MDT Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spearfish, SD

#161 Feb 29, 2012
I had my stimulator (med) put in in 2006, have had problems with it turning on by itself, then had to have remote to turn it off. Mine was a canister installed in my neck, then wires ran down my spine to the pack on my right side. Had it taken out two years later because of problems, they took out the battery and coiled up the wires and left them in the site. A neuro surgeon took all the rest out because the leads moved over my right shoulder, I have a great deal of pain from this.
Nadja Cruz

Cape Coral, FL

#162 Mar 1, 2012
bberta wrote:
Has anyone tried legal action to get compensation for failed systems ?????
Yes Lopez & Lopez was doing a lawsuit but the time frame was over a year so they would not take my case.

Fairhope, AL

#163 Mar 3, 2012
Nadja Cruz wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes Lopez & Lopez was doing a lawsuit but the time frame was over a year so they would
not take my case.
Do Lopez and Lopez still handle the stimulators caes? Where are they located? Please send address and phone number of the firm to [email protected] My situation is less than six months. I have tried to find an attorney or attornies, and no one wants to take my case. They all say it is too expensive for their firm.

Fairhope, AL

#164 Mar 3, 2012
If anyone knows a law firm that will take a case less than six months old about these stimulators, please send info. I almost died from a heart attack because of mine before it was removed.

Spearfish, SD

#165 Mar 6, 2012
[email protected] em
Jay, You say you have sued. What was the outcome and who did you use. I just had my 7427 model removed becaused the leads came loose and moved to my right shoulder, and they had to dig the screws out. I've had alot of problems with mine since 2007.
Husband of RSD Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#166 Mar 10, 2012
The Medtronics unit is a piece of junk. The support from the techs is nothing but a smoke screen and lies. I know from just reading this form that they know what is going on with my wife telling them that it is shocking her but they act like this is not possible. I think she is just going to have it removed. I here some of you say that the leads can not be removed safely. Is this true or is it just in some cases? Just like all the doctors telling us that RSD can not spread from one area to the next.
She has been scheduled to go to the pain clinic in Cleveland Ohio. Has anyone been there? Is it worth going to?
I have heard you can not sue Medtronics and that it might be hard to get the DR. but this is a workman's comp case and I am going after the Insurance Company for delay of process which caused bodily harm to many people.

Halifax, UK

#167 Mar 23, 2012
Pleased in Las Vegas wrote:
My trial unit is bing removed today.It is my fist week without any pain at all. Mine is the St Jude
unit and it worked perfectly. If I receive at least 50% less pan with the regular implant I wil be quite pleased. The trial has bee a blessing to be pain free.
ive had a st jude one twice now and im having this one removed on the 18th april cant take no more from this recently poorly placed one this time round dont know what im going to do now

United States

#168 Mar 29, 2012
Pleased in Las Vegas wrote:
My trial unit is bing removed today.It is my fist week without any pain at all. Mine is the St Jude
unit and it worked perfectly. If I receive at least 50% less pan with the regular implant I wil be quite pleased. The trial has bee a blessing to be pain free.

well ive had mine since june 07 and after you had it a while you
wont be saying that since i had it put in now i'm weak in the knee's and have no feeling in the heals of my feet. and still have pain.

New Castle, IN

#169 Apr 7, 2012
Stimulator is very painful in surgery and after
My ans stimulator needs constant attention and is causing serious health problems. No dr will touch me now what am I to do? Box 182 mooreland indiana 47360

Yonkers, NY

#170 Apr 9, 2012
Carol wrote:
Would anyone have a "spare" remote for parts? I have a broken back cover that holds the batteries in on a Boston Scientific Precision Spinal Cord Stimulator, Serial No. 35783?
I have 3 remotes for Boston Scientific Precision Plus that are functioning after having my SCS removed due to malfunctions and complications. I also have a Small\Medium Charging belt, as well as additional batteries for recharging if you are interested. Though I would like to get a few dollars for these items as I have well over 100,000.00 invested in my SCS that I no longer have due to above mentioned problems. Feel free to contact me at cmccraryny at yahoo dot com

Christopher McCrary, Yonkers NY

Yonkers, NY

#171 Apr 9, 2012
Frustrated in OK wrote:
<quoted text>
I too have had the same problem. When they re implanted yours, did they change the location of the battery. The first revision they performed on mine was just to sew it further in to my flesh. I know what you are saying when you talk about he skin being so thin over it. Mine is so defined that I can feel every edge and corner on mine. Is yours giving you the relief that you had expected?
I too had the issue where the device was coming out of the pocket and trying to break thru the skin, I have have a very low body fat according to the BMI (Body Mass Index). As a result I had 6 revisions relocating my generator to various locations, from my buttocks to my flank to the Clavicle Ridge of my pelvis. The first revision was done because the first device malfunctioned and was going full force, for almost 5 days. Ultimately it cause my thumb on my left hand to contract beyond comprehension. The final revision in my opinion from all the diagrams I have seen of the generator location was shown to be on the Clavicle Ridge, not on the buttocks, not on the flank. Once it was put into the Clavicle Ridge, I did not have a deformed creature trying to burst out of my body, I couldn't even feel the device unless I really dug for it. Well a week after the 6th revision, I noticed some infection happening, so back to the hospital... next thing I know I am in ICU, in isolation, and am being pumped up with some really powerful antibiotics, I developed MRSA, and it almost killed me. 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, a 3m PICC line implanted at my elbow that went directly to my heart. Ultimately I had to have my Boston Scientific SCS device removed because every surgical location tested positive to MRSA. So in my opinion I contracted MRSA in surgery because apparently the DR didn't sanitize and or sterilize the surgical location sites thoroughly enough. Be careful and aware of your pulse generator's location. If you notice it getting darker, go to your Dr immediate, if you can not get into his\her office ASAP, go to your nearest Emergency Room, or to the Hospital of which you had the implant done. I hope my experience helps you with your experience. Be well, and God Bless.
CMcCraryNY at yahoo dot com

Yonkers, NY

#172 Apr 9, 2012
Frustrated in OK wrote:
<quoted text>
I too have had the same problem. When they re implanted yours, did they change the location of the battery. The first revision they performed on mine was just to sew it further in to my flesh. I know what you are saying when you talk about he skin being so thin over it. Mine is so defined that I can feel every edge and corner on mine. Is yours giving you the relief that you had expected?
I too can relate to this posting, as when I had my SCS implanted it was just under the surface of my skin, incredibly painful, intensely sensitive, and frankly intolerable. I ultimately had 6 revisions and the last revision was put in the location that ALL of the device makers recommended locations from their displays and their graphics, and that location is the Clavicle Ridge of the Pelvis. It protects the device with bone and with tissue. Upon my last revision I felt that the Dr finally found a "happy" spot however a week and half or there about I noticed some infection happening around the stitches of which I had asked the Dr about removing them during my post op appointment, but he said that they were in very deep and that he didn't want to hurt me trying to take the out. Well the stitches ultimately got infected, and as a result I was also diagnosed with MRSA, and the final outcome was the Dr pulled the enire SCS system out of my body, now I am 100% reliant upon narcotics to manage my pain, and it doesn't really help entirely, as it throws my sleep schedule totally out of kilt.

Yonkers, NY

#173 Apr 9, 2012
Jennifer wrote:
<quoted text>
I have had a trial with Medtronic and my Dr. would like me to to have a trial with Boston Scientific. How often do you have to charge it? Do you have to stay stationary to charge it? How long does it take to charge? Do you have the unit on 24/7? Do you still feel the BS unit is performing properly and giving you relief? Thanks ahead for your help.
I had a BS Precision Plus implanted in me previously, as far as your questions regarding the charging. They give you a belt of which the recharging device (battery) slips into, you place it over the generator and you go about your day. It is however advisable to be laying down or reclined in a recliner but it is not necessary. If the battery shifts with the belt it will start beeping, but word of advice do not attempt to charge yourself while on an airplane as you might get other passengers quite nervous when they see a belt, a small charge shaped device that starts beeping, you will definitely get some people riled up. unbeknownst that all you are doing is charging your SCS. As far as charging, when I had mine, I ran it for 12 to 16 hours a day, and would recharge it about once a week but I would never let it discharge fully. It would take me roughly 4 hours to charge it to full capacity from 3/4 discharge level. Additionally I would also recommend using rechargeable batteries for your remote, even though their Techs will say to use an alkaline battery, ie Duracell, or Energizer, however with the costs of batteries these days, rechargeable batteries are the way to go for your remote. When I had my BS SCS in I was getting around 70% relief from my pain, I have RSD\CRPS type II so I swore by the device. It wasn't until I got an infection after having my last revision. Ultimately the Dr took the whole thing our because I was was tested and and determined that I had MRSA. So needless to say I ultimately was in between the proverbial rock and hard spot. I am now having to control my RSD\CRPS with a narcotic regime that I strove for five years to wean down off from because I did not want to be dependent upon narcotics for my pain management thus why I went thru many revisions of my SCS in hopes that the Doctors would eventually get it right... well they almost got it right...and it almost put me into the dirt well before my time. Fortunately there were the proper antibiotics to treat this infection that I got before it took my life. Now with that said, I say to each and everyone of you reading this, YOU are your own best Dr. plain and simple, but you need to pay attention to you body... pay attention to signs that your body gives you, especially in your surgical locations, bacterial infections are deadly. MRSA kills more people in the United States alone than the AIDS virus, a proven fact. Hope my input helps. Be well, live pain free, and may God Bless you and your family with long life, and a healthier future.

Yonkers, NY

#174 Apr 9, 2012
Jeanne wrote:
Has anyone had the Boston Scientific implanted for cervical problems? I have the trial in me now and the movements of my head make it difficult to control. I was told that with the permanent SCS this won't be an issue. Anyone?
I had a BS Precision Plus implanted due to Cervical and Thoracic pain due to herniated, collapsed, crushed, and fractured disks from C1-C7 and T5-T8 not to mention L3-L6, amazing what a fall from a ladder can actually do. One thing I noticed when I had my SCS in, before it got taken out due to infections, is when I had it running if I turned my head a certain way or looked down or up too far, the thing would hit very hard. You just have to learn where your limitations are, and live within those bounds as it will make life a lot easier or a lot more difficult if you try fighting it. The Perm and the trial are essentially the same thing, because they place it into the same location with the same type of leads or paddles, the only difference is that the entire thing is imbedded into your body. Hope this helps. Be well, live long and strong. Handicaps may be limitations as to what you can do in life, but limitations are what you set upon yourself as you can over come those limitations if you put your mind to it. The mind is a very powerful resource that we as a species really don't fully understand nor do we fully utilize its power.


Chittenango, NY

#175 Apr 11, 2012
Reply to John in Bayside.
I had the BS SC Implant in '09 and so much of the stim went to my stomach, it was useless from the start for my back pain, which got about 20% but at that level, I couldn't even standup. 1 yr later, it was replaced w/a unit 10x stronger and after 1 year, scar tissue had covered the upper stim paddle requiring another surgery just to remove and replace it. Every bit of that extra 90% went straight back into my stomach. I'm at a new practice now and No Surgeon will touch anything this guy has done. I wished it could have worked as advertised, the trial stimulator was much better, and adjustable, this isn't.. I use that now, while my Doc finds someone to take it out. Meanwhile, my skin surface over the pain areas, S1-L3 are numb, and when turning the external stimulator up, to reach any pain relief, I'll get 2nd, 3rd degree burns where the patches are before noticing. Want it out, not happy at all.
Central NY
John Ferris

Ridgewood, NY

#176 Apr 17, 2012
tngrandmajan2 wrote:
I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with the decision on whether to get this or not.
My doctor says that this is the only way to go, but Im not so sure. Ive been told before that a certain procedure would help me, but so far nothing has. I havent had this done yet & Im not so sure that I want to have something implanted in my back, especially when I was told before that this wouldnt help my back pain but they want to "try" this for failed knee surgery. From what Ive read this morning, I havent found any site where this is used for anything but back pain---which I have but Im being "told" that this is going to help my knee pain. Is there anyone out there that can give me any kind of advice on where I can go to find out if this is going to help me or not & if there is a way to find out if this is a surgery that I should avoid. I would really appreciate any info that anyone can give me cause right now I dont know what to do. All I do know is that I want to be out of this pain that Ive been in for way too long now. Thanks, I really would appreciate any & all info. Hope to hear from you soon. Janet
My problem is with pain shooting down my right leg from a pinched L5 nerve somewhere near the entrance to the spine. With my (now) Boston Scientific and the previous Medtronic device makes a tingling sensation cover most of my leg and in the very low back - effectively taking the sharp edge off and making my life 100% better. Before the Boston system was installed my life was a living [email protected] -just the exhaustion from the pain keeping me awake for two days or three days at a time lead to overwhelming depression. As an aside - the coverage for my problem was better with the Medtronic but the Boston device does just fine. The coverage is completely decided by how the lead is placed.
The original purpose of SCS is for pain in the legs - read the info on both suppliers web sites. In actuality the application of an SCS is not intended for low back pain - since this type pain is typically not generated from primary nerve damage but typically tissue damage.
Yes, I along with everyone else will have a problems with the wires,leads,or battery. This stuff will not stretch or bend - so overtime - with inadvertent twists and reaches there is a possibility that something will move around. The choice of the Surgeon is critical. My first put in the Medtronic system (test and then full implant)followed by two correction surgeries in 16 months when the wires migrated. When the wires migrated for the 3rd time I went to a new surgeon who removed the old and installed all new Boston equipment. Not a problem in 18 months - knock wood. I assume there will be another operation but the therapy the system has provided, and the quality of life improvement will be well worth an additional surgery or two. I am lucky that I have about zero issues with anesthesia - and have always returned to work within 10 days.
If the pain in your knee is truly making your life [email protected] then it would be worth the try. The question is whether the knee pain is from tissues damage or damaged nerves. If the pain is generated by tissue damage the SCS may be ineffective.

Edmond, OK

#177 Apr 17, 2012
I have a St. Jude's & it has been working great it's been 9 months now & this past weekend the battery that is in my left upper butt fell to the bottom & I had to push it back up. It had been moving around side to side & a little deeper in before, but now it moves freely & is going even deeper under the skin where I have to push it up & out in order to charge/change the intensity... eeeeek! I am soo grossed out & now my butt is just this intense burning. I am really creeped out but it has enabled me to be able to walk again & have a better life (has been the biggest miracle of my life!!!) so I can't just have it removed. For those of you that had it put back in another pocket, how long was that surgery & how long were you off work, or in bed for before you could walk around okay? I'm getting scared! Help!!

United States

#178 Apr 26, 2012
My husband had a bs scs put in about five years ago. It has made his life so much better. He has neuropathy in his feet and back pain but the stimulator has really helped. He is very active for a seventy year old. Recently he has had trouble with a gnawing pain in his right side near where he had hernia surgery and has had two bouts with testicular pain. Today he lowered the setting on the stimulator and noticed that the pain in his side got better. Has anyone had this experience and if so what did you do about it?
Carrol H

Manteca, CA

#179 Apr 30, 2012
I have a Medtronic SCS implanted in June 2011 due to chronic low back pain with radiculopathy (I had several lumbar spinal surgeries over the last 30 years due to a benign mass)and just learned I now need a replacement of the device. My Medtronic rep stated that it's because I used the setting "too high" and it sucked up all the battery life. I can't seem to grasp this concept that because I used a higher setting my device has drained it's bettery. It has lasted only ten months rather than the three years they estimated upon implantation. I am not happy with Medtronic and will see my spinal surgeon next week to discuss replacing this unit with a rechargeable one however after reading these comments I will research my other options such as Boston Scientific or any other manufacturer of SCS. Has anyone ever experienced a problem with their batteries draining so quickly?
Husband of RSD Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#180 Apr 30, 2012
Any of you that have had a scs feel like it is shocking you? If so did it help to have it removed. Did this remove the shocking? She has a Medtronics unit. We have been to the Cleveland Clinic and they said the could remove it or relocate it to the front side instead of the lower back. Unit is moving a lot in the pocket. She is getting shocked when it is off and on. She gets nauseated when she charges it.

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