Should R.B. Rice Chili stick be broug...

Should R.B. Rice Chili stick be brought back?

Created by rlauram on Oct 9, 2007

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Brownsville, TX

#221 Nov 17, 2010
My husband introduced me to R B's 42 yr.s ago when we married. We had Chili Mac almost every Thursday (I worked late). My grandkids also love chili mac to, but it's not a priority an more . Do us all a FLAVOR, Come back, and make alot of people HAPPY!

Mechanicsburg, PA

#222 Nov 19, 2010
Don wrote:
Also, Soy Protein was NEVER part of the chili when my uncle still owned the company. It sounds like it was changed to make it cheaper to produce. The "Roll Type Packaging" you refered to is called a Kartridg Pak. They appear to be out of production. They were a massive headache to keep running between forming the flat package into a tube, keeping the weight correct, and the wire clips that were used to seal the packages.
the pork was added to make it cheaper since the sausage plant slaughtered it's own hogs this was cheaper then buying all beef. I ran the kartridge pak machine for 8 years, they ran great. Keeping the weight correct was no problem. maybe in the begining there were issues but by the time I ran them they worked great and allowed us to package over 60 pounds per minute. This same machine is used to package roll sausage. the only difference is the metal clip is slightly different.

Why don't you post the seasoning blend so the people out there can try and make a chilli that is close to the original? and if you have the orginal amounts of the other ingredients that would be great.
kcmo needs chili block

United States

#223 Nov 21, 2010
Please bring back r.b. rice chili block.I grew up with it .it is the best!

Mechanicsburg, PA

#224 Nov 22, 2010
Don wrote:
R.B. Rice Company DID NOT own Rice's Chili! As I have posted before, Rice's Chili was started by my uncle & aunt, Dwight (Jack) L. Rice & Margaret Rice in Leavenworth, KS in the late Fifties/Early Sixties. Around 1964 they moved into the same building that R.B. Rice operated out of in Lee's Summit. R.B. Rice Company was the distributor for Rice's Chili. In the Early to mid eighties Harold Rice sold R.B. Rice Sausage company to Sara Lee, shortly thereafter my Uncle "Jack" Rice sold the Vette company to Sara Lee. The Vette Company was the "parent' company of Rice's Chili. AFTER Sara Lee owned both companies they apparently started calling Rice's Chili "R.B. Rice's Chili"
I have been reading through all of the posts and since I worked in R B. Rice's chili department for 8 years 5 as the department supervisor I though you would like to know you have the basics right but a few things are wrong. R B Rice bought the chili business from your Uncle in late 1979 to early 1980. They shortly there after change the name from Rice's chili to R B rices chili. This was 8 years before Sara Lee bought R B Rice. R B Rice was owned by Buring food group when they bought the chili company from your uncle. I never really knew your uncle but I think I met him once. There was still one your uncles old employees from Levenworth KS working at the company in 1979 when I started there. I think his name was Freeman though you would find it interesting. I was told that Harold Rice built the part of the building just for your uncles chili business. In fact for the first 2 years I was there we had a seperate union contract.

Cape Coral, FL

#225 Nov 22, 2010
I am trying very hard to think of a reason to purchase ANY Sara Lee products, since I am unable to buy a R.B.Rices chili brick.
I suppose this could be considered a boycott.


#227 Jan 19, 2011
bring it back PLEASE

United States

#228 Jan 21, 2011
My husband said my chili has never been the same without it. I've tried other brands of chili brick and they just don't measure up. Please, Please bring it back!!!!


#229 Jan 22, 2011
I lived in St. Louis all my life and three gererations used RB Rice chili brick. I moved to Tucson several years ago and my daughter always brought several bricks in her suitcase for us to freeze. I have tried every recipe I find and nothing compares to the tase of the brick. Please bring it back.

Wentzville, MO

#230 Feb 8, 2011
I am SO disappointedd. I moved away from St Louis to a small SE MO town 3 years ago and thought the local stores just didn't carry R.B Rice's chili. They don't make it any more!?!?! I was going to try to order it on the internet and saw this web site. I love different kinds of chili, but I NEED R.B. Rices too!!! I am really disappointed about this.

Keene, TX

#231 Feb 27, 2011
R.B.Rice needs a new CEO if they think that this product is not needed. It is a stepping stone to the other products. I however, will not be using any products from them until I have my chili brick back.
They did not sell many of these because of a marketing error! If you make them available in every store you will sell them. Have them kept near the hamburger in the open freezers, not hidden in a corner. Come on and wake-up. Hell let me do the marketing, I know I could do better. Many Americans chili has suffered a blow that can not come back from with out your product!

Saint Charles, MO

#232 Mar 8, 2011
I haven't had a good pot of chili since the last one my husband made with Rice's Chili Stick. Where can we find the block in the St. Louis area? Please let me have a great pot of chili again!!!!

Youngstown, OH

#233 Mar 16, 2011
Please bring back the rb rice chili brick. It is the best thing to happen since the wheel. you can not make a good pot of chili without it.
michael j knapp

United States

#234 Apr 7, 2011
Chili Hound wrote:
From seeing this poll, it seems to me that with a 92 % YES rating to bring back the RB Rice Chili Block would be a wise investment on Sara Lees part. RB Rice blcoks have been a family name for years. To discontinue the item is like putting a thron into millions of American families sides. Bring it back
I have looked all over for this chili! Are they crazy or what? This is the best I have ever eaten and cannot believe they quit making/ distributing it in Missouri! Come on people, we the public want it back! You cannot improve something that is already great! WE miss it!
michael j knapp

United States

#235 Apr 7, 2011
beezer wrote:
I agree with all of the comments I have read on this website. Hey everyone, email Sara Lee, not just put comments on this site. If we all band together, maybe we can get our chili brick back. I haven't been able to find any substitute that has anything close to the same. CHILI BRICK LOVERS UNITE!!!!
I agree, there really is no substitute for it, and I have tried everything they come out with. Lets get it back in the markets! mike in Saint Joseph , Mo.
Lisa A

San Diego, CA

#236 May 21, 2011
There is a great substitute, Dolores Chili Brick. It's in all major grocers in the Western US, including Vons, Stater Brothers, Food4Less, Ralphs, etc., as well as Smart&Final. It's usually in the fresh meat case near the chicken, patties and sausage, but can occasionally be found behind freezer doors.

It's a good product and it filled my void for RB.
Ol Grumpy

Blythe, CA

#237 May 31, 2011
I'm now retired, and our family had been using RB Rices chilli as long as I can remember. Now, it is nowhere to be found, and all joking aside, we have abandon MANY of our favorite recipes, just because no other chilli begins to compare with the GENUINE RB Rices

United States

#238 Jun 4, 2011
I still yearn for R.B. Rice chili and I know my stomach will never stop craving it. Did anyone out there find out the reason for the discontinuation?
Anthony Barnes

Saint Paul, MN

#239 Jun 28, 2011
I am 43 and my mom has used R.B. Rice to make chili since I was a child. Now she is making chili with inferior products and that is a shame. Shame on Sara Lee for discontinuing this product. Also, my parents did have a hard time finding this product at Schnucks sometimes. Just thought I should confirm what some others have said. This is just another reason for me to avoid Sara Lee products. Bad move.
Richard W King

United States

#240 Aug 21, 2011
I haven't had a good bowl of chili since R B Rice chili mix was discontinued by Sara Lee. I dont think it was dropped due to lack of sales, but due to some of the stores failing to restock. When I located the product, it didnt last too long and took a long time for restocking. Your survey has been going on since 2007 and right now its 1500 plus to 15 in favor of bringing the product back to the stores. What does that tell you as a company handling the produce?
Richard W King

United States

#241 Aug 21, 2011
Excuse my spelling on my last word. Should by

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