The ONLY reason people are kneejerking with sympathy is because she is preggers.

What did they do with their empty sandwich wrappers?
-Put them in her purse? Then why didnt she see them when she went to pay or give coupons.
-Toss them in a garbage can? Then they were thinking they got away with grazing. Cant stand when I see people do it in bulk food aisle.
-Or do the right thing and keep them in the cart and give them to the cashier when they checked out. So how'd they miss it.

I can see her being dizzy and needing a quick food fix. But how does that expain the husband?
Many new modern grocery stores have a dining area where you can buy a sandwich, pizza slice, wings, soup, chinese food or something to buy right then, sit down and eat right in the store, then continue your shopping.

Also, why were they held in the Safeway office for hours before the police showed up?

If any of us went to a restaurant and had a meal, then said you were pregnant and dizzy and walked out and forgot to pay the bill - you'd be charged too.