The closing Of Donnell was a major blow to my wife and I. We brought our three children now in their late 40's as well as MOMA across the street in this neighborhood.
My wife and I,81 and 76, now have to trudge to 50th Street and 10th Ave or the 58th Street branch on 58th and Lexington Ave. This is no small feat for both of us who were able to go to Donnell just two blocks from our apartment ever since the day that Donnell opened it's door to the publc.
The new branch on 46th and Lexington may be all they say but it is not in our neighborhood and can never be considered our neighborhood public library.
All we can say is since the NY Public Library made an ill conceived motion to sell the property without considering the dire consequences of closing this branch and it's affect on this neighborhood and now that the sale of the property has fallen through......REOPEN DONNELL AND MOVE IT'S WONDERFUL COLLECTION BACK WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN FOR OVER 40 YEARS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL HOME...THE DONNELL BRANCh ON 53RD STREET BETWEEN 5TH AND 6TH AVEUES.
Mr and Mrs Pasquale R Forino