Piedmont NG is corrupt
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Not A lawyer

Charlotte, NC

#21 Sep 22, 2009
I guess the "Truth" is none other than Mr Skains (a former attorney). Slander is when you disgrace someone not a company. I guess since it has been years since you have seen any real legal events that you have forgotten how to be a lawyer. You still have the knack for misleading people, and for misleading investors.

Investors, do not invest in this company. Within 2 years this company will be under state control.
Not Guilty

Jonas Ridge, NC

#22 Sep 22, 2009
Ethics and Piedmont Natural Gas do not belong in the same sentence. Don't let their "community service" fool you. Management always gets their perks first and the employees that do the real work and the public gets the leftovers.
The Truth

Raeford, NC

#23 Sep 23, 2009
Yeah sure believe what you will but I only believe what is true and speak of which is true. Take your lies elsewhere :)

The Truth
Not Guilty

Jonas Ridge, NC

#24 Sep 23, 2009
I have seen therefore I believe. What was your bonus this year? And your perks?
A View From Wall Street

United States

#25 Sep 28, 2009
Piedmont just announced a $375,000 donation to the United Way. How on Earth is "Not The Truth" going to spin this into a expose' on the "greedy bastards" at Piedmont.

In the meantime, I'm sure the charities in the Charlotte area are going to be quite pleased that they can continue to help the less fortunate with this money. Good job, Piedmont.
Not Guilty

Jonas Ridge, NC

#26 Sep 28, 2009
How much of the $375,000 did management come up with?

If the employees don't meet their goals then management has to cover the rest.

What a wonderful way to save face.
Not the Truth

Charlotte, NC

#27 Oct 20, 2009
The only reason PNY gave 375,000 to the united way is that Mr Skains had committed to that amount. The employees and staff reduced their support and management had to come up with the balance.
Not Guilty

Clarksville, TN

#28 Oct 22, 2009
Hmmm, let me get this straight. The employees don't have the money to give that Mr. Skains so kindly committed them to because of his perks. Its seems to me with all his "extra money" he should be paying for it.
get a grip

Charlotte, NC

#29 Nov 27, 2009
PNG has right to increase (or decrease) their rates because a commission allows it. The rates vary through out the year as the cost of gas from the producers vary. It's not greed or vindictiveness on the part of a utility when they increase prices. They are a business after all. And not make a profit? Why in the world would a business not make a profit? A utility business, however, is regulated by a state commission. I'm a customer as well as an employee and it bugs me when rates go up, but I also understand the reasons behind the rate changes. Maybe you should try and understand the process.
Get a grip Wall Street wrote:
You are nothing but greedy, and a slime ball. What right does Piedmont have in increasing it's rates. Shouldn't the people decide how much to pay, since it is subsidized by the government? I think we should vote on what the cost should be and that would be what you get. It you don't make a profit, oh well. Maybe then the idiots in charge would understand that their actions affect everyone, and that the small people pay their salaries, and if they want a local office in their city it should be there. To make statements like "If they cannot pay online then I don't want them as a customer" (Mr Skains). That just takes the cake.
Not A View

Charlotte, NC

#30 Dec 1, 2009
What is not being told by PNY to the public, is that yes gas increases and decreases and those costs are passed along to the customer in rate increases or decreases. But the other part of the bill (The $10.00 charge to everyone) is not mandatory, and is a way that Piedmont Natural Gas is collecting millions of dollars for their own use in paying the executives salaries, without anyone knowing or caring. The $10.00 charge is new within the past few years, and just showed up on peoples bills and people pay it. Why not argue for PNY to show to the world what they use that money for, and then either you pay it or get the Utilities Commission to get it removed. I do not believe that this was ever voted on by the committee.

Fayetteville, NC

#31 Dec 11, 2009
I am an employee and yes they are corrupt. For me that is I won't lie to people though. As far as ethics I won't get in trouble directly for telling the truth, but piedmont is good at indirectly targeting people for doing that. I know how some people feel talking on here. Pretty much one guy on here is full of crap though. As far as being someone who knows more than some people would prefer. The old saying chop the head off the snake comes to mind. Which in this case the head hides very well :) BTW They love some facebook and twitter :) *wink* *wink*

Pinehurst, NC

#32 Aug 4, 2010
I will only say this about Piedmont Natural Gas. They're not doing anything shady or illegal. That's just nonsense. They also have to deal with all kinds of ghetto-type people who try to change their identity or sign up under their grandma or ex's name and then not pay once the weather warms up. Many of these people are rude and obnoxious -- typical entitlement mentality. But having worked there, I must say that the people I worked with were great but the supervisors and managers were forced to behave like little Hitlers. Now I know what people mean by "electronic sweatshop." People were constantly belittled and undermined even while they were told how "important" they were. It was all just a really ironic, pathetic song-and-dance. I have never been spoken down to and treated like I was some kind of slave until I worked for these people. Absolutely awful, and it's a shame because all the old-timers said it used to be an awesome place to work. Now every breath you take and every little thing you do is monitored, examined, recorded, sliced, diced and used against you. There is absolutely no trust and no motivation to do anything more than the minimum. People were fired without notice... you'd come to work and someone would just be gone, and YOU would have to take all their calls. Horrible, horrible employee and customer relations.

I'm not lying. I'm just saying this is how they run their business on the inside. Just to tell you that I'm for real: I was there when they halved the amount of space available and crammed everyone into tiny, tiny "cubicles" with almost no space. It was so loud in there you couldn't even hear the customer.
Not A View

Charlotte, NC

#33 Aug 5, 2010
Glad to hear another employee spill the beans. Everyday workers are great people but the management, and senior staff are horrible. The worse you are the further up the company you go. The better the liar, and the more colorful you are makes you a success at PNY.
Former PNG Employee

Charlotte, VT

#34 May 24, 2011
LOL too funny. Sounds like the person spilling the beans was one of the temps they hire every summer. They keep the temps out of the actual meetings and emails. This person obviously did not know about the 6,000+ customers who were being over charged with the utility commission giving the ok for it. Not to mention how they require the employees to make anyone who talks on the phone with them responsible for the bills they put in your name and misuse the 911 system function they get to see through private calling to put your phone number in too. Also cannot forget their system for employee seminars where the VP of service/operations has this company he owns that he hires out of money budgeted into the amount of money per therm that gives him a 2nd paycheck. I cannot forget the survey system too. This is the main kicker why long term employees have had to leave. PNG management has you do a survey in which as a customer you point out how they make it where you try to get service its so frustrating that you will just give up. Instead of making new policies that benefit the customer it then falls upon the employee who has no say in the decision making that it was their fault the customer has this complaint. Also yes it is an electronic sweat shop. Little hitlers is a nice way of putting it, short way of explaining that is every day things most people are allowed to do at their job such as move freely to avoid things like carpel tunnel are not permitted at PNG. Biggest problem I had overall that made me too fed up to work there though was the inconsistency of fellow employees who could not count their toes if their life depended on it. Any PNG customer knows this when they call say 5 times and get 25 different answers. Another thing especially in august thru the start of the winter when they give you a date don't believe it during the major changes I have been told personally to give a date the schedule says but do not tell the customer that PNG cannot actually honor that date. If i had more time I could go on and on but I would not recommend this company until they have been sold/taken over by some entity that knows how to run a company.

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