Symantec Visa Rebate card


#83 Sep 26, 2009
these are are bullshit and I'm getting in touch with the BBB.

Lawrence, MA

#84 Sep 27, 2009
went to the website ok how do you find out what the balance on the card is. Everywhere I use it they say its declined WTF

Spokane, WA

#85 Sep 27, 2009
I have bought these Norton products many times (from Frys most resently) and have NEVER had any problem passing the VISA rebate cards at Wall*Mart or Albertsons grocery store. I just ask the clerk to run the Norton rebate card in first and then pay off the rest with my other card -- No big deal at all!

Spokane, WA

#86 Sep 27, 2009
Just checked with a friend of mine -- She took her rebate cards to the bank and the bank credited the rebate amounts directly into her checking account -- No problem.

Also, just went to (shown on back of card) to check on the balance of an old rebate card I found and got the balance with no difficulty at all!
Wayne in Alaska

Anchorage, AK

#87 Oct 1, 2009
I received a $10 rebate on a Visa debit card from
"Norton from Symantec" that said good thru 10/09. Tried to use it for the first time on 9/30/09 and it showed a zero balance! I'm not surprised. Three years ago I was still using Norton Antivirus. When I tried to download their latest spy updates I was told my subscription had expired but I could immediately renew it which I did with my credit card. Then I immediately tried to download the latest spy updates and could not do so. I ended up calling Norton Symantec and was told they were no longer servicing the 2004 version, the one I had just paid them a renewal fee for! After two more phone calls and a couple of emails they finally refunded my credit card charge. I'm done buying anything they sell.
Leslie in Nebraska

Council Bluffs, IA

#88 Oct 6, 2009 is not working for me. Will never do this again.
Leslie in Nebraska

Council Bluffs, IA

#89 Oct 6, 2009

Try this site. It worked for me.
Eric Eastberg

United States

#91 Oct 7, 2009
Please allow me to use the remainder of bucks.


#92 Nov 5, 2009
This so-called rebate is a scam. I have made my last purchase of a Norton product.
Don V

Houston, TX

#93 Nov 19, 2009
ditto all of the above
Ginny L

Montpelier, VT

#94 Nov 20, 2009
Just found out my rebate card has a $0 bal. It was for $40 and expiration date is 01/2010. I used $29 and forgot about the card. I just called for my bal and they told me I didn't have one. Apparently they charge a $3 a month maintainence fee after 30 days and it ate up the balance. So, I really didn't get a $40 rebate! Had I known this, I certainly would have used it up before the 30 days. Would much rather the rebate check also like we used to get.

Banning, CA

#95 Nov 22, 2009
the best way to use the card is with a doctor who's office accepts Visa. Have the entire amount credited to your account. That is it. Even if you do not owe that much you soon will and the amount is fully available. The rebate card is completely exhausted and the detailed record are available on the Symantec rebate reward webite for saving printing or exporting to a save able Excel spread sheet.
Robert H

Janesville, WI

#96 Nov 30, 2009
I got my rebate card when I bought a norton antiviris. It was worth $20.00. I took it to the gas station and put 19.98 worth of gas in my car. I worked. I than went home and cut up my card. No problems

San Mateo, CA

#97 Dec 16, 2009
I agree I would rather get $10.00 in cash or check then $200.00 in worthless visa debit cards
Roger W

Destin, FL

#98 Dec 17, 2009
This Norton / Symantec Visa Debit Card, to pay a promised rebate, is disceptive, misleading, and a rip off. I used my card once and Office Depot said it had already been used but still had about $13 on it. I had never used it but went ahead and charged a $6 purchase on it. Recently I tried to use the reminder and was told the card had a $0.00 balance. The Norton product isn't that good anyway, so I'll solve this in the future by purchasing a better designed and less invasive product who's cost is clearly identified with no slippery rebates - especially Visa Debit Cards; I'll never go for another rebate offer where these cards are involved.

Issaquah, WA

#99 Dec 24, 2009
Anyone want to bet that Symantec gets a kickback from Visa on unused balances on these cards ?
Rebates card

Fremont, CA

#100 Jan 2, 2010
If you are facing a problem of visa rebates cards. you should contact the store that you purchased to good that offer rebates - For examples, if you bought from Fry's Elelectronics, then go to Fry's. If you think that Fry's engaged with Symantec or McAfee to allure you to their stores, by advertising the rebates when you purchase Symantec or McAfee. and you did go to their store and bought, then
After purchased the products and assumed that you did all the requirements to qualify the rebates.
1- You should expect the rebates between 6 - 12 weeks to receive the Visa rebates card (as stated in the rebates form).
2. If the rebates indicate $20 or $50 or $70, you should expect to receive the Visa card with that amount and you should expect to be able to charge for the entire rebate amount. If not then should walk in or call the store manager and raise your concern, along with that, you might write or call BBB and if more necessary call FTC to raise the concern. So Authority can shut their malpractice/ Mislead / business down.
Maybe, years ago some companies that offer rebates and hope that the buyers get lazy to submit to rebates, hope that mails lost, hope that buyers missing some requirements, so they could make $$. Then there were large buyers went to stores and also raised the concern to BBB and FTC. As results, now they have improved the process.
The new tactic (some aforementioned still exist) is if you get $50 rebates, the most you can charge in the restaurant is $40, they mentioned that %20 for TIPS, if no tip then $10 will back to your card (how many restaurant would take $8 charging next time,?-$10-20%), so you end up throw $10 bucks away. I still don’t understand when your meal bill is $50 why you cannot charge for whole $50 and give the tips in cash as much as you like $15,$10 or $5 as how service was served.
Or you received $25 Visa rebates card – the most you can charge in the restaurant is $20 ($25-20%), what happens to $5? Do you think that Visa rebates card should write you a check for $5 so you can cash out or deposit it?
They should not offer rebates at all, or should offer the rebates less amount and be honest to honor exact amount what they offer without cheating and conducting inappropriate business model. Which make buyers/ consumers more frustrated and upset?
It look so bad when you want to pay in the restaurant and get ‘Declined’. people, your friends, casher look at you and thinking....
Good LUCK!
NoMoreSymantecPr oducts

Dayton, OH

#101 Jan 3, 2010
Well, I just got screwed by Symantec's $3 monthly maintenance fee as well. I didn't read the fine print and relied on the expiration date on the front of the card. Yeah, my fault for not reading the fine print, but come on, the whole reason they put it only in the fine print is to screw people. If they had put it on the letter that came with the card, more people would see it and their little trick wouldn't work. So... Symantec has just lost a customer. I generally liked Norton 360, but I sure won't support a company that feels they have to use the fine print to screw their customers. I wonder if they think $18 is worth losing a customer who's been buying Symantec products for more than a decade? If everyone who got taken by this "trick" stopped buying from the company, this nonsense would stop pretty quickly. I have a rebate debit card from TRENDnet that's also issued through Metabank (as is Symantec's), but instead of devious tricks, they simply have a shorter expiration period (i.e. they let you know right on the front of the card how long you have to use the rebate). Kudos to TRENDnet for not trying to screw you in the fine print like Symantec does.
CK in SJ

San Jose, CA

#102 Jan 7, 2010
I think mail-in rebates in general and rebate cards in particular stink. It feels like a combination between bait-and-switch and extortion. A price is advertised, subject to a mail-in rebate. A certain percentage of customers don't mail in the rebate so the vendor gets to effectively jack up the price by the rebate they didn't have to make. Even when a rebate is mailed in the vendor gets to sit on the customer's money for several weeks and likely hopes the mails will lose the request. The rebate cards require you to use them in a fairly short time period or the bank eats up the balance in about 7 months for an unused $20 card. I wonder how much of that fee gets kicked back to the vendor either directly or indirectly. Finally, if you don't use the entire card balance in one purchase you have to keep track of the balance or it is very hard to use for a second purchase.

There ought to be a law requiring all rebates to be credited at the time of purchase or the price simply be lowered so the smoke and mirrors act goes away entirely.
Norm Fix

Indio, CA

#103 Jan 13, 2010
I have to agree, they must have really got some smart guys from GM, Chrysler, and all the brokerage Houses and banks. What a way to treat a good customer( used to Be), give you a card and then charge $3.00 a month maintenance fee,( what do they do wash the card each month HA!HA!) I am just cutting up the card and advising all my family and there's lots not to ever use Norton again, I am having it taken totally off my machine and if I ever find a new machine with Norton on it I will not buy it. I am moving to AVG for free.

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