syrius reception is just so bad
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United States

#82 Feb 6, 2008
Castor wrote:
I have had the SIRIUS system for 3 years now and lateley I can't get a signal at all. I can be driving on 131 with nothgin but fields for miles on either side of the highway and nothing. It just keeps trying to get a signal with an X for the signal strength. Every now and then it will get one bar but nothing comes through. Anyone else with this issue. Radio worke fine until about 2 weeks ago.
Castor, I had a problem like this I turned out I had to replace my Antenna. 3 years sitting on the roof of your car in the Sun, rain, snow, etc can cause the antenna to die. I got a new one and the problem went away.

Waterbury, CT

#83 Feb 9, 2008
Sirius is a ripoff overall... read my thoughts, it's not just the hardware...
I have had Sirius since the beginning. No matter what anyone says, it is the biggest New York ripoff ever created. However, I think the "commercial free" channels would be great if they didn't have commercials.
If I already have a radio and I have paid for my subscription and I am happily listening to my favorite songs, why do I have to hear advertisements for other Sirius channels? Ohhhhhhh, I understand, these are not advertisements, right? Perhaps someone in an ivory tower has decided that I am a closet redneck and want to listen to some Billy-Bob talk to Floyd while he drives a car around a big oval shaped road. Please, I have seen the channel list and I have learned to turn the knob, leave me alone and play the god damned music!
If I had a dollar for each time I heard a "radio personality" tell me that a artist or group was touring on certain dates and locations I would be rich.(Oh, silly me, these are not advertisements, I forgot)! However, this would not be good because I wouldn't live long enough to enjoy the money. I would have a heart attack because my blood pressure is so high from hearing the "music news" which is mindless babble stating artists names and tour dates. Certainly this is to keep the record companies over commercialized mediocre talents names in the public eye and to try to sell something that..... well.... sucks.
I think the traffic reports would be great if I was told that there was a traffic jam right where I was sitting for a half hour (while I was being told that there are "no problems to report").... Then the icing on the cake is that they actually have the nerve to broadcast an advertisement that the traffic data comes from "seasoned traffic reporters". What a joke!
Oh, while I am on a roll... since the music is "commercial free" then why do these morons insist on talking over the music with mostly seemingly retarded "personalities". The Newer music is talked over almost constantly so that it cannot be recorded and ripped. Also, wouldn't any non commercial format want to play all of the music of, let's say, the 70's (on the 70's channel) and not only the songs from artists that have just been "reissued" or on a tour of some kind? I honestly thought payola was still illegal. While I am listening to the 70's channel I want to throw my radio out the window each time I hear them play the AM radio edit version of "Do You Feel Like We Do". So why would a non commercial station not be interested in playing the most inspiring and creative part of the song? Beats me. But I remember hearing about something called "time compression" once.
Most people with a brain have always hated record companies and get ready to hate the new puppets of the record industry.... it's called satellite radio.
If the tie wearers driving the Benz had only thought of perhaps making the programming better and truly having no advertisements instead of giving some mildly humorous Jew $30,000,000 and a license to say the word fuck, the stock would be ascending instead of a nearly constant decline? In this world there is Karma, and every "dog" has it's day.
I will say one thing in it's (Sirius) favor.... When I crank up my 1,800 watts of Afro-Man and listen to "Because I got high" I don't have to worry about the embarrassment of a tampon ad coming on right afterwards. But on the other hand, aren't the commercials on the commercial free radio something that should be stuck up corporate Americas ass anyway?
Something you corporate fucks from New York do not understand... It's not always about the money. Loosen your tie and care about other people because your judgment day is soon to arrive.

Brimfield, MA

#84 Feb 11, 2008
steve wrote:
<quoted text>
Castor, I had a problem like this I turned out I had to replace my Antenna. 3 years sitting on the roof of your car in the Sun, rain, snow, etc can cause the antenna to die. I got a new one and the problem went away.
I guess I will have to try replacing my antenna, too. It's only about a year old, but for the last two months, I have had very poor reception. Usually in the morning I have full signal, but nothing in the afternoon, then at night it sometimes comes back. It's just odd that the signal comes and goes, almost like a satellite is off line. Very annoying.

Anyone else having this problem in CT?

United States

#85 Feb 12, 2008
Well Mr Bigot. Sorry if you do not like jews but why don't you just cancel your subsription and go some place else. Guess where you live out there in butt fuck nowhere you think people care what you think. WRONG!!! Considering there are 7 million subscribers to Sirius you are the minority. Plus I can't figue out why you stay a subscriber if you don't like it. Oh forgot, guess a bigot like you is just too stupid to make up your own mind.

United States

#86 Feb 12, 2008
Thanks for your comments. It just helps to show that most assholes are from New York. Any decent, caring person with integrity simply has to drive in New York for five minutes to understand this. Getting cut off twice per minute by an $80,000 assholemobile is "normal" to you people. When a beer costs $15 anywhere and people are happily paying it, something is wrong. New York sucks the money out of the rest of the country leaving some people with hardly enough to live on. New York is simply full of whores constantly trying to take whatever they can from every person they meet. They have to, because if they don't, they may not be able to make the payments on the house they had to pay absorbent sums of money for (It simply had to be bigger than your neighbors house, didn't it?). Life is not intended to be a sport and it is not intended to be a game but you do not even have the capability to understand this. Of everything I had said, the only thing you could comment on is that Howie is a Jew. I went back and read what I wrote and I could not find where I said that I don't like Jews. Sorry to hear that you have a problem being a Jew... or is it you just have a complex? I think so.

Thank you for telling me that I can cancel my subscription, I would have never thought of that. If you had half of a brain, you would have understood that what I was saying is that there is a lot of room for improvement and it is all due to greed. I am sure that you are an authority on how happy the 7,000,000 subscribers are too. It is also great that they have elected you to be their spokesperson.

Yes, I like my life in "butt fuck nowhere". I can sleep at night knowing that my existence does not require being an asshole to everyone I meet. My existence also does not require me to look at people and ask what I can get from them, it allows me look at them and ask what I can do for them. It is called integrity.... You should try to get some.

Jesus forgives you, I am sure.
Well Mr Bigot. Sorry if you do not like jews but why don't you just cancel your subsription and go some place else. Guess where you live out there in butt fuck nowhere you think people care what you think. WRONG!!! Considering there are 7 million subscribers to Sirius you are the minority. Plus I can't figue out why you stay a subscriber if you don't like it. Oh forgot, guess a bigot like you is just too stupid to make up your own mind.

Brimfield, MA

#88 Feb 20, 2008
Well I think I figured it out. The antenna is fine. The mount fell off the windshield and the unit ened up on the floor. The antenna connection on the car unit appears to have been dammaged internally. If I push on the antenna connection and move it around, the signal comes back. I guess I need a new car unit.
JR Kennewick WA

Hermiston, OR

#89 Mar 26, 2008
Above is my story about reception in and out. After frustration levels peaked when reception totally stopped, I plugged a home antenna into my car receiver, low and behold, it worked. I taped it to the dash and used it for several weeks, until my new antenna arrived from ebay purchase. The home antenna would go out once in a while as it was not in a prime location for car reception. My new roof mount is the same model as the old one, and after two weeks has yet to lose reception. Water and ice may have damage my original antenna.
Problem solved for now, no thanks to sirius!

Antioch, TN

#90 Apr 11, 2008
i spent nearly 800 bucks on an s-50 and a stilleto which both broke and had very lame signals with electronic distortion...they also failed to let me know that there is an automatic renewal...(tiny fine print at the bottom of the service agreement)...when i tried to cancel they caught me me on this and withheld 165 bucks from me for a month so they could tag on service fee's that should not exist...great on the internet, unless you like football...the help line was useless and insulting...its great when it works..depending on your position at anygiven time in the earths spin never worked for me cept on the pc...i dont think i have ever been this dissapointed in a product...sad because the shows were great
Mr Obvious

West Bend, WI

#91 Apr 17, 2008
HAhahaha LMAO .... Only a total idiot criticizes someones spelling of a word then proceeds to spell it wrong themselves multiple times in there post as well a other obvious spelling errors. How ironic ... lmao.

As for SIRIUS satellite radios signal , I have multiple lifetime accounts. In my autos it works great. In my home it sucks A$$ and really pisses me the hell off.

Get your act together SIRIUS.
Tbone112219 wrote:
First off you need to learn how to spell its Sirus. Second off the people at Radio Shack are just there to move a box across the counter. I sell Sirus myself and always tell people that in your home you could have some issues reciving signal. It is satalite signal so it has to have a direct line of sight with it.
Third thing is that you can stream it over the internet with you service.
JBP London Ontario

London, Canada

#92 Jun 28, 2008
Well, I was reading many of the postings with overwhelming feelings of depression but big brother came to the rescue ... this may assist some of you ... I bought a new receiver at Best Buy about a year ago telling them that I just wanted to run a lot of speakers off the amp .. no fancy audio visual .. they recommended this Yamaha amp and when I got it home, I was surprised to find only one set of speaker outlets and even more perplexed when I noticed that the system was looking for subwoofer, rear speakers etc. we seemed to get around all this by ignoring everything but the left and right speakers and using a splitter box ... but when it came to hooking up Sirius ... I didn't notice that someone had switched the amp to surround stereo .... I was going crazy trying to find a site for the arial that didn't have the speakers constantly phasing in and out like the reception was just as inconsistent as can be ... I was ready to thrown it all in the garbage even though I agree with many of the writers that the programming is good on SS ...
However big bro hearing my desparation dropped by on his way to the casino .. my lucky night .. he switched the sound from S Stereo to Stereo and voila ... perfect sound ... I feel like an idiot as I never thought for a moment to check that setting ...
Good luck to all of you .. sorry to hear that for some reception just isn't possible .. hopefully this might help some of you

Granger, IN

#93 Oct 31, 2008
I have had Sirius since December of 2007, all the problems I have had have been my fault. The first time, I broke the antenna and I bought a replacement. The only time I lose reception is when I go under a bridge and at my place of employment in the afternoon(this problem JUST started yesterday). I have no problem getting signal at my home. I moved the antenna outdoors, I placed in on my fence on the patio, there is a tree nearby and still I get 3 bars indoors. I think if people would read the manuals on installation, they would find it is most of the time their issue, not Sirius. I installed the car kit in my Honda Civic in under 10 minutes, I didn't do it as they suggested, but I have never had an issue.


#94 Nov 29, 2008
Syrius? Forget it. They are rubbish over here in the UK also. Had one just over a year now and it frequently loses it's signal when I can get a signal. Load of rubbish. Avoid
Regards to all

Kelowna, Canada

#95 Dec 6, 2009
I have a boom box and sometimes it says no antenna detected we tap the side and it works for a while, but now no amount of tapping will get it to work. Anyone know what to do or how to get into the box to fix the connection?


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