OCCUPY do not believe the Hoax of Jokes thrown around
AS the answers!
By Dwight Baker
A Conversation About Greece


All around in our cities town’s villages hamlets and parish’s are words that despite how they sound are lies. But only a few that live there originate and promote the lies most come from others outside.

Yes the language that is used in the Hoax of Jokes is about FUNNY MONEY and what it can do if all will bow their neck and head take a breath and submit their sovereignty to the Wall Street Beasts.

Submission from planet Earth people is what this Hoax of Jokes is all about. Keeping books on who does what and how living where is called demographics and Wall Street Beast as Baron Over Lords have been using that information for a very long time. But again all their rhetoric is about how deliberately using eloquently NON-UNDERSTANDBLE TERMS how they crook then cook the books where they win and all outside in OCCUPY lose.

Thus has trust honor departed from Wall Street NO they never possessed trust and honor? How could they? The raw facts of making FUNNY MONEY are the inside Hoax of Jokes that simply dares the general public to look and look to see how they crook then cook the books.

With work to do to feed family friends and kin who among the working class has the times to pour over page and page of numbers that should at the end of the day prove WHAT? That is the punch line of the Hoax of Jokes. The numbers rise and fall some others cascade over the waterfalls of crooked accounting that in the end prove out the point that the production of FUNNY MONEY is a CON.

So do not buy into anything that comes from Wall Street for in the end if you do the Hoax of Jokes will be on you.

Yes the people in Greece have the rights to life in all ways protected by their systems of Justice. In the Article above and the other meanderings of words surrounding this TOPIC is one question that remains to be answered and it is WHO CREATED THE GREECE MESS and what were the wanting to happen?

MY TAKE Wall Street is to blame and what was their motive? I suspect that some one somewhere has their eye on Greece that will make lots of FUNNY MONEY but to do that the Greeks must lose their sovereignty.