Truckers' unionization battle is load...

Truckers' unionization battle is loaded with controversy

There are 58 comments on the Daily Breeze story from Sep 12, 2009, titled Truckers' unionization battle is loaded with controversy. In it, Daily Breeze reports that:

Marco Diaz,left, and Bismark Sanchez are two Swift truck drivers who were fired earlier this year.

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wilmington girl

Los Angeles, CA

#44 Sep 14, 2009
mexican should stick to driving taco trucks and landscaping and let us white folks back in and we will straighten up them union folks and get paid big bucks.

Monrovia, CA

#45 Sep 14, 2009
It irks me to see how many people want to blame a mexican. Yes there are many mexican truck drivers,but if we would take a survey most LATIN drivers working in the port are South Americans-El Salvador,Guatemala,Honduras,an d so on. These are the people who invaded the trucking industry and settled for less. these are the countries that recieved amnesty and or political assylum due to problems in thier countries. Not all the Latino truck drivers are Mexican for crying out loud!

Jacksonville, FL

#46 Sep 14, 2009
I think Jerry Moyes has been in business for a long time and has been taking advantage of his employees long enough! It's time for the teamsters to step in and take control of the situation.
18.00 an hour and cost of benefits is nothing, especially when you have to work over 40 hours with no overtime pay. I say to Moyes F***Y** M&*^& F&** you will pay soon!


#47 Sep 14, 2009
the teamsters clean truck plan sucks. it's not at all about clean trucks, never was, but it's all about slipping in their self serving employee mandate. they want to use this ec to ban the owner-operator trucker. the teamsters want complete control over harbor truckers who haul the cans, so the first step is to get rid of the drivers right to ownership. this means everyone, not just the s#*t trucks & drivers but every owner-driver in america. [email protected] the teamsters along with their corrupt campaign!!!!!

Since: Sep 09


#48 Sep 14, 2009
The Teamsters have a lot of political capital after the elections. Look for them to use that leverage in Congress to have the FAAA transportation laws changed in their favor at the ports. I think this entire collection of green coalition groups was just a made up fake campaign to take over harbor trucking from the beginning. They are using environmental issues to frighten Joe public into demanding action so this group can pressure the port authorities into adopting the employee-mandate so-called clean truck plan.

Spartanburg, SC

#49 Sep 15, 2009
I'm guessing most of you missed the part about Swift and moyes moved in to collect the $8.2 million (so far) in corporate welfare (our tax dollars) while he complains about losing $4 million because of the struggling economy.

Yes, its all the greedy workers fault.

Since: Sep 09

White House, TN

#50 Sep 16, 2009
There is a long list of companies that took advantage of the CA port truck grant program but yes, Swift is scraping the bottom of the barrel as trucking companies go. Some are leasing back the trucks to drivers after obtaining grant funds paying only a fraction of what the purchase price of a new truck is just as Swift will probably do.

This type action should be illegal. To ban owner-operator truckers totally from working the port as the Teamsters want to do though is not the answer to cleaning the environment or any other terminal issues. I haul out of the ports of Charleston, SC where the driver make up is a majority of owner-drivers. This Teamster plan to remove the O/O is a hot topic here. I know for a fact most SC truckers don't want anything to do with the Teamsters employee mandate plan.

If a union were to form in Charleston truckers here would rather work out details with the ILA (longshoremen union). We can still keep our trucks and become union members unlike what the Teamsters claim. At the ports of South Florida there are over 500 owner-operator truckers working under an ILA contract for several different port trucking companies.
Active union member

Long Beach, CA

#51 Sep 16, 2009
I think that a lot of you guys enjoy your weekends/Thank a Union, you enjoy your holidays/thank a UNION, you enjoy 40 hours and 8 hoursz/thank a UNION,child labor abolishment/thank a UNION, there is more but I will stop here........ it is immpossible to me to understand so much stupidity from all these guys that talk against the labor movement, need to go to a library and learn what the struggle and history of the UNION's have been to make an opinion on this matter. Remember knowledge is power/stupidity and ignorance is weakness.


#52 Sep 16, 2009
i own my truck. i started trucking as an owner-operator driver fifteen years before deregulation so this claim that the teamsters were the dominent force at all the ports is crap. we don't need any union leaders making decisions about who should be in business or who should be banned from doing business at the ports. this clean truck program is all about their own twisted agenda to create thousands of new dues paying members in one sweep of the industry. the teamsters leadership has trampled on our rights by creating false stories about the owner-operator running dirty, unsafe, junkie trucks which is untrue for the majority of truckers doing business at the terminals. the majority of us take great pride in our right to ownership. i oppose this effort by the union to have my fellow truckers removed from ever operating their own trucks at the terminals. truckers everywhere should write to their elected officials about this outrageous attempt by the teamsters to take away our freedom of choice.
Moderate Clam

Mount Vernon, WA

#53 Sep 16, 2009
Active union member wrote:
I think that a lot of you guys enjoy your weekends/Thank a Union, you enjoy your holidays/thank a UNION, you enjoy 40 hours and 8 hoursz/thank a UNION,child labor abolishment/thank a UNION, there is more but I will stop here........
...And I'll continue

GM/Chrysler bankrupt/thank a union, manufacturing jobs moved overseas/thank a union, US steel industry collapsed/thank a union.

Unions improved workers lives and helped create the middle class, that is true. But that is also old news. More recently, unions have been more about inflating their numbers and union dues with little in return other than pricing their workers out of the marketplace....

Since: Aug 08

Oyster, Virginia

#54 Sep 17, 2009
I operate a classic older model 379 Peterbuilt tractor which is not a polluting piece of junk. The Teamsters union pushing their clean truck agenda wants the public to believe that every owner/operator trucker hauling marine cargo drives smoke belching garbage entering the port. This in itself is a smoke screen presented by their green labor coalition partners who want to ban the individual owner/trucker from working in or out of the nations port terminals.

The tractor that I own is in better condition then most new ones. To remove me from the port because I am an owner/operator trucker doesn't solve any air pollution issues or even make good since. Of course that's if there really is such a catastrophic nationwide port air pollution problem in the first place?

If air pollution is the goal here than why not work on stopping all the unproductive wasted idle time we endure inside the port gates while stuck in line waiting on mounts,de-mounts,flips,chassis repairs,equipment not ready, most of this due mainly to the fact that terminal operators don't provide enough manpower to handle daily cargo volume because of their labor cost cutting practices. Funny you don't hear a peep out of any green coalition membership about the port having direct responsibility for air pollution because of bad management procedures. Could it possibly be that the green coalition has cut a deal with certain port terminal operators to lay blame on the owner/operator trucker in return for their support to challenge the FAAA transportation laws?

We don't need any government/port enforced employee mandate eliminating the owner/operator trucker from working in this maritime industry. What we do need is leadership in Washington within the DOT to enforce federal leasing laws already on the books that protect the owner/operator trucker. This would make those trucking companies who violate current federal leasing laws pay their lease/operator truckers the full amount owed to them for services performed. It also would allow truckers who are being cheated out of money earned to be able finally to afford proper maintenance or buy newer equipment.


#55 Sep 18, 2009
For those of you interested in learning more about intermodal truckers go to These guys in the eastern US are fighting for their rights as owner/operator truckers who haul maritime cargo. They are not anti-union but definitely against the take over by the Teamsters union to specifically ban the owner/operator from moving container freight.


#56 Sep 21, 2009
unbelievable what is going on with this teamster organizing of the port don't win members by pissing off the majority of workers that you want to win over.
Anthony Herron

Whittier, CA

#57 Sep 28, 2009
I just to thank the Breeze for being there. Its going to be a long fight with your support and writing to get the news out about the unfair labor practices of Swift Transportation.


#58 Oct 16, 2009
I just wnt to thank the Teamsters union for not being there for us. After speaking to truckers at meetings for past years promising they were going to help the owner/operator at the ports they pull this stunt trying to ban us. I attended many of these meetings in Virginia. I hope they rot in HELL for what they are doing to the port driver who owns his truck. I for one will never trust the Teamsters union leadership again to keep their word. The Teamsters have lied to all the owner/operators that sacrificed and those who were terminated for participating in port rallies and such sponsered by the Teamsters. This is what loyal supporters get as the end result. I hate to think the mind games they will employ to keep the company drivers under control if they win this in the courts. May the ATA whip their d@#n ass all the way up the capital steps in DC stopping this ignorant employee mandate from ever taking place. Makes me sick listening to these people lie about the trucker support they have established behind them to make this CA plan work. The teamsters have no support from any drivers that I know. The teamsters have 00% credibility among the port drivers anymore. The sooner they lose this battle the better off we'll be without them here.
Unions SUCK

Lakewood, CA

#59 Jan 8, 2010
UNIONS SUCK! Any idiot who actually PAYS a monthly FEE for the PRIVILEGE of working for a particular company, or in a certain field is a moron! Unions are nothing more than, PAY us the wage WE DEMAND or WE WALK. I have made the same amount of $ non union that the union morons. Unions area JOKE! See what happens HERE in the USA, when the union creeps in England go on strike, weeeell, the union creeps here just shut down the docks HERE in support of foriegners, while truckers and other workers have to just WAIT for them to celebrate a free days pay. Unions SUCK!!! You know how much a job pays and what it offers and don't offer when you apply and are interviewed, if you accept, then you are hired, if you do not, then hey! there's other companies out there. SWIFT SUCKS as well, they are a bunch of crooks who lie, cheat and steal monies form ALL employees. Ever notice, they are ALWAYS being sued and found guilty.

Lakewood, CA

#60 Jan 14, 2010
Aaaand! exactly WHERE was the Union creeps when congress enacted the unconstitutional TWIC? All port drivers now need to "INVOLUNTARILY" agree to be "U.S." citizens (union creeps don't even know the TRUE definition of it)and pay a *Franchise* FEE, and ask the TSA (because the military U.S.C.G. is quartered upon private property refuseing entrance to all docks) to do crimminal terrorist background checks upon Americans> NO TWIC NO WORK! WHERE was the Union creeps THEM??? Truckers now have to ask the government to tell them they are not terrorists in our own country, if we dont have a TWIC, we can't work, we cant even have an application to apply for work UNLESS we already have in our possession a TWIC. WHERE was the Union creeps THEN.

Mountain Top, PA

#61 Jan 14, 2010
Pay scale for lazy union reps on the docks

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