BIG oil and gas never takes the blame!
By Dwight Baker
Statoil Closes Another 4 Platforms Due To Strike

Norway was the world's seventh biggest oil exporter in 2010 and the world's second largest natural-gas exporter in 2009, according to Statistics Norway. Disruptions in production here could lead to higher oil prices.

Since corporations took over the “Running the New World Order” they have stood fast and held all of mankind in contempt.

Take it or leave it has been their demands.

The Article is about those who strike when then do not get what they want. How else can any one that works for the MAN make demands?

Yet under the cloak of Big oil and gas is ALL OK, it was said that the strike might lead to higher oil prices.

WHY? The reason is clear ----- Big oil and gas wants public sentiment thrown their way when those at the pump are made to feel that those striking do not have rights.

Finally for those who think that way they have accepted the NEW SLAVE TALK published by BIG oil and gas.