I hate working for McDonalds
McDs CT worker

Danielson, CT

#442 Jul 31, 2012
I'm 19 and I have been working for McDonald's in a small town in CT evenings for almost 2 months now. Shifts were ok about 2-3 nights a week for 3-5 hours. I haven't been trained well from the beginning, and the manager I had to work under most frequently always talked down towards me as if I was stupid because I never had a job before and I had lots of questions because they showed me very little about the cash register before just plopping me down there. This manager seems to really dislike me always looking for every little mistake I make like forgetting to put the cups out I mean is it really THAT big of a deal? Also, one time a customer said he gave me a $20 when he really gave me a $10, so then the manager had to check the entire drawer.
I was right, but the manager for some reason rewarded the customer and faulted me for not laying out the dollar bills on the drawer(really?) and rewarded the cranky customer with a free meal coupon. It's funny that this manager hardly shows me anything, and his attitude towards me is so off-putting. Whenever I do need training, he gets one of the crew members to do it, but its usually a speedy, sloppy lesson unless it's the crew trainer who STILL hasn't shown me everything about the position.
A few weeks later, one of my managers who seems really nice told me that they were going to put me at grill because they felt I was nervous at front counter and they understand it can be scary at first to face people. She said that she got very positive feedback from my co-workers, but since this was on the same day my hours went down from 8.5(4 hours were voluntarily cut because they needed to cut back on shifts that week) to 4.5(one shift). I asked one of my other managers about this and he said that this was because I was then put at fried products. As you can imagine, I wasn't trained very effectively at this position. My coworkers didn't help too much without talking down towards me. I was thinking great, you've been doing this for months now, but I've never done this before. If you're so great at it, why don't you do it yourself?
My hours went back up to 8 the following week, but the manager I despised was in charge again. Only he seemed more like a dick now. He expected everything to be perfect now that I've been there for a while. I admittedly messed up on a few things like the shakes and ice cream sundaes and the manager grew upset with me and later pushed me to do lobby. I got sent out 2 hours early that day because the store became overstaffed 3 hours into my shift.
When I came back to work, I was back at grill again(thank god) only this time they taught me how to use the grill, and bakery, and toasting buns. However, the manager that day at times would complain about my speed when I was tasked with preparing the nuggets and sending it to the HLZ. WTF? First day on grill and I'm already expected to go fast at everything?
My hours are now down to 3 hours this week- that's it! Yes, I've been having trouble, but it certainly doesn't help with a douchebag manager looking over most of work, probably speaking against my quality of work to other managers.
I'm already sick of working here and really want to quit, but I'm just holding out until I start college because there's no way to get another job for a little less than a month. I get a bad rap from that bigoted manager, and who knows how the other managers feel towards me; I rarely see them during my shifts. I'll probably be off the schedule soon as it is. I don't think they gave me a fair chance. They basically wanted me to find out things on my own to learn from trial-and-error, then complain when I make mistakes. They didn't want to train me I guess. This bigoted manager also favorites other employees. They don't even tell me why they cut my hours now. Whatever, I guess this wasn't the kind of job for me.

Blue Ridge, GA

#445 Aug 28, 2012
I just started working at McDonalds not even 3 days ago, the first day, my training day, i was put on a dayshift so i could be trained for nightshift. It was fun, they had me working 1st drive-through window. Then i went immediately to working at night. Where i discovered that they only had 3 employees working, myself, the manager, and a cook. in the days following my first nightshift, I was given a papaer, front and back, of all the things i have to do at my new job. Including cleaning the entire restraunt lobby, and bathrooms by myself in under 40 minutes. I have to rush through stocking the drink counter, gathering the trash, and cleaning the tables AND chairs then i have to go through and mop it all up thoroughly. My first night, of course, i wad unable to meet that time goal. since i was still learning. the next night my manager threatened to write me up if i didnt complete it all in the time given while working the counter, drive through, and stocking behind the counter. I made myself sick i cleaned so fast, and i still didnt complete all the duties i had to, seeing as they were some that no one bothered to tell me about. So i got chewed out every time they piled a new one on the list. I am the only crew member working at night while the night manager looks for every excuse to go outside and smoke. The cook cleans the kitchen, but i still have to restock all the sauces, mop beind the counter, and all the machinery with lots of wires poking out of the back. One night i even had scalding hot wter poured on me while i was back there sweeping, so to avoid getting burned any worse, i grabbed cups and let the water pour into them, but i got chewed out for 'wasting cups' when i was trying to avoid electrocution and burns. At this point from doing everything by myself at this job im ready to quit and its only day 3. Its misrable. They dont want any more than 3 people working nights to cut labor costs, so all the cleaning is my responsibility without any help or rest. I get one break, at the very beginning of my shift typically, so i have to work for the rest of the night. I HATE it.

Chico, CA

#446 Aug 29, 2012
As a rational thinker, and follower of logic I have to express to you my disappointment in giving us a bad name. You've presented you arguments in the same style that we do, and yet the points you make are offensive, aggressive, and do not fully investigate or answer any points on a real basis.

A bit of personal advice,

I used to demean people like you, often thinking that if I could one up them with logical sounding words, I could win.

Please realize that while I agree with some of your points, your method is terrible, and actually, most of your points are wrong.

The last thing I have to say is that please don't be mistaken. You are not correctly applying critical thinking, sound logical application, or any other rational device for discerning truth. You are using words that sound like you are, and then actually just inserting whatever bullshit that defends your point.

You've made a lot of people feel bad about themselves that didn't deserve that, and many people who did deserve it. Please look inside yourself to find the pathway to truth through sound logical reasoning, and the application of unbiased critical thinking. If you'd like any suggestions on books to read regarding those topics, please let me know and I will be happy to provide them.
Ryan S

Chico, CA

#447 Aug 29, 2012
The post above is not by unknown, it's by me, I typed it in the wrong place. The post is to the person called Unknown

London, UK

#448 Sep 14, 2012
Ha Ha That's a joke only because the store manager sits behind you when doing the survey so you don't write anything bad plus they bought them selves into the top work place BY implementing the apprenticeship program which BTW is blagged by all the managers...............this happens in all McDonald's............I know I've worked in over 10 restaurants ............and got told to blag it by all the corporate heads ..............they don't care if the results are fake as long as it looks done .........NUFF SAID.

New York, NY

#449 Sep 17, 2012
Have a relative who has worked for McDonald's as a certified senior award winning manager
With excellent skills is being asked to leave because the owner who is old thinks she Makes too much money.

Clermont, FL

#450 Sep 24, 2012
Melissa wrote:
I've been working for a Mcdonald's in Canada, and I really enjoy it. The crew is funny, the manager too. Nobody is forcing you to work there, you got there by your own way.
I worked there too long and I must of quited a million times. When I do quit, they make you feel bad and I end up staying. It's my fault because I'm freakin nice. I just waiting till I find a good job so I can finally quit.

Nanaimo, Canada

#451 Sep 24, 2012
Okay, I've been at mcdons for about 3 years now, I used to like it now I down right hate it. I'm an untrained team leader...and my manager sucks ass, qthe employees do nothing and it's hard to make yourself look good with these kinds of people. I don't even try anymore, I'm jewel money and hours and lacking shifts..no one is trained properly at all and it's stressful when no one knows wtf there doing !!!!!!!!!! I hate it, applied at other jobs hopefully I can get rid. Of this shit job. No words can describe. Ow much I hate working there..

Sandy, UT

#452 Sep 26, 2012
I had my first day of work today at McDonalds and I was crying by the time my shift ended.

I was very optimistic about this first day and put a lot of faith in my managers and expected them to teach me everything I needed to know until I was comfortable enough to do it on my own so I could keep up with the rushed pace without causing any hold ups.

Boy was I wrong, my image has been shattered.

The start was okay, they put me on the training site and gave me the stations I had to learn.

That part was easy enough, but reading is a whole lot different than actually performing those tasks.

I was told at the end of the quiz I'd be evaluated by my manager to make sure I could perform these stations successfully.

I went to find one of my managers and told them I was ready.

This is where it goes downhill.

He didn't question if I understood everything fine, didn't ask if I had questions, didn't ask if I'd like at least a SHORT rundown of how things were.

He just told another manager I'd be working on the fryers for the french fries until 1 pm.

Feeling a little overwhelmed because the lunch rush was beginning, I thought maybe they'd at least partner me with someone more experienced so they can guide me through the rushed process since it was my very first time on the job.

But no, they just showed me which buttons to press and to get started.

It was terrible.

I was trying to keep the fries coming, tried getting them stocked up so we had enough of everything for the orders.

I was slowly falling behind regardless of me trying my hardest and I was holding things up for everyone, which is basically one of the things I dread the most. Being a supervisor at another place for a year made me have high expectations for my work ethic yet here I was, being terrible and disappointing my fellow employees because of my sloppiness and incapability of keeping up with them.

My managers were getting annoyed with me and kept snapping comments at me like, "You can't run out of fries, ever." Yet no fingers were raised to help me in the slightest.

By the end of the hectic lunch rush, I was getting slightly better and keeping up with things but that still in no way fixed what I had to go through beforehand.

I left the restaurant not only disappointed in my managers, but in myself.

I'm dreading going back because I don't want to face the lack of good management and don't want to face another day of me being a failure.

Springfield, MA

#454 Sep 28, 2012
Unknown27 wrote:
Perhaps if you'd lose the weight you could have kept your job. It's not his fault you're fat.
Wooooooowwwww go fck yourself, that is the worst thing I have ever heard you do realize it's illegal to fire someone for being overweight it's considered discrimination. You are one sad pathetic human being. Why don't you take your love for everything McDonald's and shove it up your as you stupid piece of sht.
VA Employee

United States

#455 Sep 28, 2012
I have been working at McDonald's for 6 months now. I've seen people come and quit or get fired in that short of time. I am a hard worker. I do what is asked of me and I do it right. Everyone is nice. Everyone likes to kid around. We are a giant family. I have been told by the assistant manager that she wants me to be a crew trainer and my store manager has brought it up as well. It IS a lot of hard work. There have been many times when you just want to quit but you stay. Because I enjoy working here. I love the people here. I started on grill. Now I am the only one who can do grill, fryer, and table and not run out of meat or deep fried products. I've done everything in the store.lobby except drive thru. If I ever leave, I will miss working here.

Wellington, OH

#456 Oct 2, 2012
Working there is the worst. Pick a new job it's literally hell

Poughkeepsie, NY

#457 Oct 6, 2012
Robert Leabo wrote:
jess wrote:
<quoted text>
thats happening to me! my fourth shift is on thursday and im stressing i have to work at the drive thru and have no idea what to do.
If you dont know how do work at mcdonalds sheerly on common sense, then you will not make it in any job, especially if you have already worked 4 shifts. you should be getting the hang of whats going on even without the proper training. mcdonalds is all common sense. "
That's pretty arrogant and ignorant to say to a person, especially someone, who like myself is new. Mcdonalds maybe a "common sense" job, however when you are new and are nervous about trying to get the procedure down correctly, of course you're going to feel under prepared, lost, and perhaps, useless. To say that you will not make it in any job, is very ignorant, because I am going to college to be a teacher and I can already teach just fine regardless of my skills at Mcdonalds. Some people do not want to become "lifers" at Mcdonalds and are only working there because they need the job to supplement their income, pay off student loans, etc, and are doing the best that they can do. I have been told time and time again that Mcdonalds is an "easy job" once you get the hang of it, but after 4 lousy shifts, we're not qualified nor prepared enough to to have the hang of it. If you work at Mcdonalds, I hope that you are now a trainer, because you would make the new crew member feel very ashamed and pathetic if you say things like that to him.
That's my two cents, don't like it? Too damn bad!
Rob L
BOOM! You tell em

United States

#458 Oct 10, 2012

Deception Bay, Australia

#460 Oct 16, 2012

Deception Bay, Australia

#461 Oct 16, 2012
sorry my freind went on my account i still agree tho..... ":(

Winnipeg, Canada

#462 Oct 17, 2012
I've been working at Mcdonalds for a month now. I'm amazed at how many posts there are complaining "this job sucks!" because (truth be told) I'm loving it.

Sorry for the bad pun there.

My managers are funny and give out praise by the bucketload when I do a good job at something. If I need to know something, I ask and they respond without being b***** about it. I've mostly worked through lunch, some dinners, but have never been put on the till/window during the busier times. They KNOW that I'm new and don't know everything about the tills yet to take quick orders!

For the record, I'm 18/f. Going to art and design school next year, figured I'd work a bit in the meantime.
great white


#463 Oct 19, 2012
Cam wrote:
I've been working at Mcdonalds for a month now. I'm amazed at how many posts there are complaining "this job sucks!" because (truth be told) I'm loving it.
Sorry for the bad pun there.
My managers are funny and give out praise by the bucketload when I do a good job at something. If I need to know something, I ask and they respond without being b***** about it. I've mostly worked through lunch, some dinners, but have never been put on the till/window during the busier times. They KNOW that I'm new and don't know everything about the tills yet to take quick orders!
For the record, I'm 18/f. Going to art and design school next year, figured I'd work a bit in the meantime.
Good for you!
let tell the truth

Blackburn, UK

#464 Oct 22, 2012
people who have good experance there are the people who kiss up to the mangers or who dont know there right as a worker not all stores are bad i dont know ive only worked in one and i will never eat or working in that company again 3 of my family member in different restrants have had the same expereance. people think there have the god given right ti treat you like shit and get a way with it which there do as they know we cant afford to go to court the little guy never wins there need to start. This company is one of the worse companies in regard to respect, attudes and well shit spreading even your disaplies.
let tell the truth

Blackburn, UK

#465 Oct 22, 2012
great white wrote:
<quoted text>
Good for you!
well your one of the only im glad there do trat some people right though

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