The DNA theory of cancer (a limited number of genes causes cancer, so cancers are more or less the same) hasn't yet produced the types of breakthroughs we all want. Most everyone in cancer research seems to have centered their attention on DNA being the culprit.

It would be expected that after spending so many years of pursuing this one angle, and the numerous links that have been made, this should have lead to more progress than is presently observed. There is always a cytogenetic and a biochemical individuality in every cancer.

Growing evidence suggests that gene-based prediction is not stable and little is known about the prediction power of a gene expression profile as compared to well-known clinical and pathologic predictors. Cancer prognosis from a handful of genetic mutations that drive a cell into uncontrolled growth, has failed many aspects of cancer.

Genomics are far too limited in scope to encompass the vagaries and complexities of human cancer biology.