The only Successfull push has been towards non armed civilian districts with civilian homes and shops shelled and mostly non participients getting MURDERED !The Arm Struggle drawn out of sever opperession of peacefull demos last year is taking Momentum each day now and army is Split with guns turning on the State ,the only outcome is the downfall of Assad or his stepping down . Now niether the Russians ,Chinese or the full 1 million Islamic Hezbollaha/Hamas/Iran can keep Assad as invading outsiders ,too late for any other solution apart from REGIME CHANGE ! Assad ignored to hear the FREEDOM CRIES of Syrian People and suppressed them accausing Millions of good people being Mosad and CIA/MI6 agents like Islamists in Iran do with the opperessed opposition there!
. Good luck to all Democratic freedom fighters in Syria in thier
fight against Dictatorship .