Surrey gas-and-dash renews family's c...

Surrey gas-and-dash renews family's call for - Grant's Law'

There are 27 comments on the Tacoma Daily Index story from May 10, 2006, titled Surrey gas-and-dash renews family's call for - Grant's Law'. In it, Tacoma Daily Index reports that:

The family of Grant De Patie says a gas-and-dash incident that sent a Surrey service station attendant to hospital Monday night is further proof that laws must be changed to require pay-before-you-pump. About 9 ...

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#1 May 15, 2006
Hi recently I was in Florida and all the gas stations down there are pay before you pump so I don't see why we can't do that here.( day or night). This tragedy could have been prevented we are Canadians and it seems as if we wait to long to take action .
My heart goes out to the family
Richard N Van BC

Mississauga, Canada

#2 May 18, 2006
Pay before you pump would work. But why enforce marshal law and inconvieniece on all people for the few that are dirt bags. If the laws that are already in place were enforced, this problem my have been avoided. The occupational health and safety Act requires employers to propery train workers, this may not have been true in this case. Possibly a policy with proper employee traing would help employees avoid injury or death by having them document the situation calling the police with the vehic make, colour and plate ID. This situation could be avoided with empowering workers with the tools to the job safely and not putting them in direct contact with hazards.
Grants Mum Corinne

Chilliwack, Canada

#3 Oct 25, 2006
Kelly wrote:
Hi recently I was in Florida and all the gas stations down there are pay before you pump so I don't see why we can't do that here.( day or night). This tragedy could have been prevented we are Canadians and it seems as if we wait to long to take action .
My heart goes out to the family
Dearest Kelly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt message about paying before you pump. had this been implemented at the beginning of 2005, Grant would still be with us. Unfortunatley that was not the case. Our family, and not just at our address are feeling the ripple effect of his loss. His family misses him so much. He was an important part of our family. He was a mentor to his three younger siblings. Teaching them about drugs and alchohol, telling them it was bad, and not to do either. He would ride his bike all the way from Maple Ridge to Surrey, just to spend time with his two sisters and brothers.
We miss him dearly.
Thank you again Kelly.
You have a huge heart.
Corinne De Patie
Grant's Mummy
Al Bergen


#10 Feb 3, 2007
pay before you pump is a no brainer. It is the simplest way to stop a crime wave that is emerging, without having to spend any additional money on police enforcement. It is not specific to the night shift alone, but will happen any time of the day that they think they can get away with it. All the way from senior citizens, good quality family people, teenagers, and many many more who see "gas & dash" as an easy unenforced crime . I would like to join the Depaties in any way i can to assist in making our voices heard by the big oil companies, since it really is their call, and the politicians with follow their demands. The problem has actually become worse, since the public has become aware ( through all the news media ) of just how easy a gas and dash is done and how no action is taken to prosecute this crime.
The big oil companies don't care, it's not their money driving away. The retailer must pay for every drop of gasoline that is pumped, stolen or not. Retailer are sick and tired of this and are begining to take the law into their own hands, be it right or wrong, unfortunately more drastic deaths will need to occur before they get off their ass and implement pay before you pump 24 / 7 at all fueling locations. This already happens at cardlocks. Why must this be such a difficult decision ??? It is totally the easiest way to stop a huge crime way and loss of life, at no expense to anyone. I myself ( as a retailer ) have numerous times put myself in harms way to stop, or get a plate #, or to chase down at high speed, a gasoline thief. I could very well have been another story in the news. I loose thousands of dollars to this crime, but yet it totally falls on deaf ears. When will this insanity stop ????
Al Bergen ( Husky Retailer )

Since: Feb 07


#11 Feb 4, 2007
Pay before you pump is not just a night time crime.
My station is open from 7am to 11 pm and most of the gas and dash happens whenever it is busy and the person knows that the cashier will have trouble seeing all vehicles and will be really busy with customers inside. Pay before you pump will also take care of the stolen credit card problem which is esculating as well.

“Hempseed oil is legal”

Since: Feb 07

North Surrey

#12 Feb 26, 2007
Pay before pump is the only safest way to go.
Ken Jansen

Abbotsford, Canada

#13 Apr 5, 2007
To the De Patie family,

First of all, my wife and I would like to express our sincerest condolences to all of you for this tragic loss of your dear Grant. We've just recently learned that the driver responsible has had his sentence reduced by two years. We are so disgusted by the lack of justice imposed upon those responsible for such heinous crimes against our loved ones. We were present at the City of Abbotsford when Grant's Father and Grandfather requested support for Grant's Law-we are definately in support of it also, as there's just no good reason not to implement these new measures.

With kind regards and prayers,

Ken & Shirley Jansen
Abbotsford, BC
Lori Hudson

Prince George, Canada

#14 Apr 10, 2007
I was outraged to hear that Grant DePatie's murderer has had his sentence reduced by two years. How is justice being served here? I am starting a petition of protest and would encourage others to do the same.
My thoughts and prayers go to the De Patie family. You are not alone.

“Hempseed oil is legal”

Since: Feb 07

North Surrey

#15 Apr 18, 2007
Justice will be served when his murderer is sincerely regretful of his actions that night.

It cannot be done by hating him, but loving his good qualities, and hating his bad actions enough to never forget Grant.

Simply putting him in prison will not rehabilitate him, if he chooses not to. It will merely manufacture a criminal.

Anger cannot be defeated with anger. Only love can defeat it.

Let's hope Grant's murderer reforms. Let's pray for his redemption.

Revenge solves nothing, and is not up to any person close to this tragedy.

Though, if he develops a heroin problem in prison, then God's revenge is bitter-sweet.

New Westminster, Canada

#16 Apr 20, 2007
My heart goes out to the Depatie family, I cannot begin to imagine the sorrow that they are going through. I am angered by the reduced sentence and feel that instead of being angry, something must be done about this. I'm not really too sure where to start though. Is there a petition that has been started? Do we write to our MLA's and MP's. What is the best course of action. Nobody should die the way that Grant did, no family should go through what the Depatie's are going through. We are giving these offenders a slap on the wrist and showing others that they won't do too much time for their crimes.

Salmon Arm, Canada

#17 Sep 21, 2007
...even with proper training etc. It's the RCMP that don't do anything about it. They will actually tell you that when you call them. So then what do you do? It's not just the "criminal" type doing this you know. It's soccer moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, teachers, all walks of life. Don't believe me? You need to experience working in a gas station to find out. You wouldn't believe it. Just talk to an employee the next time you gas up. They'll tell you truth.

Salmon Arm, Canada

#18 Sep 21, 2007
Al, my husband and I are Husky Mohawk retailers as well. We have have the same opinion as you. It's too bad there isn't a proper forum for us retailers to get together and discuss this topic. Maybe even start the ball rolling...

Vancouver, Canada

#19 Sep 22, 2007
I truly think that if ALL and not just a few gas retailers start ensuring that whether it's day or night ALL individuals either pay via debit/credit card right at the pump or pre pay prior to getting the gas. If individuals complain about the TIME it takes for the next car to leave well then that's just too bad. Everyone needs to learn patience and most of all understand the need for safety in all jobs that may involve serious injuries.

This society is changing and not for the better I might add. The politicians/mayors etc. really need to ensure that the most logical form of controls need to be put in place. It's inevitable that gas prices are going to be going up and up.
Our society must get together and support eachother and ensure that we get the proper support systems in place not just for us now but for the future.

“Hempseed oil is legal”

Since: Feb 07

North Surrey

#20 Sep 26, 2007
i prepay for transit. why not gas?
Dana McVey

Edmonton, Canada

#21 Nov 22, 2007
I truly believe Grant's Law should be across the country. In Alberta they made the biggest mistake by not having Licence Plate's on the front of vehicles. This just doubles up the amount of people taking off with out paying. It is the only retail business that let's you take what you want first and paying after. If a person can not pay are you going to suck it out of a gas tank? The police do not view gas and dash as a serious crime. Someone can take off with $100.00 of gas and nothing is done, but if someone rob's you for $50.00 it's concidered a crime. I am in the industry and find it amazing that no one seems to listen to the people most affected by gas and dash. Most want GRANT'S LAW!!!
Dont Agree

Abbotsford, Canada

#22 Jan 27, 2008
I am truly sorry for your loss, Grant was obviously a dedicated person to risk his life for his employer. That being said, and not disrespect intended, but the law should have regulated employees instead of the general public. WCB should have made it illegal for an employee to pursue or attempt to apprehend a criminal.(Unless hired for that purpose, such as security)
This would have had broader power in protecting staff from armed robbery, shoplifting and many other crimes that an overzealous employee might try to interrupt. Instead WCB has inconvenienced millions of people on a daily basis. Whats next, will we have to pay before we shop at Safeway, because a staff member may get hurt while trying to apprehend a shoplifter? Untrained people should not be intervening. With a law in place that made it illegal for staff to intervene, there would be no pressure on staff to get involved on their employers behalf.
Stephen C North Thompson

Calgary, Canada

#23 Feb 1, 2008
It was a real tragedy that Grant De Patie lost his life. The fault began with the criminal who decided to do a gas and dash followed by the WCB now Work Safe BC for not having in place mandatory orientation that specifically denied a worker to attempt to stop a robbery. It would be quite simple to have the employee in an isolated bullet proof enclosure, with a direct line for help. The oil and gas industry should be made to ensure the safety of their emploees. They surely have enough money in profits to also have camera systems that could monitor all of the premises and have video available that is of such high quality that no reasonable person would ever try to perpetrate a crime such as this.
Vancouver Island

Fort Saint John, Canada

#24 Feb 1, 2008
I agree about the tragedy and my heart goes out to Grants parents. This is a big city crime and all workers should be briefed to take the plate down and phone it in and not chase anybody down. No amount of stolen gas is worth risking your life. The pressure should have been put on the WCB to ensure all employees (of gas stations)are briefed properly. This becomes a big pain in the ass because some gas stations are not set up for pre pay debit inside, but credit cards are ok. So, now you prepay for your gas at the island and then you want to purchase somehting inside and thats another swipe of the old debit card and another charge. I could understand implementing a law that all gas purchased after 800pm must be prepaid but making this all the time is a pain, especially in the small communities. BC does not revolve around Vancouver.
David from Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#25 Feb 4, 2008
The full Service stations had better figure out how to implement this law. At the pump they were going to issue two transactions (Over pay to fill/ second for credit refund) and sign for both transactions. No thanks - I will just go to the self serve pump at Costco and avoid the hassle. I usually shopped for Gas in Coquitlam, but no longer. Coquitlam has a law that all gas stations are full service. I did not even want to ask if I had to pre-pay for food and other conveniences inside.


#26 Feb 5, 2008
This regulation is insane and would probably not withstand a court challenge. However WSBC knows that they can bully the people of BC with their superior resources.(funded by the workers of BC)

I do have great sympathy for Grant's mom, but I wonder if anyone has really thought the consequences of this "solution" out properly.

It seems to me that somebody who is perverted and desperate enough to drag a teenager under a car for miles over a twelve dollar gas bill might also be capable of picking up a knife or a gun and going inside the station where all the money is, if they find that they are unable to steal gas from the pump.

Am I crazy to think that? I don't know, but it will be interesting to watch the armed robbery rate for BC this year.

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