Albertsons to close 100 stores in 5 s...

Albertsons to close 100 stores in 5 states

There are 126 comments on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer story from Jun 7, 2006, titled Albertsons to close 100 stores in 5 states. In it, Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that:

Albertsons LLC, the supermarket chain partly controlled by private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, said Wednesday it plans to close 100 stores, or about 16 percent of its locations, because they are ...

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Kingman, AZ

#1 Jun 7, 2006
Joe Albertson would turn in his grave if he knew what was going on. I dont think he indended for his store to go the way it did. I thought it was our store,not some ceo who is getting 103 million for selling it down the drain.Sad say when Boise loses to greed of the stock holders and bad management.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#2 Jun 8, 2006
What about Washington? I am in store 495 in Bonney Lake, what is happening with my store?

Virginia Beach, VA

#3 Jun 8, 2006
Is there a listing of stores slated to close?

Pittsburg, CA

#4 Jun 8, 2006
Are there any Albertsons CA Licensed Pharmacists out there that may be interested in a new position with a large HMO in the Sacramento, CA area? We have several positions available.
sea-doo girl

Rio Rancho, NM

#5 Jun 8, 2006
Now that Supervalu is the new owner of the Alberson's chain. You are going to all see big changes in your company. They won't tell you which stores are affected until 4-5 days before they close. Some will be offered jobs. Others will not. Trust me I have dealt with Supervalu for a number of years now, with my own company. And believe me it is no picnic. Maybe you wouldn't be in this predicament, if your company CEO and Vice President. Had done their homework, and taken the better offer. Your stocks would have been worth more. And you would all be in a better financial position then you are right now. Trust me the fall of a great company is the fault of poor management.

Goleta, CA

#6 Jun 15, 2006
the albertson's stores here in colorado springs all seem to be third rate. Kroger, safeway and now wal-mart are all beating up the albertsons stores here. they really are poorly run. And, a couple years ago when super-value sold out the 3 cub foods stores here and turned them into grocery warehouses, we were outraged. we felt we were short changed. cubs was a very well run chain of stores here, and i quit shopping there when grocery warehouse came and took over. that to me was a total loss. i wish and hope now that the 3 grocery warehouses will convert back to cubs now that super-value is in charge. one can only hope...

United States

#7 Jun 15, 2006
Evidently, Albertson's (or whoever they are anymore) is closing down 9 stores in the Arizona market within a month. HEY ALL YOU ALBERTSON'S EMPLOYEES...THE WRITING HAS BEEN ON THE WALL FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW! You're going to be shut down 9,10,15,etc. stores at a time.

Gilroy, CA

#8 Jun 16, 2006
Maren wrote:
Is there a listing of stores slated to close?
where can i find the list of closed stores

Goleta, CA

#9 Jun 18, 2006
well all.. i have been working for supervalue wharehouse for over 10yrs and it comes pretty much down to this walmart..and now its the big fish over the small fish. and to tell you the truth the way that the wharehouses are run. its only a matter of time before walmart wins at the end ...everyone i work with shops at walmart sorry to say i even seen our bosses shop there. boy would they be in trubble if anyone found out.. so there you go...
Dead in Texas

Austin, TX

#10 Jun 20, 2006
Albertsons is closing 10 of it's 15 stores here in Austin,Texas and a total of 30 stores in this division,which include Oklahoma,Louisiana and Texas.We will go from 184 stores to 154 stores by August 5th.The way this (Cerberus) group has handled this transactions is a JOKE.They have lied continuously since thier take over.There was a conference call and in wchich new division president William Emmonns stated no one would lose their jobs or would have to reapply.How can you place 800-1,000 employees from 10 stores into 5 stores? You were given an option Severence pay for every week of employment up to 16 years max so 16 weeks of pay if you had 17+ years of employment, or choose 3 of 5 stores you would like to work at and 3 positions you would interested in.Do the math Emmonns,not possible you moron!!!
Alive and Well in OK


#11 Jun 23, 2006
I'm sorry to hear about the employees of Albertson's and it's affiliates whose jobs have been affected/cut as a result of the buy-out.

I can say this: if it wasn't for the sale of the company, and all the changes taking place, we wouldn't be around much longer anyway.

The way Boise ran this company, top-heavy in salaries and lots of "fat", it's no wonder a company didn't come along earlier and see the tremendous opportunity to turn things around and return to be a key player in the marketplace.

Of all the changes I've seen so far, 95% have been positive and a MUST to stay alive in the market. Yes, all you hear about is Wal-Mart, but rest assured, people are catching on to the fact that Wal-Mart is NOT the "Low price leader" they've claimed to be!

People miss the things traditional grocery stores have to offer (service, quality in-house meats (with a real live butcher dept.), grade "A" produce (not "C or D") and OVERALL QUALITY.

I've seen an immediate change in gross margins, retails falling, and an emphasis on the customer once again.

Try going in to a Wal-Mart at 5 pm, prime time, and seeing anything but a high school schlep who couldn't find his ass with two hands, to answer your questions.

Albertson's has been affecting Wal-Mart much more than people realize (as well as other regional chains), so don't be sucked in to the whiners. The only reason Wal-Mart is growing is because they are OPENING MORE STORES, not growing the business within each store's market share.

So yes, there is and always will be a market for Albertson's and other chains to fit in to the niche market Wal-Mart will never reach.

Again, I understand the resentments and bitterness employees have who have been laid off. But it is called CAPITALISM, not Markism that made this the greatest country in the world to live in. This NEEDS to happen for companies to survive! And remember, the COMPANY is the lifeline for all of us to get a paycheck each week!!!! Without the Co., we have no reason to work!!!

Just to show you that there is good in these kinds of corporate changes, I am one person who not only survived, but got a promotion and a 50% PAY RAISE!!!

Performance dictates success (private sector), not seniority (gov'mnt jobs). You too can control your success if YOU take control. Don't lower yourselves to those who are whining and waiting for the gov'mnt to spoon feed you.

Don't like what's happened/what's happening. Then CHANGE IT!

Free lunches are worth exactly what you pay for them.....

Austin, TX

#12 Jun 24, 2006
I was with Albertsons for seventeen years. The idiot appliance salesman (Larry Johnston) CEO ran a once great company right into the ground. He will walk out of the deal with millions, leaving the results of his and his inept company leaders behind for all other unfortunate Albertsons employees to see. Johnston is laughing all the way to the bank. I would like to think that he is ashamed of what he did to the company but I feel certain that his total lack of a conscious will remedy any guilty feelings that he might have.

Bullhead City, AZ

#13 Jun 25, 2006
I worked at store 950 for almost 2 years. It was my first job! I learned so much and made so many great friends. I had responsibilities and a sense of purpose! That all changed one morning in January when the suits called a mandatory meeting.'Sorry guys... You have one week to pack up your lives and get out!' One f**cking week! Not even a 2-week notice! Now I work for Basha's and it's the worst experience I've had so far in my life. The management are all assholes and I just want out of the grocery business for good! Johnston is an asshole of the most refined type!

Oklahoma City, OK

#14 Jun 25, 2006
#2259 isnt closing, but I hear that my store is at the bottom of the barrel now that all the 'bad' stores in the tulsa area are closing.


#15 Jun 29, 2006
Larry Johnston is a very rich man, and all he had to do is run a company into the ground. He knew nothing about the grocery business. He thought all we needed was Ed Forman and a big Cheer.

Bakersfield, CA

#17 Jun 30, 2006
Jim wrote:
Larry Johnston is a very rich man, and all he had to do is run a company into the ground. He knew nothing about the grocery business. He thought all we needed was Ed Forman and a big Cheer.
Your not kidding.Larry and the other 6 top exect's of Albertsons are going to be rich.But one day they and Ed Forman will have to stand before God and answer to him.Because if you are going to help someone and give them good advice about life and work you don't charge money for it.You do it out of kindness.But I don't know how those people can sleep at night knowing how many families they have affected.So take the money and run,but uneasy times will catch you and then you will find you should have been a better person in this life.

Montgomery, AL

#18 Jun 30, 2006
Dan wrote:
Joe Albertson would turn in his grave if he knew what was going on. I dont think he indended for his store to go the way it did. I thought it was our store,not some ceo who is getting 103 million for selling it down the drain.Sad say when Boise loses to greed of the stock holders and bad management.
The same thing as far as the Bruno's who founded the grocery store chain that carries their name. After the dreadful plane crash in the early 90's the company was then run by the "senior cousin". It was not long before the chain was sold to K.K.R., bled and sold. In fact the chain sold a couple of times.
Also, take a look at the current status of Winn Dixie. There is no way it will emerge from the status of bankrupt and be a player in the grocery business. At least not without more closings of stores and distribution centers. But hey, it was just a few short years ago that Winn Dixie was flying high and then it hired execs from Albertsons to run the co. Shortly after that the bottom fell out and in fact one former CEO was paid millions just to resign.
Lucky he left Albertsons when he did or they wound have ended up in the toilet a lot sooner than now.

Fort Smith, AR

#19 Jul 13, 2006
I personally hope Albertsons eventually will florish again and am saddened by the stores being closed in the Tulsa area. It seems the "underperforming stores" as they quote were some of the newer and much nicer stores in the area.
I drive every other week at least an hour to buy groceries at Albertsons or Dillion (Kroger) because this area is atrocious when it comes to grocery stores. Wal-Mart has kept any major retailer from entering the area so you either deal with them or pitiful local chains that could care less about quality. Expired products well over a year, rotting produce, and overall dismal stores force me to do this.
This is the prime reason I'm moving. Life "isn't worth living" in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

United States

#20 Jul 13, 2006
Everyone has good news ...... Wal-Mart began renovating many Albertsons-owned grocery stores (particularly Albertsons, Acme, Jewel, Star, and Shaw's) and additional 100,000-150,000 square-feet discount stores to have their expanded and re-modeled look, becoming additional 200,000-250,000 square-feet Wal-Mart SuperCenters. These stores are combination "grocery/retail" stores that carry electronics, music, movies, bedding, hardware, sporting goods, clothing, toys, jewelry, office supplies, health and beauty supplies, home decor, appliances, lawn and garden supplies, lawn movers, arts and crafts, automobile repair, school supplies, cleaning supplies, pet food, cards and party supplies, books and magazines, and has a full-line of groceries with meat, bakery, deli, frozen foods, dairy, seafood and produce departments.
These stores also feature garden centers, in-house branded food courts that are normally full-menu McDonald's, 24-hour pharmacies, and specialty and alcove shops: "Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express", "Wal-Mart Vision Center", "Wal-Mart 1-Hour Photo Processing with Portrait Studio", "Wal-Mart Money Center", "Wal-Mart Connect Center", hair and nail salons, a branch from a local bank in the area, a "Movie Gallery in Wal-Mart" video store, and a video arcade called "Wal-Mart Family Fun Center". There will be a total of over 5,500 Wal-Mart SuperCenters anywhere in the United States around two years later, celebrating 20 years of Wal-Mart SuperCenter's concept.

Boise, ID

#21 Jul 14, 2006
Derek, you sound like a marketing person for Wal-Mart, personally I believe that Wal-Mart is an evil empire that needs to provide their employees with the basic necessadies for living, a livable wage and health care benefits would be a nice start. They also need to stop trying to eliminate people in their job interviews simply because the person may have a health issue that may at some point need to be treated. That is a poor way to try to control the costs of health care coverage, these people have the right to work also. So stop you marketing pitch because as a tax payer I am tired of covering the health care of your employees because they do not have enough money to cover their own expenses and they cannot get health coverage from Wal-Mart.

What I believe this means is that while I might save money by shopping at your store, I will end up having to pay more in taxes to save peoples lives, people are more important than saving a few dollars.

Just my opinion.

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