Would anyone like to join me in class...

Would anyone like to join me in class action law s

Created by Greg Armstrong Dip2007 on Jan 27, 2008

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monacocoachstink s com

United States

#1 Feb 19, 2008
I am in.
Someone has to stop the pain Monaco Coach is responsible for both in there service, their poor products and their sales methods.
They are hurting individuals, the little retired people of America.
Kay Toolson... Stop building junk. Take Care of those people that once believed in your product!
laura and george matheson


#2 Aug 30, 2008
We bought a new 2007 arista RV in Feb/08 and have used it for 7 wks. During all excursions with it we experienced problems with electrical, water, plumbing, gas, hydraulics, panelling falling off, micro falling out of its cabinet as well as a Tv doing the same. We also discovered melted electrical wiring discolored areas on electrical panel(fuse area)due to heat. We have itemized everything and even with some service to improve some problems more seem to present. I am afraid to use this RV much less invite anyone to come along with us!
Robert Webster

United States

#3 Sep 12, 2008
My retirement was celebrated with the purchase of a new Monaco Knight(mare). It spent one full year out of service and still wasn't repaired. I sued and spent 5 years in litigation to recover the rest of my monies. There is not a day in my RV travels that I do not tell my "Monaco story" in an effort to keep others away from experiencing my pain. Let me know how I can help others from being taken and recover their money.

Hardy, VA

#4 Nov 1, 2008
We bought our Simba Gas 33S by Monaco on June 21,08 we have camped only 3 times in it. The MH has been in the shop for a total of 8 weeks for a water leak. We are to pick the MH up around Nov 10, hopefully the water leak will be fixed. If its not fixed we will be looking into the lemon law. NC has a good lemon law.

I thought Monanco was a nunber on company. boy was we wrong!!!!

Eugene, OR

#5 Nov 24, 2008
You all are wrong i have been worrking at monaco for quite some time now and dont judge us on the way a few things turn out since some jerk didnt do thier job right the person who is respinsible for the leaks all the way to the one responsible for somthing as simple as a panal on a cabinet was just being lazy dont judge every employee at monaco for ten or twenty lazy assholes when thats not even one percent of the men and women at the company invest most of their time in to the company and im tired of hearing so much trash talk if it is so easy to build these things do it yourself and quit bitching ypu sound pathetic and stupid i invest more then 60 hours a week into something i cant afford how much do you invest into comthing you bought quit ragging on a company that tries to weed the bad employees and send your rv in im sure we would fix it just fine plus the one who screwed up was probably terminated so shut up already and get over it!!!!!!!!!!
Big John

United States

#6 Dec 13, 2008
People like "Noneya" are the problem. Folks from Oregon to be crabby, insolent, and ignorant. Just look at how "Noneya" writes, and you can surmise the type of people Monaco has to hire in Oregon. No wonder your mobile homes have problems. Monaco's employees can't even punctuate the end of a sentence properly. "Noneya" would have you believe he / she is one of the good employees, and that you should be happy he / she so much time in building such junk (Yeah, Noneya, just knowing you are there makes it all worth it). You paid big money for a product. It should work without major problems for many years. It seems that not only are the assemblers inept, the quality control dept. is incompetant as well.

Independence, OR

#7 Dec 15, 2008
Punctuation is not an important part of building a coach. Paying attention to detail in your assigned task over and over is. 99% of the folks at Monaco care about the quality of product. If they don"t they are gone. How many people do you work with that have passion and a commitment to there job?? Have you ever bought a new house? Now put tires air brakes a diesel engine and drive down the road at 70 mph. It would have issues too. It is the nature of the beast, if you don't like it don't buy a coach. Issues arise and Monaco will fix them.

Bend, OR

#8 Dec 15, 2008

Lindsay, CA

#9 Dec 24, 2008
I have owned many coaches, as I am a "gadget guy". When new and cool concepts are integrated into a new model coach, I buy it. I have owned two Fleetwoods (03 Excursion and 04 RevolutionLE), an 06 Holiday Rambler Imperial, an 07 SuperNova and an 08 Tiffin Phaeton. I list these coaches to qualify myself as someone with real world experience owning various coaches and dealing with warranty issues via my local dealer and the factory. I want to make it clear that Monaco was the best company I have ever dealt with. The Imperial was the best coach I have ever owned. The workmanship, design, and quality was leaps and bounds over any other coach I have owned. I WISH I never sold it! If I could afford another one, I would by it today.
Second best is the Tiffin, because of their customer service. I don't think much of the Phaeton that I own, except for the floor plan, which is the best in the industry for families. The coach wiring is awful, and it is grossly underpowered.
That being said, Tiffin answers their phone, honors all warranties without question, sends me any parts I need, including windows, with out any questions or charges. So I would definately buy another coach from them.(Allegro Bus not Phaeton)
I would NEVER buy another Fleetwood product. I had a new Revolution for nine monthes and the slide out geometry was out of whack. The slide needed to be removed and shimmed properly, but Fleetwood would not agree to fix it, even though it was still under warranty. They hung me out to dry. This isn't a petty complaint. I would never buy a coach without a factory warranty. Their's was one or two years (can't remember) and they did not honor it. So, in my book they are dishonest liars. I don't do business with liars.
Last on the list is Gulfstream. Their product was by far the worst pile of junk I ever experienced. I had the factory reps fly out to my location to inspect the coach on threat of law suit. I had it 3 month and they bought it back, thank God! But that puts them one up on Fleetwood!
Robert Webster

United States

#10 Dec 25, 2008
As John Arnold, the outside attorney for Monaco here in Texas, told me: Monaco has a limited warranty. What does that mean? It means that Monaco will fix what it wants, when it wants, and pay what it wants. Meanwhile, I am out of the use of the coach at no compensation to myself. My coach had over 168 warranty item claims and was not repaired within one, in spite of filing a complaint with the Lemon Law process. Monaco took the case all the way to trial five long years later, and then found a way to kill the messenger rather than hear the message. I wear my Monaco cap to this day on all of my RV trips, so that prospective customers can ask about my Monaco. Then I tell them the real story and kill another Monaco sale. Kaye Toolson has never dealt with me or many others that I've met in an honorable manner. Is it any wonder their sales and stock values have plummeted?
RV Mike

Port Severn, Canada

#11 Jan 2, 2009
It is unfortunate that you have had the troubles with your motorhome that you had.Not all RV's have problems. As a member of the supplier community that services both the OEM's and the aftermarket I have seen a dramatic change in the way that some OEM RV companies make purchasing decisions when it comes to componenets in the units. It is based on a practice that the "Big Three North American Auto companies" have pioneered and put in place. It is not about the end user or the quality it is about price and only price. The popular belief is that they are the only game in town and they can do what they want. If the RV industry does not change its ways then it will go the way of the Big three. They need to remember that the customer has alternatives. My suggestion is to look at the smaller family owned and operated RV manufactures, they tend to USE the product that they produce and are RVers. This is not true of most others. The best question to ask the sales person, the company rep or the person on the other end of the phone when you are looking to buy any product be it an RV or an RV accessory "Do you own or use one of the products that you manufacture, if not why?" Lets hope that the RV manufactures change, they are not building cars, they build homes .

Cheney, WA

#12 Jan 26, 2009
I have worked for Monaco Coach for quite a while and I gotta say there are some individuals out there only for a paycheck but the majority is there also to do good work! I'd like to see any one of these complainers go through a 60 hour week and not have at least one screw-up. The plant I'm employed with takes a great deal of time to hire people who can not ONLY pass a UA but has graduated high school AND also has the personality for the work environment. Making these coaches ISN'T the easiest but we all try VERY hard to make the coaches that WE all can't afford but you RICH picky people expect EVERY one of them to be flawless. Give a bit of credit!!
Barry B

Santa Cruz, CA

#13 Jan 28, 2009
I love our 2008 Signature.

Sure we have had a few problems... its a rolling earthquake.

Those few problems were taking care of by people I adore, and thats the hard workers I met at the Coburg plant.

Names like "Jimmy" and "Dennis" come to mind, and I have been known to call for no other reason except to say hello as I made friends there.

I can honestly say that my next coach will be a Monaco as well.

I voted NO above.
RV Babe in California

Edmond, OK

#14 Feb 4, 2009
We bought a 2009 Camelot last year knowing full well that with new coaches comes the "shake-down" process. We've had it in for warranty repairs at Camp Monaco in Harrisburg, OR, twice, and will be taking it back up for its third visit in a couple of months. This is our second Monaco coach, and with all the problems and adjustments, would still buy a Monaco in the future. We get very good service at the factory and have all of our questions answered. The mood after a couple rounds of layoff was somber, but the staff all performed to their best and thankful for having job. Has the experience been perfect? No, but what do you expect from a house on the wheels that tries to shake apart as you try to keep it together. That's motorhoming people.
Thanks, Monaco. We're pulling for you.

Fort Worth, TX

#15 Feb 5, 2009
I am a dealer for Monaco Products as well as many other brands and they all have there problems. The key is to have a company that stands behind there product and fix the issues that has arose. Here is the thing though besides electrical chassis and plumbing they buy all the other products so if a refrigerator breaks or a microwave goes out or the engine quits don't blame Monaco blame that manufacturer. But all in all they are a great company.

United States

#16 Feb 11, 2009
I have owned motorhomes for 30 years, we are on our 6th motorhome. I expect all new motorhomes to have problems, the difference is how manufacture takes care of problems. I have had my Holiday Rambler to the factory repair facility 3 times for the same repair. They schedule some many days and then send you on your way, repaired or not. My next coach will be Tiffin or Newmar, my best experience.

Hendersonville, TN

#17 Feb 12, 2009
Footloose, go with Tiffin. They take care of you.

Eugene, OR

#18 Feb 17, 2009
Big John wrote:
People like "Noneya" are the problem. Folks from Oregon to be crabby, insolent, and ignorant. Just look at how "Noneya" writes, and you can surmise the type of people Monaco has to hire in Oregon. No wonder your mobile homes have problems. Monaco's employees can't even punctuate the end of a sentence properly. "Noneya" would have you believe he / she is one of the good employees, and that you should be happy he / she so much time in building such junk (Yeah, Noneya, just knowing you are there makes it all worth it). You paid big money for a product. It should work without major problems for many years. It seems that not only are the assemblers inept, the quality control dept. is incompetant as well.
Nice generalization, Big John. People in Oregon only tend to get crabby when ignorant morons, like yourself, make gross generalizations about us. We are not insolent or ignorant. While yes, there may be some out here who are, the vast majority are not. But then again, I could probably say the same about where you are from.

Another generalization that I take offence to is your statement "Monaco's employees can't even punctuate the end of a sentence properly." The vast majority of the people on the production floor are good, hard working people. Yes some of them may not know how to punctuate a sentence correctly, but guess what? For them to do their jobs well, punctuation does not matter. One person's writing is not enough to surmise anything about the caliber of people that Monaco has to choose from. I'm not a Monaco fan boy by any means, but when you throw gross generalizations and insults at me, I must speak up.
Happy Camper -Oliver -BC

El Centro, CA

#19 Feb 21, 2009
We are on our 12th motorhome and have had everything from Fleetwood to Prevost. Currently we are on our second Holiday Rambler. JUST LIKE THE OTHER 11, it also had a number of warrenty items from day one. After a number of trips to the dealer and watching the techs work, I came to the conclusion that this particular dealership did not have fully trained and experienced staff. I then called the Monaco factory and they set me up with an appointment at Harrisburg,OR. The difference was night and day. The facility is excellent, the staff are courteous and knowledgable, and they resolved the problems efficiently.
During the good times with high sales volumes the dealerships could not find enough good techs to provide the service required. This however does not absolve them from the responsability of providing satisfactory repairs for their products. I blame most of these problems on poor management of the service department. The emphasis at most dealerships is on selling product, not providing the required after sales support.
Ex-Monaco phone tech

Newaygo, MI

#20 Mar 2, 2009
All of you whiney ass RV owners make me SICK. Boo Whoo I sold my house and bought a POS 300sf box on wheels to put my fat @$$ wife and 30 cats in and travel until I die...But alas I can't because my box with wheels is falling apart because my old @$$ can't take care of!!!! I will call and b!tch every day because I demand satisfaction, I have had this problem from day one! so what the warranty has been up for 2 years I demand an extention...well after listening to you pathetic old bastards... F'U

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