I hate Safeway.

Calgary, Canada

#44 Oct 27, 2012
To be honest, our manager's actually pretty awesome. We've had some real dickheads working at the store, including one who liked to stare at your boobs when he talked to you, but the guy we have now's pretty easy-going and has a good sense of humor.

So to answer your question: Most seem to suck, but not all.

Saskatoon, Canada

#45 Nov 4, 2012
What once was a great company now is a toilet. Safeway will not sustain highly overpricing to offset plumeting stock's and wage's at min will not refill the rank's of hundred's of skilled worker's who have left due to the company and how it's run. The end is near on this company closing it's doors as it scrambels to cover huge sale's losses in the market place
safeway blows

Fort Saint John, Canada

#46 Nov 13, 2012
Safeway is the reason I snort cocaine
safeway blows

Fort Saint John, Canada

#47 Nov 13, 2012
I also deal cause we all no that safeway bitch wage isn't keeping my ferrari in my garage... 13.25 like really? Get bent safeway imma laugh when sumbody loses it and brings the AK into work

Albemarle, NC

#48 Nov 30, 2012
I'm glad to have found this site! I worked for Safeway for over 25 years & it was a fantastic company when I started!(1987). The company has gone into an absolute downward spiraling flaming tailspin ever since Burd took control in the 90s! Most employees I knew who worked for the company before he was stuffed down our throats was usually happy to work there! It's really sad what has happened to the company since burd was brought on! He has not worked in retail himself & doesn't have a CLUE as to what the jobs within the stores is like - he just imposes his rules & DEMANDS perfection from employees who as I have seen written here, are NOT robots!(But are treated as such)! Hopefully, I can drop in here occasionally & "vent" & share stories about things that I know of & have seen! I truly feel for those who still work under this jackass who is destroying lives, good paying jobs, employees healthcare, and what was once a great company to work for!

United States

#49 Jan 7, 2013
Memyselfi wrote:
<quoted text>
Sounds like you guys are just losers that don't work. Lazy and rude. You have no idea how corporate works. Once you figure that out, maybe you'll get a job you like. Oh, and retail and helpdesk - shitty jobs to begin with.
If your rude to us... We're rude back. No law states it is required to be polite to rude people

Bothell, WA

#50 Jan 14, 2013
Randall wrote:
Stony plain salveway makes me want to kill myself!! I can't stand working there anymore!! I need a new job so bad.
I've been with Slaveway (using that term got me suspended for three days, by the way) for about 12 years now. I'm only there because my now ex- insisted I go back to work instead of staying at home with my kids and then once I made journeyman, he took off. Yes, it is killing my very soul. I feel like puking every time I walk through the doors to work. I was pushed to continue checking even though I was supposed to be running Produce. This caused a severe shoulder injury. I ended up needing surgery for this work related injury and when I returned, my job was given to someone else. So much for the FMLA. Now I'm file maintenance. It's nice being there with no customers or managers, but working graveyard six days a week (but still not getting 40 hours)has destroyed any hope of any kind of life. I'm working on my Master's and hope to be able to leave soon. Good luck to you.
Cut my hours

Denver, CO

#51 Feb 4, 2013
Yeah I agreed with you...I start work with Safeway three years ago, I was looking forward to grow, but I have seen abusive on my and a lot of write up..manager learn not to be aplogize.. cut my hours used to be 40 hours a week down to 24 hours... Safeway is Sucks..
Jack Kerouac

Springfield, VA

#52 Feb 7, 2013
Safeway had me work one day a week for five hours as a courtesy clerk. Also they promoted courtesy clerks to cashiers who had less vigor than I. I requested for more hours but was begrudgingly given a small amount of more hours.I wanted to be a cashier and my manager was aware. I had to bag groceries and push carts in the summer heat and the management was laughing about it. If you want a good job work for Home Depot but work for neither Giant Food nor Safeway.
Jack Kerouac

Springfield, VA

#53 Feb 7, 2013
Don't work for Safeway. They play games with people. They want you to memorize all of the PLU codes with produce. I am proud of working for Home Depot and not Safeway.


#54 Apr 7, 2013
Worst company I've ever worked for. Understaffed...Never appreciation....very rude assistant managers. Main manager spends all day in his office. When an official meeting from cooperate is coming up for a store visit...they totally add an extra 100 more hours to the schedule and make sure things that never get done...get done correctly, only until cooperate store visits are done..then they slash hours and let the store slowly get worse. Only reason why I put up with it is because the pay is $21.70(top rate Canada) and there are some decent co-workers I enjoy working with. Grrr.

Missoula, MT

#56 Apr 23, 2013
We can complain about our job... It's stressful and hard. I know people are lucky to even have a job... But we are allowed to complain because it honestly sucks... We all work hard at Safeway but I'm done there. I'mma get a new job... Why work somewhere I hate when I could work somewhere I love? I dont care if I get more hours working somewhere else and it takes up more time... At least maybe I'll enjoy working... I hate workin at Safeway. I'm a Courtesy Clerk and they give you too much to handle. I'm done.

United States

#59 Jun 13, 2013
it is the state law that mandates your birthday so either looking old we can just ask for your b day or if you look younger then we have to ask to see your... id.
american citizen wrote:
Dear Mr. Burd,
I don't know how much I spend a year at your store but if pressed to give a number, I would say it's around $5000. Now, I think that should buy me a certain amount of good will. Unfortunately it does not. Allow me to explain. I'm a middle aged man with grey at the temples, wrinkles around the eyes. I cannot or never will be mistaken for a teenager. Yet consistently I am pressed for my birthdate when I buy a bottle of wine or a sixpack of beer. The argument has been put to me that police are running a sting or that an internal audit is being enforced. Let me say again that I cannot or never will be mistaken for a teenager. When I asked again why the store insisted upon a correct, verifiable birthdate, I was told so that the store knew what to order and stock. This is again a feeble argument. Your own data would show what stock you have. My birthdate has nothing to do with your correct stock. It was later explained to me that the idea was to better track buying trends. Perhaps you have voodoo management skills at Safeway that can track trends customers don't know about. But I seriously doubt that. Buying trends are market driven. They aren't ideas that flow miraculously from the customer's subconscious. If you are looking for a trend, yes, there are people who buy alcohol. It is part of our culture. Perhaps the fact that you are an evangelical Christian has something to do with your harassment of your legally aged alcohol buying customer. Perhaps your link to the Bush administration and his serious anti-union stance and puritanical outlook have something connected to this. Maybe Safeway leaders don't really want to sell alcohol. If this is the case, please let me know. If Safeway is truly loathe to distribute alcohol in stores to adults who are legally allowed to purchase it without surrendering personal digital information, the maybe a sign in the wine/beer section would be appropriate. If, as I have been told, the digital information that is being entered into the system goes nowhere (something I also suspect as I am asked my birthdate at each purchase), then there is something seriously wrong with your database. To pay a programmer a small fee per to create the code would be simple. In fact, if you calculate the amount of time the teller must enter and reenter the birthdate time each day compared to sales, you will note that you are wasting time and efficiency, thus driving prices higher for your customer. Let me sum this up. Humans have been doing business transactions for thousands of years. The customer/client relationship is sacrosanct. Leave the old folks alone. And making your clerks hassle us, well, that's really shameful. They don't make the decisions. You do. Another thing, we middle aged folks buy the most. In fact, I am faced with a beautiful amount of options. There are stores where I can make my purchases just another block away. I don't want to do this of course. I like shopping in one place. But the culture you have created in your store makes it difficult. You are out of touch with your customer. And most likely you have serious problems in your management. If you don't feel the need to sell alcohol, get it off your shelves and take a loss in profits. In turn I will check my portfolio and make sure I am not represented in any way with Safeway. Please don't feel the need to call me or explain yourself. The last call I got was really rather pathetic.
American Citizen
angry employee


#60 Jun 19, 2013
Safeway are by far the worst company I have worked for. The managers do treat staff like crap. Unless you are related ot crawl up bottoms for a living you will never aspire to a higher a role or be treated respectfully for that matter. Yes I work at safeway by choice and lifestyle as well as limited options. I raise to young children and hubby works fulltime during the day. We live in a small town so driving 35 to 45mins to another job right now is not justifable. By the way regardless if you were a rocket scientist or a doctor previous to becoming employed unless you have worked for a decade with the company or managed to crawl up the chain you will be still treated like an imbecile. I have experienced bullying from repeat serial offenders in management reported this taken notes found they have case files of complaints and yet they still are employed and continue on a day to day basis with their antics. I have been mislead on breaks and my pay has been deducted on the grounds that I have always been given full hourly ones. It is all about the figures and how the store manager reflects to the area manager on their capabilities to perform each month. They do not give to shits about staff. Most feel vulnerable to give in and take the slap as they are more senior and fear not been able to be employed elsewhere or are just intimidated not knowing the laws and having the correct professionlism displayed from management to learn from. Its disgraceful. I will leave but right now I will stand my ground and address the crappiness as it comes to make their lives hell in exchange. I work my ass off so accusing me of any fault of work ethic leaves them nothing to fault me on. If you are to weak to stand your ground do not work there!!!!

Ashburn, VA

#61 Jul 16, 2013
I must clarify some huge misconceptions....
Not everyone who works for Safeway is an idiot or uneducated. Some are, yes, but that's capitalism for you. Personally, I have my BA in a field I need a masters to make more than 18k/yr.... So I got into the wine business.
When I was hired by Safeway as a department manager, I was grossly ill-informed by HR. I thought it would be fantastic to work for a union (not knowing I would only get one .40 cent raise in 16mo.) I was aware that I would be working 6 days/wk, but was told I would make 'premium pay.' Premium pay on my 'optional but not optional' day off is $1/hr extra.
I get paid for holidays (bare minimum 4/yr,) and am forced to work the day before, day of, and day after. I do not make time and a half, I make the 'premium'$1/hr (4th of July I made an extra $7.75.)
I also commute a decent amount of time to get to the sweatshop, and spend most of that texting vendors on my own phone. I work an average of 60mins/day off the clock. This is not negotiable.
I am gone from home 12hrs/day, 6days/wk. I work HARD, am physically beat up from manual labor, and when I get home I often fall asleep sitting up on the couch.
I do not have health or dental insurance.
Apparently the *contract* I came in under is the reason I don't get certain benefits, but that's no excuse. I make double what the courtesy clerks make, yet it's not a living wage. I'm working poor and have no vices to blame being broke on.
I am exhausted all the time, which keeps me from being able to earnestly look for other work. I wake up crying knowing where I have to go, feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. I work for a sweatshop union, and I'm trapped for now.
The one bright spot is my store level management is good, I have autonomy within my department, and I'm not treated with the immense disrespect so many below me are.
Giant, Macy's, Bllomingdales, and so many other places are also under Local 400. It's not just Safeway, it's the current system of capitalism we live under.
I look forward to the day I'm able to go back to school & get my masters...that or escape to a job which pays well & only requires 5 days/wk.
Retail Misfit

Plano, TX

#62 Jul 16, 2013
Agreed !

Washington, DC

#63 Jul 16, 2013
Employee wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not saying that Safeway is a dream to work at, but let's be honest it's better than any other comparable job. What other grocery store is going to pay $24 / hour without an education and up to 10 weeks paid holiday / ato time!? People need to stop complaining about how awful it is and remember there are other options that would pay a lot less.
It all depends on what year/contract you entered. People in my store have those same benefits you mentioned, but that's a pipe dream for me. As a department manager in DC, I make 15.95/hr, have to work 6 days a week, have 5 days vaca per year, no health/dental after 16mo. Local 400 is a sweatshop union. If I weren't so exhausted I could escape this hamster wheel...but I have zero safety net right now. And the worst part is I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't feel so lucky....
John Doe

Sherwood Park, Canada

#64 Aug 6, 2013
Haha! I have had the opposite experience of all of you. I have worked in the deli this summer, and I only have two shifts left before I go back to university. My deli manager and coworkers are unbelievably nice. I got 32 hrs/week for the entire summer.

My one complaint is that $11.15 / hour is not enough. I will be finding a better paying job next summer.

Castlegar, Canada

#65 Aug 11, 2013
safeway blows wrote:
I also deal cause we all no that safeway bitch wage isn't keeping my ferrari in my garage... 13.25 like really? Get bent safeway imma laugh when sumbody loses it and brings the AK into work
Um... Lol?
Jackie Cooper

Gaithersburg, MD

#66 Aug 12, 2013
Working at Safeway is like fishermen trying to untangle a badly knotted fish-line which the same fisherman keeps tangling. Sometimes you have to just cut bait.

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