"Law & Order" shut down by Occupy Wal...

"Law & Order" shut down by Occupy Wall Street

There are 3 comments on the CBS News story from Dec 9, 2011, titled "Law & Order" shut down by Occupy Wall Street. In it, CBS News reports that:

A protest by about 100 Occupy Wall Street members in New York shut down production of an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" late Thursday night.

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Vernon Hills, IL

#1 Dec 9, 2011
"We made it so that they could not exploit us and that's awesome," added Tammy Schapiro, 29, of Brooklyn."

Exploit?? <DUH>

The impact and publicity they could have gotten would have been a TREMENDOUS BOOST to their cause.

Any other group would have EMBRACED the opportunity to be included in an episode of "Law and Order".

[And yet, I am of the opinion that OWS are a bunch of whiners anyway. Of course they consider themselves some kind of VICTIMS and would INCORRECTLY think that being included in an episode of "Law & Order" would somehow be 'exploitive', as any victim would mentally conclude.]
War Games

United States

#2 Dec 9, 2011
That's funny because that TV show is filled with liberals. On every episode a white guy does the crime in NY city.

Yeah, right?

The former producers name was "SPEED WEED". go figure
How about thermal nuclear war?
That's what most people see on MSNBC. A 24 hour Republican hatemongering cable TV station with no news.

I truly cannot sit through 20 seconds of MSNBC televison without it making me sick to my stomach.

I for one do not get a tingle running up and down my leg when I hear one of Obama's teleprompter speech that says that exact same old thing over and over again.

Tel me, has European socialism worked? So why is Obama trying his hardest to bring that crap overhere?

Strong on national defense? If any other president had the access we have now with drones, they would use it to hit al-Qaeda targets. No big deal there. We could have used drones or crusie missiles to hit Osaam bin Laden instaed o risking the lives of 24 Navy SEAL's who as we seen later could have been shot out of the sky. Obama was just lucky that he only lost one TOP SECRET Stealth helicopter that cost billions to create(just one more helo down adn it would have ended liek Jimmy Carter's failed "Desert One recause attempt that was botched) and now the Communist Chinese have it just like Iran now has our TOP SECRET RQ-170 stealth drone. Great job Obama. Satellites and U-2 planes can get that information too without risking the loss of our deepest secrets.

So what has Obama done to Iran? Next to nothing and Iran wuill build a nucler weapon real soon and hold the Middle East hostage with it. Maybe one will be given to a terrorist group to haul over here on an oil tanker and blow it up in NY harbor. Nice, right?

Sryia and Assad. What has Obama done there to stop the mass murder of Syria's own people? NOTHING!

Egypt. Oh that Arab spring is turning our real well with the Muslim brotherhood about to take over and start a new war with Israel. CBS Laura Logan didn't like being gang raped by the Arab Muslims durig her stay ther and uber liberal Bill Maher said we should send over Elizabeth Hassleback(Maher meaning to get attacked and gang raped by Mulsim attackers. Yeah real funny Bill.) Only sick in the head liberals would say such and awful thig to get beat up and gang raped and almost killed by a mob of Muslim thugs.

Unemployment going down from 9.1% wasn't due to the measely 120,000 jobs created that wouldn't even keep up with new people entering the workforce. it was caused by 315,000 losing their unemployment benefits ans giving up, so why don't you tell the people the truth?

Since the Democrats want to bring up 20-30 year old stuff, I guess we'll bring up Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dohrn SDS Weathermen terrorists that Obama knew. Rev. Wright, Obama's 20 year racist anti Semite anti white anti American pastor that married Obama and his wife and baptized his two kids. Tony Rezko convicted felon who Obama got $300,000 off a Hyde park land deal, Obama secret trip to Karachi Pakistan with 2 Muslims in 1980, Obama "eating a dog, grashoppers and snakes" in Indonesia. Obama studying the Koran overthere too.

Stanley, Obama's mother ditching Obama Jr like his father did when Obama was just two years of age and Obama sr klling a man drunk driving in Africa(The other Obama)the he died from yet another drunk driving incident on the wrong side of the road and into a tree DEAD. How Obama sleazily won the senate seat in Illinois. Stanley dumped Obama to her grandparents and how Obama threw his own white grandmother under the bus and called her a racist because she was afraid of walking past a gang of black men. Yeah, and who isn't? I can go on and on.

Want to play that game MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC? Let's go.
Miss Carriage

North Hollywood, CA

#3 Dec 9, 2011
Next they need to shut down "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" along with the Dash stores, Sears, Opi, the Miss America pagent and all the magazines that invade our field of vision with the god-awful Kartrashians/Jenners!

Go to the modeling agencies and protest Kylie or whatever the other "K" Jenner slut/brat is who got a lucrative modeling gig thanks to that whore of a mother imo of theirs.

There is plenty of time to organize and boycott the Miss America pagent and I personally would like to see that start within the pagent contestants themselves.

Kris Jenner and her daughters do not represent one thing that Ms. America is supposed to and in fact, they are all just the opposite. They portray the lowest, crudest, dumbest, rudest behavior in each and every show and most appearances.

Kim Kardashian has made millions from that sex tape and was married at age 19 for approximately 4 years and neglected to inform her latest male victim of that as portrayed in an episode of one of their reality shows. We all know these shows are mostly scripted but the K'S and J'S lie and claim theirs is real. Kourtney announced in that episode that "all teens have sex with their boyfriends" in "support" of Kim when her then fiancee, Kris Humphreys, expressed his shock and surprise saying he did not know she'd been married before!

Then, Kris Jenner proceeds to appear all over tv pimping a book she wrote wherein she relays an incident involving Nicole Brown Simpson saying she (Kris Jenner who was married to Robert Kardashian at the time) could have saved her (Nicole's life) but was too busy to meet with her the day Nicole had wanted to get together!

Many felt Robert Kardashian and Kris aided and abetted OJ Simpson in the murder of Nicole by hiding and covering up evidence!

And this horrid woman, wife and mother has just been announced as a judge of the Miss America Pagent 2012!

OMG, if anyone deserves the wrath of the Occupy Wall St. Group it should be the Kardashian/Jenners imo! This needs to begin asap. We can no longer avoid these despicable people by simply not watching their program or changing the channel as they are everywhere! Sears is being boycotted which I support but do hope they heed it as that store along with K-Mart is not doing well.

I rarely shop at either but live close to one and do go in occasionally as they have a nifty jewelry repair next to the optometry dept. that does not charge exhorbitant prices to change a watch battery. I did purchase a bed and Kenmore stacking washer and dryer within the past two years and paid top dollar for the top-of-the line items in both cases. I am planning to update my kitchen and was planning to get an estimate from Sears BUT WILL NOT until they discontinue the Kardashian line of slutty clothing.

It really is a shame since Sears helped build this country and people have shopped there for years and years. Yet every time I go to the local store the service is worse as they are constantly moving merchandise around and seem to have fewer employees which of course results in longer lines at the cashier's and it is almost impossible to find a salesperson for assistance if needed.

After Kim Kardashian insulting the entire state of Minnesota, I am surprised that MN Sears/K-Marts didn't pull all the Kardashian merchandise the day that news was released!

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