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#184 Jan 26, 2011
Dan wrote:
Some of you need to understand that after growth is recession, just like the tides. Lowe's is downsizing and next is growth again. just like night comes day. Weed out the bad and make the company stronger. Look at the STOCKS people! Growth is inevidable now. Every company does it. If you got laid off is was your lack of production, sorry just being real.
You are nothing but an idiot with a trash mouth!!!!!!!!

Franklin Lakes, NJ

#185 Jan 26, 2011
My husband got let go yesterday. zone manager. 7 years, never late, never took a sick day and has a file full of customer service awards. It all sucks. The fact that there is a severance package at all was a surprise. That is uncommon in retail. No idea what we are going to do, we have 2 small kids and he was our only paycheck. :(

Minneapolis, MN

#186 Jan 26, 2011
Chis Nolan wrote:
Is this true?
We will know tomorrow.
Yes, they are offering a small severance package

Minneapolis, MN

#187 Jan 26, 2011
Disgusted wrote:
I think this sucks. My husband was a zone 2 manager and they let him go. He was one of the loyalist employees there. Too bad he was treated this way now. Good luck to those left behind.
AMEN- I lost my job after 4 plus years.
Not true

Harrisburg, PA

#188 Jan 26, 2011
keith wrote:
It is odd that you say that this is confirmed because you are wrong. Everybody knew what their new pay was before accepting and nobodys pay went down, we all went up. Nobody was made hourly.
<quoted text>
I know for a fact of one ops manager taking an 8% pay cut.

Minneapolis, MN

#189 Jan 26, 2011
Stacy FL wrote:
Oh it's true...and feeling the pain. My husband just lost his job today at 1:00 pm! After 11 years of working 60 + hours a week, a perfect work record and going above and beyond the call of duty they let him go. How nice that they give you a letter and tell you your last day is two days away. Don't ya think a little notice would have been nice. At least 2 weeks. I guess we should be thankful for the severence. Sure doesn't make up for all the overnights and loooooooong hours!
Thanks- lost my job today. Loyality??????????

Asheville, NC

#190 Jan 26, 2011
coral springs wrote:
The company had kept manager that do not work and store manager that sit in the back office for hours and do walk the floor and help customers and you have store that let department run the store and if the asst.manager tell the department to do a task the department manager tell the asst.manager that you are not my boss.I fill that the company is not looking into what is going on in there stores as time go on the company will see it for there self if they fix it the company will go down customer are know going back to home depot because lowes has cut there employee staff and can be help this is very customer service.
Completely improper english!
Be Real

Milton, MA

#191 Jan 26, 2011
Consider the economy, look at other retailers that are closing stores or going out of business. This is a wake up call to do everything we can to survive during these tough economic times.

Clio, MI

#192 Jan 26, 2011

Clio, MI

#193 Jan 26, 2011
My heart goes out to the employess and their familes who lost their jobs.I really hope things work out for you, as im sure they will. To the rest of the conspiracy theorists, before you let the verbal diarrhea spout from your mouths, why dont you wait to see what will happen next instead of working yourself into a frenzy, and getting others nervous of the situation. If your upset about what happened, by all means express it, but dont try to forecast what will happen next. You will find out when they want you to. By guessing whats next all you do is create anger and contempt. I came from a company thats future is heading for the toilet bowl, and I witnessed what this type of attitude did to the employees, it leaves everyone on edge, and worried. I will tell you this, if your on here posting that your worried about your job, it usally shows you have course to worry. A guilty conscience needs no accuser

Phoenix, AZ

#194 Jan 26, 2011
old legal gal wrote:
<quoted text>
sounds like someone screwed up somewhere. what reason, business is it of anyone else who go laid off, and how old they were? sounds to me like niblocks hit list got sent out by mistake.
This was no mistake. This is the law. If any of you have been in a position to RIF employees in the USA you would know that you must provide the exiting employee over the age of 40 a detailed list of the number of employees and ages that also are being release. Read Older Workers’ Benefit Protection Act (“OWBPA”)and you might learn something. The older employees must also sign a release/waiver not to pursue legal action. They generally have 30 to 45 days to return the waiver. In many cases if severance is involved, it will not be paid out until the waiver is signed and returned to the employer/company.

Phoenix, AZ

#195 Jan 26, 2011
john wrote:
<quoted text>
That is not uncommon for company to give out in this situation. It most likely did not include names but just data. The purpose is the exact opposite of what you are thinking about. It is a defense against lawsuits. By providing the statistics they are proving that they did not discriminate. While certain geographical pocketsmay look biased, you can rest assured that as a whole, the company did not discriminate. They are too smart and had lawyers involved in every step of the process. That is why they followed a strict script during the meetings as well.
Yes, John you are correct.

South San Francisco, CA

#196 Jan 26, 2011
theonetheonly80 wrote:
<quoted text>
Is this for real? I have a $5,000 dependant care and $1500 fsa. I can use all of it and don't have to pay it back?
yes if you read the info on FSA you do not have to pay it back. Call your HR today. I'm surprised they didn't inform you of this. Easiest way to spend it by tomorrow is buy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses with all the extras. Too bad we can no longer buy over the counter meds.
answer man

Forest, VA

#197 Jan 26, 2011
keith wrote:
So many of you are posting and hitching and don't even know the facts. I am a zone and was obviously in the meetings. I don't think eveyone is in a position to say it was based on cennections or that the ones let go were perfect. Hourly associates may like a manager but that doesn't mean he was good for the team. Spouses are saying their husbands were great but how do you know- you don't always know what they were lacking. Sure, some of the wrong choices were probably made but it's a big company. Overall in this town, they did ok. Those let go were a mix of young and old, new and tenured, etc. It sucks anytime payoffs happen and it has happened to me in the past so I feel their pain. But a lot was in employee files that people weren't privy to and they also had to look at ethics and attributes, much as if they were making hiring decisions. So what I see here is a lot of anger and bitching from people who lost friends and don't really have enough facts to support their opinions.
Keith, I agree, A LOT goes in a Lowes employee file. Every key stroke, every lost dollar. And a lot gets left out. Like all the customer letters of thanks, I'm missing FIVE. One of the management survivors in our store regularly received NASCAR TICKETS from a vendor. I know. I saw the exchange for the Martinsville race. He looked like he had just swallowed a cat turd when I came around the corner and saw the transaction happen.
Did you know that the "Bigredaprondotcom" website is a Lowe's site? They track your ISP address and know who you are. Most employees use their home computer when they did the initial application, giving corporate a match between your name and your ISP. If the ISP ever shows up on the site, they know who said it. Real Big Brother stuff.
Sales specialists are next people. Think of all the commissions that they can steal back from you....oh wait they alredy do....

South San Francisco, CA

#198 Jan 26, 2011
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, John you are correct.
Look, we are all here to make sense of all this. You sound like the all too familiar Home Depot blah blah's that think they are holier than thou! RIF? Haven't heard that since Depot days. I'm sure most of us have not been in a position to RIF employees..."and you might learn something?" I'm so grateful to have not been part of any type of situation that ruins lives! Be less condescending and put yourself in our shoes. To all of those who woke up this morning wondering if it was all a dream, it wasn't. It is a nightmare. My prayers go out to all of you and may you find better jobs, live healthy lives, and get treated with respect always!

South San Francisco, CA

#200 Jan 26, 2011
Blessed wrote:
<quoted text>
yes if you read the info on FSA you do not have to pay it back. Call your HR today. I'm surprised they didn't inform you of this. Easiest way to spend it by tomorrow is buy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses with all the extras. Too bad we can no longer buy over the counter meds.
thank you blessed. We don't have to pay back the 2011 FSA we signed up for, it's true. Called HR. Off to get prescription glasses.

Springdale, AR

#201 Jan 26, 2011
The way Lowes treats their employees makes me Boiling Mad!!!
My husband works there and has been with the company for 17 years. He knew all the people personally who lost their jobs and were escorted out of the store like they were common criminals after giving them years of service.
Who knows he may be be next! I told him he needs to slowly start using up the 6 weeks of sick time he has before he looses it but he said if he did that he would most likely be terminated. Store morale must be at its lowest! Employees are afraid for their families.
I watch Opra and she did some home improvements for people and Lowes took advantage of the free publicity by doing it for her show, of course for free and behind the scenes they treat their workers like shit! When I saw this last year and the year before it made me so mad.
I am wondering if they can get away with some of the stuff they pull in all the states. Arkansas has nearly no laws for workers rights so it is horrible.
I am going to write to Opra, wonder if she will stand up for the little man and tell corporate to get lost?!

United States

#202 Jan 26, 2011
This sounds like what they did at circuit city.I guess now i'll drive 35 miles to the nearest Home depot.No more Lowes.I worked for baby bell for 39 yrs , i know what it's like when the layoffs come. Not good for morale at any age. Sorry for the folks that had to go home.May you all prosper in your life.
Anthony store 0593

Lawrence, MA

#203 Jan 26, 2011
Corp homosexuals I'll never lose my job in new haven ct As building material dept manager

Fort Smith, AR

#204 Jan 26, 2011
just remember everyone is replaceable!

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