Just a few facts to correct a hit-piece by either a lazy writer or another Wall St. captured "reporter."

1. Provenge only costs $93K and NOT $93K per year.

2. Provenge actually costs less than chemo insofar as it has virtually no side effects compared to the crippling side effects of chemo... all of which requires add'l medication and hospitalization and costs much more money.

3. Provenge extends life a median of 4.1 x months more than the placebo... which was a frozen form of Provenge for those who crossed-over. Provenge actually extends life a median of approx 14 months compared to those who receive no treatment.

4. Many men receiving Provenge are still alive many years after treatment. As this course of treatment is further studied, it will provide even greater life expectency and, ultimately, may prove itself to be a cure for prostate cancer.

5. And what about quality of life? The only significant adverse side effect of Provenge is flu like symptoms. Chemo, on the other hand is devasting and kills approx 5% of recipients. The side effects of chemo are so bad that a substantial number of men have chosen no treatment. Now, w/Provenge, these men have a choice.

6. Provenge is the infant stage of a truly revolutionary change in the fight against cancer!!!