Symantec Visa Rebate card
dick g

Brookline, MA

#21 Dec 1, 2008
wrong town on comments..So.Hamilton,Mass NOT Georgetown,Mass

Alexandria, VA

#22 Dec 3, 2008
I got a $20 NIS rebate card a month ago. Tried to use it today according to the instructions that came with the card from Symantec, which tell me to choose "Credit" when I process the transaction at the register on the swipe pad. It asked me for a PIN number? Does anyone know where I find this? I read all the fine print in the card agreement and find no mention of a PIN. All I see is a "tracking number" on the back of the card at the bottom.


La Plata, MD

#23 Dec 4, 2008
Regarding the comment I left yesterday concerning trouble using the NIS Symantec rebate card as I was prompted for a PIN at the grocery store when I swiped the card...

I tried the card again today, this time at the post office. Had a bill of $35.00. Processed the first 20 on the Symantec card and the balance on my own credit card. No problems; no PIN prompt. Both yesterday (when it failed) and today the card had been processed as "CREDIT", which is what the instructions specify.

So... problem solved. If you encounter a PIN prompt try the card at another vendor; you'll succeed soon enough.
roger s

Santa Rosa, CA

#24 Dec 11, 2008
To obtain balance on Visa debit card: call the customer service #listed on back side of Visa card. You are then asked to enter your
Tracking # which is listed in bold type on the
bottom line on the back side of the card.
You then enter the Tracking # utilizing the push
button numerals on your telephone. I then immediately received an automated voice response
stating my card balance. No big deal, at least that is how the process worked for me. TRY IT!!

Crystal Lake, IL

#25 Dec 27, 2008
John Doe wrote:
Just recieved my rebate from Symantec in the mail - a stupid VISA debit card.
These guys should be hung!! Now instead of depositing a rebate check in the bank, I have to figure out how to spend exactly $42 somewhere.
Bunch of nitwits. Did they fire all the smart Veritas people and just hire more dumb idiots?
Boy you have to be really stupid . If you can read the directions you can use it as a partial or use for smaller items.
donna h

Ephrata, PA

#26 Dec 28, 2008
not very pleased with the rebate card. used 13 of it should have22 left 'oh my I HAVE 0! i also will not buy any symantec products again
Jim B

Clarendon, PA

#27 Dec 29, 2008
I checked the balance on my card. To my surprise (didn't read the fine print)I have been charged a monthly fee of $3.00! I have an .08 balance. I would like to tell Symantec what they can do with that .08! I have never heard of a card like this. What a sham! No more Symantec products for me!

Dawsonville, GA

#28 Dec 29, 2008
It can be a pain. I was not sure of the small balance and felt that it would partially pay for my item. Then I would pay the rest with cash. The card was totally declined because I went over. I am still trying to find out what my balance is on 2 cards.

Stanley, ND

#30 Jan 7, 2009
i got the rebate card - took it with to Walmart - told them to charge $20 on this card (the value of my card) and paid the remaining balance of my purchases with cash -- was not a problem...The instructions that came with the card say to select "Credit" when making a purchase. I have done the same with the Verizon rebate cards, Staples Rebates and Visa gift cards I have received. I've never had a problem - If you don't use the entire card in one purchase, have the cashier deduct an even number (ie $10, and pay cash for the rest, so you can keep track of the balance easier. The maintenance fee is waived for 6 months so use the card before that. I don't see what all the complaining is for--- Symantic isn't the only one using these.
Neil- Sharon PA

New Philadelphia, OH

#31 Jan 10, 2009
The cards are crap, just a way to beat you out of a rebate or part of it. I won't buy anything that uses a card as a rebate.
Don With Rebate

Columbus, OH

#32 Jan 12, 2009
Bought a power supply from ThermalTalk TR2-4300W with a rebate of $15.00 processed by Ecount, Inc. First was charged $2.00 and then found out I have an account with a company I didn't know or wanted to have anything to do with (I wonder what they do to personal information). Do Rebate Visa card go on your credit report? Is it worth it? Next time I see a product with rebate, pick the one next to it.

Don With Rebate

Columbus, OH

#33 Jan 12, 2009
Bought a ThermalTalk power supply with a promise of $15.00 rebate processed by Ecount, Inc. Was charged $2.00 by Ecount and once I complained to customer service that I don't care for Rebate Visa card was asked if I am forfeiting my rebate, which I did. Does Rebate Visa Card request goes on your credit report? Is it worth it.

Elsie Sweitzer

United States

#34 Jan 21, 2009
I used my debit rebate cards without any trouble
I think the reason people were having so much trouble with them is they were using them wrong. Okay let me remind those of you that were having trouble use the card as a credit not debit that should solve any trouble using it. It does not take a rocket sceintist to figure out how much you have remaining on your card. I use Norton Products and have to say this is a real good deal hope you have them again next year.
Clarence J

Humble, TX

#35 Jan 22, 2009
Tried to use this card at Applebees and several other places says it will not go through. Called the number on the back and it says you have Xamount of dollars, but unable to spend it where you want. If you can't spend your money where you want to what good is it.

Warsaw, IN

#36 Jan 25, 2009
This is a major problem if you're a freelancer like me. I'm not a major corporation with large expenses. As a freelance writer, I buy a lot of paper and toner and miscellaneous office supplies, but not enough to use a VISA rebate card BEFORE six months. And no, I can't use the card for groceries, lunches or gas because that's personal use, and the IRS requires that I keep my business and personal funds separate. I just returned paper and tax software to Staples because the receipt said the rebates would be VISA debit cards. The ad did not state this fact. These companies prefer issuing these cards instead of checks because 1) they earn the interest on your money you paid up front in hopes of getting some of it back as a rebate, 2) they bank on the inevitable numbers of us who will lose or forget to use these cards, and 3) they count on the balances shrinking for those who don't use the cards before six months. Bottom line, it's all for the benefit of the corporation, not the consumer.
Pam WA

Seattle, WA

#38 Feb 10, 2009
[I recieved a card for $50 but only got to spend $36 because after 6 months they take $3 for a monthly maintance fee. I like the product but should have been sent a check.
#39 Feb 14, 2009
I got the stupid $20 card used 15 of it (I have the receipt from the restaurant to prove it) the website says i used 18 but its confusing. It says something about Req = $15 Adj = $18 what's that supposed to mean they stole the $3 to leave me with $2 so i try to use it and it keeps getting declined it took me going to two diff. places to figure that out. I shouldn't have had any problem being that i was trying to pay for something for less than $5 (the amount i thought I had left) I will never do anything that involves a symantec rebate if this is how they want to operate.
blue collar


#40 Feb 16, 2009
BobC wrote:
Go to just like it says on the back of the card if you want to know the balance. It will also tell you where you used the card if you forgot. If you know the balance you can tell the salesperson what to put on the card in order to use the remaining balance. You people are a bunch of whiners. Welcome to the 21st century.
How much time should someone have to spend keeping track of rebate cards? Technology should make life easier not tie us to a computer trying to figure out how much is on these stupid cards. The card companys are in cahoots with the merchants knowing that some will never redeem and others will over redeem. Give me a check or it's a deal killer!

Allen, TX

#41 Feb 23, 2009
Got screwed by the crap Visa card too. What a pain! It said $35 on the card but only got $20. I feel this is a planed cheat by Symantic. I can't imagine how much money the save... make out of cheating their customers this way.
Erik L

Belleville, MI

#42 Feb 26, 2009
What a scam Symantec is running.hey make you jump thru hoops to get the rebate then they secretely take money away because you haven't used it yet. The card should have said good for 6 months rather then one year. I will not buy their products anymore.

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