Not sure where to post this, but thought I'd try here.

In late May I put together a home HTPC box. The heart of it is a Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini E350 mainboard. Installed Win7 Home 64-bit. 4GB RAM. HDMI to a 42" Panasonic VIERA 1080p Plasma.

Right out-of-the box everything worked great.

Trouble started after July 7, when ATI released the 11.6 drivers. I installed and also did Windows updates. After that Netflix now stutters bad during playback. It is not buffering; the buffer "line" is well ahead of the playback "line".

The 11.7 drivers released on the 25th or so did not help at all.

I uninstalled the whole catalyst suite and re-booted. Windows picked-up whatever drivers MS has.(there are no device problems in Device Manager). Again, Netflix is still bad.

I tied different Power profiles, both in Catalyst and Windows, that has no effect.

Blue-ray, You-tube, Hulu, DVD and iTunes have NO problems. Only Netlfix (Web or Media Center). I'm starting to think some Windows Update did it.

Any Ideas??

Thanks in advance,