Sector Wrap: Medical Device Makers Mixed

Jul 11, 2007 Full story: Forbes 78

Medical device makers were mixed Wednesday as a Wachovia Securities analyst initiated coverage on several companies in the sector. via Forbes

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Torrance, CA

#45 Jun 8, 2009
Korean Yes

Vietnamese Yes

Korea Vietnam can help each other.

Bengali Jee

Punjabi Jee

Bengal Punjab can help each other too.

American Yes sir

Russian No sir

America Russia can help each other.

Mexican Yes

Iranian Yes

Indonesian Yes

Mexico Iran Indonesia can help each other.
There is war

Torrance, CA

#46 Jun 11, 2009
I give the Tamil people first chance to explain basic law to the Bengali and Mandrin people. Then we nuke many of your cities.

It is ok, right that Mandrin man, that Bengali man speak with us....

Bandook, matabal yoodha hoga....

Torrance, CA

#52 Jun 17, 2009
Let's do this...

There is some obvious nationalist, racial, religious sort of a problem at the following companies...

JP Morgan
EDS corp
ADP corp

Let's unload our holdings {investment} in these companies until the common person there changes. School might be a good idea, even for the 50 plus year old. I mean that 40 year old man from Kenya, that 50 year old man from India, that 40 year old woman from North India, that 60 Year old man from Mexico, 60 year old woman from the Midwest in class to learn stuff. It is very humbling for the old people to be in class taught by a 25 year old man.

I am not sure it is the white man's money or the american people's or the russian's or the chiense or the tamil's. I think there is some qualification issue there.

What was you take on it? I think they are not able to compete.

Torrance, CA

#53 Jun 18, 2009
Tamil Nadu says Internet not good?

Cut the Internet link.

Midwest says Television not good?

Shut off the broadcast stations.

Torrance, CA

#54 Jun 18, 2009
does drugs!!!!!!!!!!

They sure do!!!!!!!!!

Merck and co sold us this

Torrance, CA

#55 Jun 21, 2009
You just want to kill americans? No, Man.

We need to nuke major cities around the world.

The ones with 1 Million or more people.

Because?? cause, there are too many people dear. It is not sustainable.

How we going to do this? The atom bomb and the virus.

But mankind will survive? Yes, that is true.

What's your problem? I will tell you what their problem is, they have a need to be liked by lots of people. We have gotton over that. We don't want your love or hate. We have enough of that.

But what were you doing that is so secret? cause you did not care about the bike or the car the millions of dollars.

They are waiting for you with questions? Oh, so if I answer their questions and they, those other peoples and down the line.

YES. Now get to it.

Torrance, CA

#56 Jun 23, 2009
Hello People of Bengal, Hinduism, Islam, America, India,

What the problem. Is there shortage of food?

Why you keep me from eating food my style?

Why you keep me from living my style?

Why that old fuck sitting next to me while I smoke?

What the problem?

Why your people break into my home?

What they invistigating?

Why you point guns at us?

Raj Chanani

Torrance, CA

#57 Jun 26, 2009
The Phone compnay called us.

Not the bank.

Not the military.

Not the company.

Well that is what they said?? They said that it was some outfit out of unknown places.

do you trust the bank?? We will leave that to the masses to decide.

Does the bank have phones at all??

Does the military have phones at all??

Does the company have phones at all?
Open Trial

Torrance, CA

#58 Jul 13, 2009
The Judge, Cop, Solider, Thug, Lawyer, Banker, Accountant, Scientist, Politician, Priest, Artist, Unemployed, Common Person on trial at the park.
The End

Torrance, CA

#59 Jul 13, 2009
Go and watch a movie.

Thanks for hearing us out.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#60 Jan 8, 2010
Californian Human Nature

Torrance, CA

#63 Oct 11, 2013
South Asia Continent People Assessment
Deshi Desi South Asian 1500M

Adiwashi Jungali Earther 48M

Manave Maanava Earther 45M

Chaptha Oriental East Asian 25M

Arabie Arab West Asian 25M

Gorah White European 5M

Kalah Black African 2M
Manushay Human South Asia 1650M

North America Continent People Assesment
Gorah White European 250M

Mastizo Mestizo North American 110M

Kalah Black African 55M

Sawalah Tan North American 45M

Chaptha Oriental East Asian 20M

Jungali Native Earther 20M

Padroo Padro South American 10M

Deshi Desi South Asian 6M

Arabie Arab West Asian 6M

Balaka Mullato North African 5M

Maptaha Eurasian North Asian 3M
Manushay Human North America 530M

Torrance, CA

#65 Jan 13, 2014
You know what happened. I used to watch the Business channel everyday and they wore a suit to work.


I wore at suit to St. Jude Medical most of the days. Then the doctor and myself needed to go to the hospital to check on the paticents with the pacemaker. The doctor told me to leave the suit at work cause the paticents and some of the employees get jealous. We don't need the suit tie anymore.

Please check with the banking brokerage people about the suit tie issues.

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Torrancer Californian American Marwari Hindi English Worker Smoker Taurus Earther)(40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall)
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#66 Feb 28, 2014
I think it's over with St Jude Medical and Boston Scientific.

What happened? Well, we interviewed there and we were told they can't hire us.

Then? Well, I went on other interviews and it's over.

You know, what I am told, they found other employees.

so.......... I mean have a good one.

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown (40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall) Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Torrancer Californian American Worker Smoker Taurus Earther)

PS: Why are you doing this? It is accurate information for the mind. Brain food.

Note: The heart valve, pacemaker ain't going to make a 60 year old woman look like a 25 year old woman. Show them the commercials..........
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#71 May 18, 2014
Hello Human people of Planet Earth,

Due to issues with the population as sensed by myself and the animals. People originating from South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Buhutan, Afghanistan, Iran) cannot work at St Jude Medical corporation. We need either their resigination or termination.

There is a looking touching talking lawn grass gun law that is being violated by those people at St Jude Medical. Nature as my witness, there is a lean against the rupee dollar euro yuan ruble peso afro until the issues are resolved.

Thank You,

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown (41 years old, 155 pounds, 5'9" tall) Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Minglish Hinglish Torrancer Californian American Bengali Indian Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#72 May 18, 2014
St Jude Medical for White people only. It's better.

Respect yourself. There are other companies.
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#73 May 18, 2014
Mr. Simpson, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Smith, Mr. Ito free to go..........

We in the middle of a world war.

Release the prisioners.

Release the zoo animals.

It is a power trip.

It is also other issues.

Nature Human Man Woman Girl Boy Earth Air Fire Water
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#75 May 25, 2014
I think bit of of a Asian European problem at St Jude Medical. I think the fire alarm went off. The people were to go outside. Most did. Who to hang with? Hang with your people. That works with the unhappy peoople. I am rich, healthy, happy, smart, strong.

Even that Black guy, that Arab man, that Desi guy in agreement about the issue. If you want to work together there..........

They say 15,000 people at St. Jude Medical. At least 1,000 Black people, 1,000 Desi people, 1,000 Arab people, 1,000 Oriental people, 5,000 White people, 1,000 Mestizo people, 1,000 Human people.

Who you going to hang with? Who you going to have lunch with? It's not about the computer or the heartbroken Midewst people. Go home to Ohio, Mississipi. They waiting for you.

Does that 65 year old hag human woman need pacemaker? No Nan No No poop pooo. She competing with that 25 year old human woman for that 26 year old human man.

Think about tomorrow.

1 billion years ago, 1 million years ago, 1 thousand years ago, today, 1 thousand years from now, 1 million years from now, 1 billion years from now.

I know Human species will evolve into millions of new species. Connect with Nature.

Thank You,

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Minglish Hinglish Torrancer Californian American Bengali Indian Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)(41 years old, 155 pounds, 5'9" tall)(Raj Torrance Earth Universe)
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#76 May 25, 2014
I think St. Jude Medical Infosys Reliance Industries Tata Corporation want to make a statement.
Human at Earth

Torrance, CA

#77 May 25, 2014
Hello Leadership of St. Jude Medical,

Please speak with your grandpa grandma from Ohio about the problem. They told me that the women might get forced upon if I keep working at that job.

Mexico India Nigeria America Brazil Vietnam Russia Spain Germany Bangladesh Pakistan many many nations have lived upto it. We in the middle of World War.

India at war with China is what I told the TPD (Torrance Police Department)

Russia at war with America is what we told the TPD (Torrance Police Department)

Bangladesh at war with Vietnam (Bangladesh smaller India, Vietnam smaller China)

Oriental race at war with Desi jaat North America (Millions of dead bodies)

Thank You,

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Minglish Hinglish Torrancer Californian American Bengali Indian Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)(41 years old, 155 pounds, 5'9" tall)(Raj Torrance Earth Universe)

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