"Critics had a point: Aidan had recorded voltage, when he needed to calculate power. It is a serious flaw, explained Jan Kleissl, an assistant professor of environmental engineering at the University of California, San Diego."

Good point, power would be the ultimate goal. The article didn't say, but did Jan Kleissl, "assistant professor" run a fabinocci sequence, build a 'panel' tree and compare the 'power' outputs of equivalent area solar PV devices? No, that's right Aiden Dwyer is only a kid, no degree, no creedo. It is well known in the solar field, when you track the sun, you get more power production than a rigid mounted panel array pointed south. Tracking can increase the power production by as much as 30% over the same panels mounted rigid. So, putting PV cells in an arranged fashion around a central spire could be an efficiency between solid mount and tracking mount efficiencies.