Netflix widget on a Vizio TV problem

Cortland, NY

#101 Feb 25, 2012
to delete and reinstall the apps you have to hit the yellow button on the remote and a menu will pop up to either move it delete it or to be done but in having the same problem and deleting it and reinstalling it doesnt help. im pretty sure its the update but my tv wont automatically update and i dont think you can update it your self. if you know how to let me know. Thanks
Mark_Going_Insane wrote:
Purchased a Vizio M421VT last night and all apps BUT Netflix will connect.
Vizio just told me that it's a Netflix problem and to work with them. I'm quite PC/tech saavy and had already surfed around looking for solutions.
The netflix widget version is 2.0, and I suspect there's a bug in there, but no obvious way to uninstall. Vizio already had me reset the TV which proved useless.
I also tried changing the DNS to with no difference in results. I've strung a wired connection and I've got 10Mbps per the TV (that's where the Vizio person disclaimed that it was solely a Netflix problem and to go bug them about it.)
When I search the Netflix site, it throws me back to the Vizio website for tech help. Going to pick up the phone and call, but I've got a dread feeling in the pit of my stomach that it's going to magically be fixed if/when the TV decides to phone home and get a firmware update.
Has anyone successfully UNINSTALLED the Netflix app from the TV? It's preinstalled, and I see no way to remove it.

Evansville, IN

#102 Feb 29, 2012
Vizio e3d420vx
the Netflix app on my tv has NEVER worked. Not one little bit. I just got off the phone with netflix and Roger, after reviewing my recent activity on my other devices declared that the reason my vizio will not connect is because of my SLOW connection. I have AT&T DSL and pay $35 a month for 3 Mbs service. AT&T, after many phone calls and service trips have admitted that they simply cannot deliver even 1 Mbs to my address reliably. This was evident from the netflix history of my activity which showed all of my devices' connections varied wildly from 1.5 Mbs to 0 Mbs. Because of this and the Vizio's inablitlity to adjust I have a useless button on my remote.
This may help someone else if only to let them know there is no hope. Still love Netflix though and the Vizio, just not at the same time.
Girls girl

Oak Creek, WI

#103 Mar 4, 2012
mgkindley wrote:
<quoted text>
OK Boys, Girls, and Sportsfans of all is the solution. After strong arm tactics...I finally reached someone who helped me with this issue from Netflix. Apparently if all else fails then go to the network settings on the Vizio TV and change the DNS to something different. I was told something about some IP providers have DNS numbers that are outdated and cause the problems we are experiencing. I changed my number in both pref. and alt. DNS from the 19X.16x.x.x to a Google DNS of and and when I went to Netflix everything was working normal. Try it and let me know.... [email protected]
This really works....
vizionetflix hater

Valencia, CA

#104 Mar 17, 2012
none of the fixes listed in this thread work for me. just spent 900 bucks for a new 3d tv and get the run around from both companies.
vizio says-firmware update needed and now waiting 10 days for it, nothing else they can do until update.
netflix says-current firmware version should work and vizio has no business promoting netflix in the apps bundle unless they can properly support it.

Vancouver, Canada

#105 Mar 19, 2012
Hi guys,

If you have the time, please help my group and I by filling out this survey. The survey is for a marketing project that we are doing based on Netflix. Thanks again!

PS: It should only take 5 minutes of your time.

Houston, TX

#106 Mar 20, 2012
The Android Netflix app is available for free. It is a nice app that works beautifully.
James F

Columbia, MD

#107 Mar 20, 2012
My XVT373SV works with Netflix but intermittently reboots when I try to start Netflix. I did a factory reset and it is still doing the same thing plus it now keeps rebuffering very frequently and sometimes has trouble connecting to Netflix at all. Any new suggestions?

Metamora, MI

#108 Apr 8, 2012
Urhuckleberry wrote:
Vizio VF552XVT that will not connect to Netflix at all. Started a Netflix account, have used account on iPhone and iPad but when on Vizio VIA, open up Netflix and then it asks if you are a member. I answer yes and it immediately tells me unable to connect to Netflix......any ideas anyone? Have talked to Netflix 3 times, Vizio 2 times and getting the finger pointing game going on. Still does not work. Anyone have any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
Igot same issue with new 55' 3d that all the video apps work for the first time and then stop working after that I've been around and around with everyone from netflix, my ISP, Vizio, and I am about to take this TV back.
netflix is the bomb

Fort Thomas, KY

#109 Apr 19, 2012
call #1-866-716-0414 to reset your Netflix account. They will provide you with a new activation code. GL
Old Marine

Charlottesville, VA

#111 Jun 9, 2012
Had to have a new board installed on my Vizio (sound probs) now it will not give me a prompt for my router password! It recognizes the router, and is able to test the connection, but will not connect to Netflix (only app I use) Have reset to factory, no help. Also there is no code to enter in Netflix to activate account for this TV.:(
Any suggestions?
Frosted Squirrel

Albuquerque, NM

#112 Jun 15, 2012
I had a problem with initial activation of Netflix but internet apps such as YouTube worked fine. I tried changing the DNS as some suggested, but it didn't work. I left DHCP on and selected one of several listed "popular videos" at the initial Netflix screen. Voila! It finally got me past the Could Not Connect screen where it asks if you want to Try Again or Exit. It will ask you if you are a member or not. I said I'm a member, entered my email address and password...BAM! Connection...sweet sweet connection!!! Good luck all I hope this helps you too! I'd rather be lucky than good...

Newark, NJ

#113 Jun 16, 2012
How can I change the language on my vizio 3d tv

Newark, NJ

#114 Jun 16, 2012
How can I change the language on Netflix when I am watching it threw my vizio 3d TV E3db420vx it does not show any kind of menu for Netflix
Vizio owner

Morristown, TN

#115 Jul 5, 2012
I also have a vizio withwifi and when we click the button for netflix it will not even do anything. Any suggestions on what the problem may be. All it does when we click the netflix button is shows what channel we are on up in the right corner.

United States

#116 Jul 28, 2012
I just bought 3D Vizio TV. I am trying to sign in to Netflix, but the field for my username and password is black and does not allow me to type in it. It should be grey. But its black. Any suggestions?

North Las Vegas, NV

#117 Aug 8, 2012
After going around the block with all parties, resetting all settings etc..., nothing worked. Then I created a new widget profile and all worked well. Hope that helps!
Kellie White

Tracy, CA

#118 Aug 8, 2012
Jim_S wrote:
<quoted text>
My original problem,(which was quickly solved by a Netflix tech), was that I was only seeing my "instant queue" menu. I was connected to Netflix and could watch any movie in my queue. I just couldn't browse other genres.
It appears you have a network problem that is preventing you from connecting to Netflix or the internet at all. Can you connect to any online service? I would suggest checking all your network connections, wifi passwords, firewalls...etc first. These are things that neither Vizio or Netflix has any control over.
If this doesn't help I would suggest starting a new topic with your specific problem. You'll probably get a better response.
I hope you're able to get things going.
We rebooted our tv and it started working again.

Bradford, VT

#119 Aug 9, 2012
Much did this cost you and what company do you recommend?-- thanks Elisa
my truths wrote:
<quoted text>
glad you found the solution. would have never guess it was a hardware problem and needed a new circuit board.

Glastonbury, CT

#120 Aug 14, 2012
The problem I had was similar but the Vizio Internet App bar would not even come up. Contact Vizio using chant and Aubrey hooked me up. Pasted chat exchange below. She gave me 3 sets of steps to follow. The first set were easy. The first set of steps results in blinking VIZIO letters at the bottom of the bezel, good feedback.
Not so much for the second set of steps, un-pairing the remote, but I was in the loft at our computer so could not see the TV screen to know if something did get displayed. Holding the Q, P and space bar was not the easiest for big fingers. I tested the remote after "un-pairing" and it still worked when in direct line-of-sight, usually I don't need to be in line-of-sight since I think the remote is BlueTooth.
The third set of steps didn't provide feedback either so I don't know what really did the trick.
You can see I was anxious to solve the problem since I have two boys chomping at the bit to watch "World's Toughest Fixes".
----Chat Exchange----
Aubrey: Thank you for contacting VIZIO Live Chat, the home of Entertainment Freedom for All. This is Aubrey in South Dakota. Have you ever contacted us before?
Brian Easton: No
Aubrey: I understand you would like to know if you can program the updates to come through around 3 am? Also your remote VIA button is no longer working?
Brian Easton: Correct.
Aubrey: Are you with the TV?
Brian Easton: Not directly no
Brian Easton: where i am sitting the remote can control but i cannot see the screen
Aubrey: You can't program the TV to receive updates at certain times.
Aubrey: But as far as the remote.
Brian Easton: bummer
Aubrey: We can do the reset to resolve the issue.
Brian Easton: factory reset?
Brian Easton: i saw that in the menu
Aubrey: Lets start with the remote
Aubrey: I would recommend performing a power cycle on your TV and remote. Please follow the steps in this order:
1- Power off TV
2- Unplug TV from outlet
3- Press and hold in the power button on the TV for 30 seconds (while it is unplugged from the wall)
4- Release the power button
5- Plug in the TV in
6- Power on the TV
Un pair Remote :
1. Press the "Q" "P" and "SPACE" button on remote at the same time for 5 seconds.
2. Take out both batteries.
3. Press all the buttons on the remote, one at a time (including the keyboard).
4. Put batteries back in.
5. Test the remote
Re Pair remote :
1. Press the Green Button and RED Record button for 10 seconds.
2. It should now be paired.
3. Test out the remote
Brian Easton: give me a few minutes
Aubrey: Ok.
Brian Easton: did the first set of steps and the Vizio text is blinking. working on un-pairing the remote
Aubrey: Okay, the blinking means the TV is resetting.
Brian Easton: the yahoo bar seems to be coming up and is "installing updates 5 of 24"
Aubrey: Great, that means your TV needed updates.
Brian Easton: Apps are showing up and indicate "Loading". That seems to have done it. May i ask what the first set of steps did?
Aubrey: That was like a hard reboot on a computer but for the TV.
Brian Easton: got it. Thanks!!!
Aubrey: You are welcome! Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
Brian Easton: you have 2 happy little boys who can now watch veggie tales. Nothing for now. Thanks again!
Aubrey: Good! I'm glad I was able to correct the issue!
Aubrey: You all have a good night :)
Brian Easton: have a nice night
Aubrey: Thank you for contacting VIZIO Chat Support! If you need our assistance again in the future you can contact us by Chat, Email, and Phone service. That information is found on . Have a great day!
Aubrey has disconnected.

Raleigh, NC

#121 Sep 8, 2012
Can you please explain in more detail how you did this? I do not understand your instructions.

Frosted Squirrel wrote:
I had a problem with initial activation of Netflix but internet apps such as YouTube worked fine. I tried changing the DNS as some suggested, but it didn't work. I left DHCP on and selected one of several listed "popular videos" at the initial Netflix screen. Voila! It finally got me past the Could Not Connect screen where it asks if you want to Try Again or Exit. It will ask you if you are a member or not. I said I'm a member, entered my email address and password...BAM! Connection...sweet sweet connection!!! Good luck all I hope this helps you too! I'd rather be lucky than good...

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