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King, NC

#1 Jan 15, 2009
When is swift going to start rehiring ppl ive been calling them for 2 months and they keep saying a couple of weeks.

Penryn, CA

#2 Jan 18, 2009
Rehiring of past drivers and new driver has been put on hold till this freight situation improves. Currently, there are not enough trucks for the student that graduate. Some of these graduates have been waiting weeks. There is even a rumor of reduction of the fleet. So, if your waiting for Swift, it could be a very long time indeed. So better to move on.

Bellevue, WA

#3 Jan 22, 2009
Swift is reducing their fleet of drivers by 18%, as of 1-21-09, and their school is closed till March.

Yuma, AZ

#4 Feb 1, 2009
Swift cut 6 instructors on 01/30/09. 42 students are now on hold for hiring.

San Bernardino, CA

#5 Feb 14, 2009
I'm assuming this hiring freeze is at all terminals.
I was fired from them in '07, but was told I could come back if I got 6 months with someone else.

I've got other work lined up right now, but I'll just keep my CDL updated for whenever they do decide to open back up.

Oddly enough though, there seems to be no mention of this elsewhere.

Seneca, IL

#6 Feb 16, 2009
Jason wrote:
When is swift going to start rehiring ppl ive been calling them for 2 months and they keep saying a couple of weeks.
I hope never. There isn't enough freight for the drivers they already have.

Chicago, IL

#7 Mar 8, 2009
Now SWIFT has cut the Owner/Operator HEALTH INSURANCE effective April 1, 2009. This leaves hundreds of drivers without health insurance! We only have a month's notice to find other insurance (or other employment).
Their management and driver managers are the rudest, most arrogant people I have ever dealt with. Hope they lose their insurance, too.
They can all go to hell

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Mar 24, 2009
Jason wrote:
When is swift going to start rehiring ppl ive been calling them for 2 months and they keep saying a couple of weeks.
Don't know but we're training new students at the Moberly D.C.
The Wevel

Jayess, MS

#9 Mar 26, 2009
Gotta agree with Theresa, their office personel, with the exception of a few" are the most unfriendly arrogant people I have ever dealt with.

Mansfield, TX

#10 Mar 27, 2009
It appears Swift is in the process of removing lease operators who are at the top end of the pay scale and whose trucks are within months of clear title. I can only assume they are replacing seasoned drivers with rookies to reduce operating expenses and selling off equipment to increase cash flow. I personally know 7 long term lease and/or owner operators who have been terminated or harassed into resignation during the past 2 months. Most of the drivers I know had been with Swift at least 10 years and all had trucks that were witin a year of being paid off or had a clear title encumbered by a Swift mechanic lien. It is obvious Swift is experiencing serious financial difficulty as their credit rating has been reduced to CCC+ and the company was placed on a "negative credit watch" in February. If I were you, I would look elsewhere for employment.
The Wevel

Warrendale, PA

#11 Mar 27, 2009
I don't dispute the above persons points, what I can't seem to understand is why SWIFT would be after the Owner Operators and not the company drivers, it only makes sense that a company driver cost them much more money to retain. An owner operator is a cash cow. My source say they are wanting more and more owner operators, who knows?

Mansfield, TX

#12 Mar 27, 2009
Swift needs lease/operators to make payments on their trucks. Swift owns practically no equipment but rather leases most of it. They have a contract with suppliers to lease an agreed upon number of units and are penalized if they don't meet terms of the contract. This is standard industry practice. Swift then "re-leases" tractors to "owner/operators". What seems to be happening now is Swift has managed to retain drivers who have been with this "training" company ten years or more and are at the top of the compensation scale with trucks that are either clear titled or close to being cleared. Swift's "cash cow" in the past has been to lease and release the same equipment multiple times. Each time the unit is leased a new contract is executed with commensurate deposits, down payments etc. Unfortunately, most lease/operators can drive a truck but not a business and eventually default on their leases. Swift has enriched it's business with those defaults. Now, with so many long-term lease/operators in their fleets Swift's previous "cash cow" has generated less income so they have begun a campaign to get that equipment back with terminations and resignations. It seems to make sense that lease/operators cost the company more but that is generally not the case. Swift pays company drivers a salary, 15% of social security taxes, a portion of health care insurance, worker's compensation insurance, equipment insurance, vacation benefits, unemployment insurance etc. Additionally company drivers are covered by EEOC,OSHA and other government regulatory agencies. None of the above applies to lease/operators. So yes, Swift does want lease/operators but not for the reasons you might think. When they lease a truck that new operator will be swimming in red ink for at least a year while Swift is in the black because someone else is making payments on Swift's equipment lease, running their freight for sub-market rates and relieving Swift from the burden of employee expenses. I spoke with a lease/operator in February who last August had leased the truck he was assigned to as a company driver. He stated he was "in the hole $4000" and had not received a single positive settlement since he leased his truck. For six months he had lived on the $100 cash advance he requested every week. While that driver was in an untenable financial situation, all of Swift's expenses associated with his truck had been paid. Sounds like a great deal.......for Swift.

United States

#13 Mar 27, 2009
i left swift,but they reported it as a discharge,now its tough to get back on the road with any company.its not fair,what should a fella do?

Mansfield, TX

#14 Mar 27, 2009
jay wrote:
i left swift,but they reported it as a discharge,now its tough to get back on the road with any company.its not fair,what should a fella do?
Unfortunately, you need to get an attorney to correct your DAC or, if you are a member of OOIDA they can help you. Plenty of trucking companies will hire you with a Swift discharge. I have friends who were terminated from Swift and are now working for John Christner Trucking. MOst companies know Swift is systemically corrupt.

“Life is a Joyful Journey”

Since: Dec 06

Kingman, Kansas

#15 Mar 28, 2009

United States

#16 Mar 28, 2009
turner your training to replace owner ops that are taken off wal mart dedecated. alredy commented on cdlofit how they dropped my stop pay to 20 from 35 without warning. i don't think they are out after owner ops, contrary, they want them and there trucks so they can sell theirs. my view is swift is falling apart, grabing at straws, trying to stay up with little cuts, when they need to get rid of drivers, thousands, instead of deadheading out of dead far as parked trucks, look at phoenix, all those good units being sold, hundreds of good trucks, why?

Flower Mound, TX

#17 Mar 28, 2009
Swift doesn't want long term lease/operators. They make their money on revolving truck leases. The more drivers they con into leasing the same truck then defaulting on their lease the more income Swift generates on an individual unit. Why do you think there are so many preleased units sitting in Phoenix? Follow the money and you will be able to answer that question.

United States

#18 Mar 28, 2009
i thougt the same thing till i have been told they are getting rid of any that have problems. i think they are just trying to weed out the worst and think they will have a better force. on the other hand i have been stuck in LA area 4 times in the last month. one time i sat for 3 days waiting for a load. the others i relocated myself. now think about it 550 trucks sitting with 50 loads. they pay 50 a day layover pay,for company drivers, wait 74 hours and pay to have them dead head 200 plus miles. they may want to get rid of the owner op to get there company drivers running. i would.

United States

#19 Apr 2, 2009
thanks dutches,i thought i was alone on this type of swift trip.

United States

#20 Apr 2, 2009
I was asked to go Owner op/lease late last year (around august) but I had already seen the writing on the wall. My miles were already down. I went from making anywhere from 3700 to 4200, to somewhere around 3000 to 3500. I declined and sure enough the bottom fell out. There was no way I was stupid enough to lease a truck with the way the economy was going. This winter has been tough for sure but things are on a slight upswing right now. Swift does want more people to lease trucks. Can't blame them there as it saves them money. I am not defending them at all, but is it their fault that these idiots that default are too stupid to manage their trucks and their lives? I mean come on, you are leasing a very pricy peice of equipment. You don't have to be einstein to figure out you need to do some research and look at the market to see whether this is a good decision or not. I have a friend who went lease/owner. I tried to talk him out of it but he was immature and unconvinced and did it. He has lost many lbs and hair due to the inability to pay for food and other things. My mentor was an owner op. He had enough sense to manage his money, pay off his truck, and when swift started getting difficult told em to fuk off and left. He left with his truck because he hadenough sense to get it payed off and now is doing well as an independent. I pray for yall owner op/lease drivers. I hope yall make it through these tough times.

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