $30 & $20 rebate. Received the $30 debit card. They said they did not receive the $20 rebate. Made copies of everything and resubmitted. Finally got my rebate after 12 weeks. When I go to the norton rebate site to check my balance it comes up with "Directory Listing Denied". Can't check my balance.
John Lefeber

Morganton, NC

#162 Jan 9, 2012
What is my balance? 4754270112987085?
John Lefeber

Morganton, NC

#163 Jan 9, 2012
All I want is my accoount balance?

La Mesa, CA

#164 Mar 31, 2012
I recieved my $50 visa card and it didn't come with the activation sticker with the activation number or website!!! WTF!!! Now I have to wait 2 days for a response e-mail. How rediculous not to include the most important number, I mean, sure I can check my balance, but can I can I spend it when I just happen to need it? "F" no!!!

Corona, CA

#165 Apr 6, 2012
I guess I got lucky. I purchased the Norton product and received two Visa cards, one for $25 and one for $35. They worked fine for me. It was annoying tracking the balance, so I wrote it on the front with a Sharpie. I used them within the first few days of receipt, so that I wouldn't get dooped. I don't like the card thing either, instead of a check. Doesn't it cost more to make plastic cards than a paper check, and more enviornmentally friendly. I will think twice before purchasing another Norton product with a rebate.

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