Paul Allen may sell Charter Communica...

Paul Allen may sell Charter Communications

There are 66 comments on the Political Gateway story from Aug 16, 2007, titled Paul Allen may sell Charter Communications. In it, Political Gateway reports that:

Paul Allen said Wednesday he might sell or privatize the No. 4 U.S. cable company, Charter Communication Inc., which he controls. via Political Gateway

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James Eclain

Saluda, NC

#21 Jan 13, 2008
Charter Communications does have great services. I had a few issues with the phone and internet service initially. I feel the problem is they utilize "sub-contractors" who are not employees to perform there installations. Once I called with an issue, an actual CHARTER system technician came to my house and corrected all the issues. I've had all three services for about 9 months now with not one problem. The actual Charter technicians are great, sub-contractors, not so good.

Saint Louis, MO

#22 Jan 16, 2008
Hopefully Comcast will buy out the Charter service area. That'd solve a lot of problems.

Goose Prairie, WA

#23 Jan 22, 2008
I have just dumped Charter after 8-10 years with their company. I had the bundle but have found that Charter has become a coporate greedy nightmare. I have been charged extra every month on my bill and don't know why. I get a statement and all of a sudden, Charter tells me I owe fifty dollars more than my statement says it does. I was treated rudely by four people on the phone service line. It wasn't until I brought the statement to the local office that I was able to prove that I wasn't crazy. They adjusted the bill but this problem occurred again and they shut me off because I refused to pay this axtraneous amount. Keep your business Charter!!! You guys need to get your act together.
family of 4

Green Bay, WI

#24 Mar 17, 2008
I pay for charter internet and charter cable full price.Charter gives great service.People need to realize that the price i pay for my service gives me the news,entertainment,sports,scho ol work online,pay my bills online and hundereds more things.people just dont see the whole picture.People will pay thousands of dollars a year on fastfood,cigarettes,beer,video games,bigscreen tvs.Things we dont need.If i didnt have charter,I wouldnt know what is going on with wars in the world,my local bad weather,recalls on products,kids school work online,my work i bring home online.Charters service is a small price to pay, for all the media and internet it gives.They give our cities schools free service.Charter is the best

United States

#25 Mar 17, 2008
"Family of 4"
I'm sure everyone will agree with you, but the point some folks are making is: we can't see the shows clearly because Charter didn't maintain their cable system, nor can we work or play on-line because our cable systems are decades old. And for all these problems, Charter doesn't refund us one cent.

Charter is similar to a third world country where the local dictator (office), either does their job or they don't. You appear to be one of the lucky ones that receive adequate service.

Their shares are down to .87/share, maybe Allen will sell off and things will get better (of course they might get worse)!

Whitmore Lake, MI

#26 Mar 18, 2008
Our package was coming up in March so we called about another package. We were quoted a price of 109.98 for the same products we currently had along with adding HD. After we received our first bill, it was $30.00 more. Upon calling, they said the representative mis-quoted us, and that the price had risen. If they don't provide adequate training about their prices and packages, that is their problem...not mine. That's the same as being charged more for a product when it gets scanned than what its sticker price is. Stores have to honor their marked price, not the scanned price. Apparently, Charter feels they do not need to honor their quotes. I am canceling my subscription. Rather than getting 109.98 a month, they will now get zip!

Since: Mar 08

Kennewick, WA

#27 Mar 28, 2008
Its all in your install. The billing system is screwed and when the employees all get done sueing the company i hope to have a comcast name tag

Since: Mar 08

Kennewick, WA

#28 Mar 28, 2008
Just as any one knows its also how you treat your installer. Think if charter treats you this bad how bad do you think they treat there guys.
comcast subscriber

Denver, CO

#29 Mar 30, 2008
keg0001 wrote:
Hopefully Comcast will buy out the Charter service area. That'd solve a lot of problems.
DO NOT EVEN SAY THAT! I am a Comcast subscriber although Comcast pays loads of money a year to the BBB to keep the name out of the media, they have the same problems...Comcast, like Charter has outsourcing, rude csrs, poor service and slow sluggish internet speeds. I recently found out that Comcast uses something Charter does not..a broadband management company who actually limits your upload and download speeds in order to save the company money-that not being so bad as they actually instruct the csrs and online tech support to lie about the use of "sandvine". Comcast pricing is outrageous compared to Charter the regular price of services averages about ten dollars more. If I could have Charter services I would!!!! As to the people who think that cable companies are a "monopoly" -read up on the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Any provider can come into your area but it is costly and generally not worth the competition. Enough said.

Anderson, SC

#30 May 9, 2008

Worcester, MA

#31 Aug 19, 2008
can anyone tell me why Charter will not add International Chanels?Far as i know they are the only one who do not
Frustrated With Charter

Jackson, WI

#32 Aug 19, 2008
Charter really doesn't care about what the Customers want to watch. They'd rather put channels on that pay them to be in the lineup (i.e. shopping networks or the channels that only want a small fee from Charter.
charter tech

Westborough, MA

#33 Sep 7, 2008
Stashu wrote:
A good move would be to dump it before its totally worthless. A company with poor customer relations/service is a company not worth owning. Anyone with a choice of providers should do their homework; at the end of the day you will choose anything BUT Charter!!
Dealing with Charter has been one of my most painful experiences; you treat your customers like dirt. Before Christmas I contacted Charter and informed them that I wanted to buy a HD box off of eBay, gave them the model number and serial number. I was informed that was o.k. that it would be supported. I bought the box for $250 and since then have spent over 3 hrs on the phone trying to get activated and 2hrs standing in line at the local office (again cuz Charter told me to, because they could activate the box). So after spending $250 plus 5-6hrs of my valuable time on phones and in lines, Charter says sorry we can't activate the box. We're sorry OUR personnel gave you bad information, is there anything else we can do for you? That's my latest issue. You don't even want to get me started on what they charged me for years for 3Mbps when the most I ever measured was 1.7Mbps. I will look to replace Charter for Cable, Internet and phone as well as post my experience over the internet so folks that have a choice of providers make the smart choice which is anything BUT Charter.
make sure your modem is DOCSYS 2 and try a speed site like , you may not be getting an accurate reading. Why would you buy a HD box on ebay? is it even compatible with the Charter system? We use Scientific Atlanta converters in Worcester. If the box is a Motorola, it won't work. I would either get a Tivo, or rent a Charter DVR, or get a tv with a cable card slot. The boxes change too often to spend $250 on one.
charter tech

Westborough, MA

#34 Sep 7, 2008
Dave wrote:
I went into the local Charter office to cancel my cable TV today... they tell me I cannot cancel until 1 week before the billing cycle... what BS is that?
They are hoping I will forget. I timed a movie last night... OVER 50% OF AIR TIME WAS COMMERCIALS.
Mr Allen, you lost me as a client. I am buying an APPLE TV and will download my movies commercial free.
Do you honestly believe that any cable company has anything to do with how many commercials are run during a movie, or any program, for that matter?
Charter lover

Yakima, WA

#35 Sep 10, 2008
I have had CHTR services for 5+ years and currently subscribe to the bundle and average 3 VOD rentals a month. CHTR has millions of customers. I have recommended there service to family and friends who have all thanked me. Internet message boards are a magnet for complainers.

Inman, SC

#36 Sep 11, 2008
I think Mr. Allen should sell the company. My post regarding the failed installation and the unprofessional handling of resolving the installation no show is totally unacceptable. Yes, there may be a lot of subscribed customers, but so as there is a lot of people living in dictatorship country, the number of people doesn't give you the right to be push customers around.

May be there are simply no other solutions. For example, DirecTV does not have High Speed Internet in my area, so what choice does one have? So as those billions of people living in a non-democratic country, they cannot just leave!
Charter CSR

Bessemer, MI

#37 Sep 11, 2008
Charter is now the 3rd largest cable provider in the US. We must be doing something right.
Bethany Turner

New Orleans, LA

#38 Sep 18, 2008
I had no real problems with Charter until recently. I have a desktop in another part of the state in which I live. I have a VPN connection set up by my employer. My employer has checked the set-up twice, no problem with Cox Cable. I use a Lynksys wireless, so I etherneted my laptop directly to the modem, same problem.(Rrror 619)ATT connected just fine. I have been on the telephone with Charter customer service for about 6 weeks now with no resolution. I looked for Charter VPN connectivity issues on the internet and the Netgear product came up. I hope there is a solution here. Has anyone else out there had this problem? If so, how was it resolved? I am scheduled to get Netgear soon, if the appointment is not changed again without my knowledge. I have never been so frustrated in all my life, my nerves are shot and I am quite backlogged. I could deal with customer service being abroad and beyond if I could get the help I need. I really do not want to go back to satellite. If the Netgear does not work, I have no other choice.

United States

#39 Oct 13, 2008
A lot of the "blogs" I see on here are not only unbelievable, but totally not the fault of Charter. First, let me speak to Stashu, in MA,,, no cable company will activate a receiver that you bought on line,, NONE... first, they are not supposed to be sold,, if that was the case the cable companies would be selling them!( can we say positiv revenue), second,, The supply of DVR's is not due to any imcompetence of Charter's it is up to the supplier ( Motorola, SA, etc.), and since they are supplying not only the US but Canada, and Puerto Rico, and a few other countries,, do you really think they have an unlimited supply of these items. And please, do not curse, belittle, or berate the Customer Service reps,, they take enough abuse on a daily basis,, you get more done with kindness than you could possibly imagine
Directv customer

Madison, WI

#40 Oct 14, 2008
I have had a string of customer service nightmares with Charter Communications.

I only wish I had the time to relate the many stories, I do not.

But I can tell you this, I no longer have internet service because Charter has the area locked up. I simply will not deal with their corrupt incompetent
"system" any longer.

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