Piedmont NG is corrupt
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Not A View

Charlotte, NC

#1 Dec 19, 2008
Piedmont Natural Gas is again withholding and hidng information from the public. A couple of years ago they came out and announced to the world that they established a 7 million dollar foundation to help people. Yet in these past few years they have done very very little. Just enough to make less than 10 awards and those total less than 100 k.

They have made more on interest than what they have given out. Since we are in a recession you would think that companies would be helping people. Yet the only news out of PNY is a reduction in force, and more layoffs. Yet the Operations and Maintenance funds(which payroll is a part of) is not going down but up. Senior management has no fear of cutting employees as long as their pay checks keeps going up.

Mr Skains appears before committees and the Senate on hearings to increase the Natural Gas production, and constantly lies to everyone he does business with.

I guess in todays world it helps to have a CEO that is a talented liar, and thief. But the real world is catching up with those crooks and sending them to prision. I hope and pray that Mr Skains ends up in prision soon for his selfless actions, and the board of directors get fired as well.


#2 Dec 20, 2008
Proof and specific details please
A View From Wall Street

United States

#3 Dec 22, 2008
My thoughts exactly...proof & details please. If you were serious and had factual details to back yourself up, then why are you posting this on a topix blog...why not the washington post or wall street journal? You just seem like someone who has a grudge against Piedmont...and nothing more.

Englewood, CO

#4 Dec 22, 2008
"Not a View" is currently in treatment for her disorder. Just smile and nod with understanding when she speaks. She just has a need to be heard. We are hoping she will be doing better by next summer.
how do you know

Fort Bragg, NC

#5 Dec 27, 2008
tougi, how do you know that "Not A View" is a woman?
Not A View

Charlotte, NC

#6 Dec 29, 2008
It appears that throughout these blogs that "A View From Wall St) is in a leadership role at PNY. They have a hard time understanding that facts are presented to the appropriate people yet somehow the evidence gets destroyed, deleted, or removed by the executives at PNY.

PNY was once thought of as a people oriented company. But since Mr Skains took over it is only viewed as a get rich scheme for the executives at the sacrifice of the loyal employees who dedicated their lives to the company to be let go before they could collect retirement.

I can say with honesty and pride that the executives at PNY are liars and cheats, and cannot be trusted to do anything. They will stab you in the back to get a few more dollars in their pockets.
A View From Wall Street

United States

#7 Dec 29, 2008
"Not A View" has every right to his/her beliefs, but beguiles his/her convictions by accusing me of being employed by Piedmont Natural Gas based only on my laudatory comments.

If you are so sure of my employment situation without any evidence whatsoever, how on Earth can you justify your accusations of corruption at PNG when you have offered only anecdotal evidence to support your arguments. Please provide your facts, with supporting documentation, and we will give your views proper consideration.
Concerned Investor

Charlotte, NC

#8 Dec 31, 2008
I hate to get involved, but it looks like their are two views. One that promotes the company and one that worked for the company and has negative views.

As an investor I would put my funds where I felt they would make the most money. PNY has been good this year for most stock holders. Yet looking into their reports and the documentation on the North Carolina Utilities Commission, I am pulling my funds out. It appears that PNY violate several laws when it earned too much money last year. The SEC is investigating the possibility of PNY falsifying documenation to the NCUC and to the SEC on its tool used to calculate potential losses, and gains.

I see a huge downfall for this once great company. And in these troubled times I pull my money out of stocks that have negative reviews.
A View From Wall Street

United States

#9 Jan 7, 2009
I too have read through the NC Utilities Commission reports and have not been able to find any cause for concern or any evidence that Piedmont has violated any regulations regarding its profits. Please post the Docket Number of the publication you have found as I am very interested to read it for myself.
Not A View

Charlotte, NC

#10 Jan 9, 2009
It appears that "A View From Wall Street" is misleading the public again. If you watch (daily) the North Carolina Utilities Commission web site, you will see that the facts mentioned above have been presented to the public. Piedmont did in FACT violate state laws when it earned more than was legally required last year under its CUT program. It earned almost 3% more than was allowed by law.

The people of the Carolinas will be suing PNY for the amount earned in excess of state and local laws.
A View From Wall Street

United States

#11 Jan 9, 2009
Seriously. I am not pretending to be God or cover up anything here. Every publication on the Utilities Commission website has a Docket Number. Please tell me some of them so I can read them for myself.

Raleigh, NC

#12 Apr 28, 2009
I think the Utilites Commission in NC is in bed with PNG. Just my opinion.
A Real PNG Employee

Raeford, NC

#13 Jul 3, 2009
Well I can tell you a little about "Not A View". I sometimes post on these blogs as per my career and my actions represent the company I work for Piedmont Natural Gas. This person spreading negative and false information based on the time that the posts started. There was an issue where law enforcement had to intervene. Just one issue I would like to address most people with an axe to grind or do not know any factual information about my company. The so allegations against the executives of my company are also false. With changing times businesses have to make changes. As well with all companies there is a large aging work force which are retiring within the decade. As far as raises, I am a human and I am assuming you are too! Well guess what our executives they are human as well! So what I am getting at is ok send a letter to tom and say ok I no longer want to get paid at my job can you do the same?

Thats my 2 cents people :)
Not A view

Charlotte, NC

#14 Aug 17, 2009
The real problem is that when you have a former Attorney as your CEO you must understand that they are talented at misreprenting facts and information. They are just talented liars in my eyes. What has been stated in the past has been very factual, and there is written proof that is locked away for the proper time.

Why do you think that PNY is trying to stop the city of Monroe from owning their own pipeline? They would lose over 2 million dollars of income a year. IT would also set a precent that other cities would follow and soon no one would want to do business with PNY. Their own stupidity and greed have other cities and counties trying to find ways to save money.

Go away Mr Skains and crawl back to Texas.
A View From Wall Street

United States

#15 Aug 17, 2009
Honestly, what business does a city have in owning its own natural gas pipeline? A municipality who is funded by taxpayer money has no reason to spend its money in that fashion.

Why doesn't Monroe own its own power station and power lines? Why don't they just buy a bunch of office buildings and lease them to local businesses?

Because they are a government, not a business, that's why.

And I can surely guarantee that the pipeline would cost 50 times more than the $2 Million/year they are paying PNY right now.
Get a grip Wall Street

Charlotte, NC

#16 Aug 19, 2009
You are nothing but greedy, and a slime ball. What right does Piedmont have in increasing it's rates. Shouldn't the people decide how much to pay, since it is subsidized by the government? I think we should vote on what the cost should be and that would be what you get. It you don't make a profit, oh well. Maybe then the idiots in charge would understand that their actions affect everyone, and that the small people pay their salaries, and if they want a local office in their city it should be there. To make statements like "If they cannot pay online then I don't want them as a customer" (Mr Skains). That just takes the cake.
A View From Wall Street

United States

#17 Aug 21, 2009
What right does it have? What the hell kind of statement is that from an American (you sound like you're French)? Do you say what right does the gas station have to raise the price of gas? They raise the price to what the market dictates. Piedmont is no different except that it legally cannot make a profit on the cost of gas, it can only charge a transportation fee because it owns the pipelines. Perhaps you think it would be prudent for there to be multiple owners of interstates and multiple owners of power lines. A regulated monopoly simplifies life for you and everyone else because the cost of the pipeline is so great that you need it to be spread across a large number of users for you to be able to afford your gas. If the city of Monroe paid $50 million to run new gas lines, do you really think that just wouldn't pass that cost along to the 31,000 who live in Monroe? It sure would be cheaper for those in Monroe if that cost were spread across 1 Million customers.

Grow up and take a business finance class. You will probably learn a lot about how to run a profitable company.
The Truth

Raeford, NC

#18 Aug 22, 2009
I am pretty saddened that in these days people just make up bold faced lies to cope with the world they live in. The person posting under A View From Wall Street almost has it but not quite but I would say about 98% correct. All I will say without getting into a forum fight with someone who looks like they are an adult but acts like a child when they post on here. I say take a look at what Piedmont has done and what they are doing. They have created better and cheaper options at the cost of their own and not yours for customer service options and payment options. They are in your community willingly giving their free time to better it. They offer programs like the share the warmth where they match your contributions when you help people in your community as well. They also abide by the law and their employees follow a strict ethics code. In rough times they also have found a way for those truly concerned about those who might be financially strapped during tough times where their service is vital you can get notification as it is communicated to you through bill inserts. All I can say is you cannot ask for a better company that wants to provide you a service and actually cares about their reputation in your eyes. In conclusion lets try to act like adults and see the bigger picture and not take personal problems and try to push them on someone who had nothing to do with them.

Take Care :)
Not the Truth

Charlotte, NC

#19 Sep 10, 2009
You state that they follow the law, and ethics. Yet why do employees say that their senior management are corrupt, and do not have any ethics? Yes the company as a whole does some good things.

I don't see how you can say that this is such a great company, when they are tangled in many lawsuits, and pay such absurb amounts to senior staff for such sub par performance.

I think that the customers and not the board of directors should decide how much the senior staff gets paid. In times when their customer service was rated at the very bottom a few years ago. They should have received nothing.

Make it a payment for service type of arrangement. If the customers do not like your service then they can reduce the senior pay, hich would reduce their bills.
The Truth

Raeford, NC

#20 Sep 20, 2009
Are you serious? Please do not post any more lies on here... That is all I have to say about that. Your statements are nothing more than slander.

The Truth

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